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Hi, I am Alis Nikol, working with MobilePundits- a leading provider of mobile app development and outsourcing services. I am Passionate for online marketing, communication, PR, advertising and SEO. I believe in the value of content marketing and social media and I love the way they complete each other.

Mobile Apps For Customer Engagement. Custom Mobile App Development, Design, News, Articles: Mobilepundits Blog. 7 benefits of having a mobile app for Business. Competition is getting harder in every business whether its a startup or a well established enterprise.

7 benefits of having a mobile app for Business

Every business need to get updated according to the latest market trends otherwise it has to suffer in a long run. Understanding customer’s behavior is also an important factor where most of the businesses fail. Youtube. Loading time affects business. Mobile marketing trends. App Development, Testing Company for Android, iPhone, Windows in UK London. Expensive bing keywords. Celebrity. Why HTML5 Is A Building Block For All App Development? HTML5 is truly universal and its apps are available on all platforms without any need to port them.

Why HTML5 Is A Building Block For All App Development?

But if you are not using HTML5 yet! I guess you probably have your reasons; it doesn’t work in IE, it’s not fully adopted yet, you don’t like users, you’re beyond touch or you are just keenly in love with writing strict XHTML code. HTML5 is very convenient to utilize because it doesn't have any of the impairments that the past versions of HTML have. Developers can think of single applications that offer a ton of helpful characteristics, being greatly unpredictable in nature. Why Mobile Apps Development Is a Big Charm of Today’s World?

In today’s mobile world, mobile app has become a building block for every business.Mobile apps are a best way to get started in a new market or expand your business.Now no one ask for whether your business should have a website?

Why Mobile Apps Development Is a Big Charm of Today’s World?

In today’s internet-based world, where everyone goes to Google, yahoo etc. to search whatever questions they may have, or to communicate their services, messages or idea of a business not having its own website is really destructive. Market study says... Latest survey over 700 companies asking them if they have developed any mobile apps to help them with service, supply chain management, purchasing, logistics, maintenance or sales support. How to Make an Engaging Relationship with Your App Customers? “Grow your Customer Engagement to make your business successful”, sometime it sound easy, but in reality building apps is a business and need to generate revenue to keep going.

How to Make an Engaging Relationship with Your App Customers?

As customer engagement is an active and dynamic term, which is rising with the social technologies to form stable relationships in the way businesses of all sizes engage with their customers to make its product more valuable in the market. As it is fact that, 80% of business sales depends upon approx 20% of customer base. Devoted customers are the backbone for every business and companies, who works to bring back some new customers and helps in turn them into repeat buyers.

Windows 10 upgrade to existing users at no cost. How Drones Are The New Gateway For App Developers? In our childhood we all had flew remote airplanes which were a very common toy of those days.

How Drones Are The New Gateway For App Developers?

Now a day this remote airplane is coming with advanced technology features like sensors, monitors, chips, battery backup etc. and named as ‘Drone’. Now after the IoT, Drones are so new which is typically tracked by mobile industry market research to shape up the new ways of users and app developers. What Exactly Drone Is? Apple Watch Is Ready For Your Wrist Now. Well, after the biggest success of the iMac, iPod, MacBook, iPad and iPhone, the date has finally arrived when Apple Watch (say iWatch) confirmed by filling in some of the blanks at its March 9 media event in San Francisco.

Apple Watch Is Ready For Your Wrist Now

No doubt, we learn a lot from Apple’s product, iMacs made people feel creative, the iPod was revolutionary in its simple design (no instructions!) , MacBooks (particularly the MacBook Air series) impressed at meetings, the iPhone made smartphones viable and the iPad effectively created the market for tablets. Apple new wearable device, the new Apple watch opens the imagination to lot more innovation. And now after waiting for about six months since the Apple Watch was first revealed, the Tim Cook’s promise for Apple’s smartwatch “worth the wait” is really become true. So, here are some of the charms the Apple Watch comes with: · You can pre-order or try the Apple Watch in an Apple Store from 10 April, and from 24 April it will go on sale. Biology- Is This The Future Of All Next Gen Technology? Biology is a new science and technology series that are now able to tell the stories behind the guiding system embedded in your body.

Biology- Is This The Future Of All Next Gen Technology?

Smartphones mapping features with the body are great for getting directions, until you lose signals. The journey of Bio-technology started in the late 1980’s by tagging the clients of a nightclub with embedded microchips. Thus, this was the beginning of “human tagging”, that allows users to pay with a swipe of a “microchip” body part. New Yahoo Mobile Development Suite for App Makers. Yahoo !

New Yahoo Mobile Development Suite for App Makers

Considered as one of the top tech companies in the world but still struggling for a long time. For last few years Marissa Mayer as a captain of the ship trying hard to save yahoo. Yahoo has acquired many small startups and big companies over the years but still not in a good position. Last year Yahoo acquired mobile analytics firm “Flurry” and CEO Marissa Mayer stated that Yahoo is a “mobile first company.”

Facebook Is Coming Soon With Its New Virtual Reality Experience. Mobile App Dev. (2) PhoneGap: Why not PhoneGap? 6 Ways to Reach God's World. 6 Ways to Reach God’s World Video Series OMF International and the Perspectives Study Program have a vision to see an ever-growing number of believers get involved in seeing the gospel of Jesus preached to every people group on earth.

6 Ways to Reach God's World

Are you sure with your DATA? How BigData Lead To More Accurate Analysis For Enterprises? ‘BigData’, most of the time you have heard this term, right?

How BigData Lead To More Accurate Analysis For Enterprises?

But what exactly it is? How can it paving the pathway for mobile app development? 1.6 percent of Android devices eaten by Lollipop. The latest version of Google's mobile operating system, Android 5.0 Lollipop,, has be installed in enough devices to show up on the company's dashboard. Android 5.0 Lollipop is finally out to establish itself on the market share radar. Lollipop was able to make 1.6 percent of Android devices its home reported from latest version of the Android Developers Dashboard. That percentage stands for all Android devices that were seen at the Google Play store during the week of February 2. This is the first time that Lollipop has shown up on the Developers Dashboard since the OS launched last November.

The Dashboard only shows Android versions with a share higher than 0.1 percent. One of the device makers Motorola was the first to start popping Android 5.0 soon after its release. How to use free apps as money maker? No one builds apps just for fun. Building apps is a business and everyonewants to earn money to keep going. Generating revenue from the free apps is not like dip and sip, once you developed an app, the next step is to submit it tothe app store (Apple/Google Play/Windows).

But a question always arises in your mind is “How much should my application price?” Artificial Intelligence, Is the Future of New Age of Smartphones. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a leading technology concept. It is not just something coming in the distant future, AI systems are everywhere around us, it already involved in our daily life in the form of virtual environment.

At heart, AI comes from the question, ‘is it possible to build a machine which is as intelligent as human beings?’ This is often clarified with examples like, is it possible to build a machine that plays chess, talks like you, composes a sonnet, cook for you, tells a joke, look after your kids, recognizes kittens, park your car etc. Investigating this question has led to the attention of tech firms and investor giants such as Microsoft, Apple, Google and IBM, because they proved themselves in the AI world. Now we have Cortana, Siri and GoogleNow-a voice-controlled virtual assistant that runs on the Windows Phone, Apple and Android platform simultaneously, that are setting up a silent battle for where's the best intelligent assistant going to come from. Why Windows10 is a Big Charm of 2015? MICROSOFT this morning drew back the curtain on the operating systems by kicking off Windows 10 with a mob of business-friendly features and also with some surprises.

Page. Why ‘creepy’ apps get declined over Apple App Store? Apple is well known for its unique and effective technology insight. With over 1.21 million apps Apple ended the year 2014, and with each of those apps, developers knew well about how Apple is stickler for rules. For every developer, the most stressful part of introducing a new app is waiting for Apple’s approval on apps store. Internet of things and their examples. Windows10 Hidden Features. Apple iWatch Puts Entire SmartWatch Market in Standby Mode. During the fall of 2014, it looked like the world would soon be awash in smartwatches. Every electronics manufacturer like Samsung, Sony, LG, Motorola, Meta, Pebble, Asus- companies big and small attempted to know what people want their wrist to do. Every fashion label wanted to get their own smartwatch in the market, so they roll them out with the high speed, LG, who were pioneers in the technology made the G watch, and then at once learned a lesson from the Moto 360 and quickly released the circular G watch R.

Top 7 Technology Trends in 2015. Technology and Innovation are the two sides of a single coin. How technology changed lives in 2014 ? Rise of the instant gratificationeconomy Regardless of the problems that app-based cab companies like faced last month, there's no denying of the fact that they gave us extraordinary control over our movements within the city. Plenty of things got Uber-fied too as the instant gratification economy exploded.

Top 5 Upcoming Smart Gifts for 2015. 2014 is going to end in few days, many things has been changed in this year related to world's politics, society, science, technology and gadgets . By keeping all the sweet memories from the last year we will welcome 2015 with new hopes and possibilites. Tips to avoid getting hacked while shopping online. Now your CLOTH will show you the PATH! Technical. Control your HOME from anywhere! With the ringing chime of Christmas, everyone wants to brighten up their home by the twinkle of seasonal decorations. If you like to play with technology, it’s always tempting to opt for the high-tech solution like control your festive lights with home automation devices, even when you are far away from home. So, this is the right time to think something out of box and use your smartphones not just for making calls and receiving messages but also for making your home as smarthome that can clean itself, talk to you, make delicious dishes, automatically adjust the thermostat, match your mood, fix the lights, fire up the hot tub, kick on the stereo, send a message to your friend and completely controlled from the palm of your hand.

Apple and FireFox ditching Google as its default search engine. PEEK- The “Pocket Optician” Saves Millions from Blindness. What’s new in windows 10? Firefox Drops GOOGLE For YAHOO. 9 must have apps for an iPhone user,Free !! Page. Virtual Reality and Mobile Phone. Virtual Reality and Mobile Phone. iMessage delivery issues and their solutions. Apple’s secret apps for employees only. LinkedIn's New 'SlideShare' App is a Presentation Library for iOS 8. Are you ready for Android 5.0 lollipop ? 6 Tools to Build a Mobile App on the Cheap. How to Avoid the Common Pitfalls of Mobile App Development. What Language Should You Build Your App With?

Designing a Mobile App? Don't Make These 10 Mistakes. Android - Retrieve distance from visible part of Google map. Tools for automation testing for native mobile application. Google modular phone, A new era of smartphone. App store optimization guide. Apple makes it easier for Android users to migrate to iPhone6. MobilePundits going to attend Dubai GITEX technology week 2014.

Are You Ready To Charge Your Smartphone With Sound? Blackberry Officially Announce New Square-Screen Smartphone-Passport. How iPhone apps are the smart gift for e-commerce business development? Apple sells more than 10 million iPhone 6 in first weekend. Apple sells more than 10 million iPhone 6 in first weekend. Why Australia is the most potential market for mobile development industry? Home.