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Expressive, dynamic, robust CSS — expressive, robust, feature-rich CSS preprocessor. Drag and Drop with AngularJS using jQuery UI. In the last couple of weeks I've started working with AngularJS.

Drag and Drop with AngularJS using jQuery UI

AngularJS is a great simple framework that allows you to create complete web-apps in javascript. It provides data-binding, templating and a lot of helper functions to create maintainable, readable and extendable browser based web applications. Self-Signed SSL Certificates - Servers for Hackers. SSL Overview As you're likely aware, being able to send data securely over a network (especially a public network) is of growing importance.

Self-Signed SSL Certificates - Servers for Hackers

To that end, many web applicates employ the use of SSL certificates to encrypt traffic between a client (often your web browser) and a server (someone's http server). If you're interested on learning more about SSL certificates and the various mechanisms (such as "key certificates", "root certificates", "intermediate certificates" and more), jump to about ~51:45 of this edition of Tech Snap. I really recommend watching that portion of that video.

Seriously. Using SSL in Your Application In production, you will have to purchase an SSL certificate. SSL certificates affect your application. Chapter 6. Server Configuration. A Subversion repository can be accessed simultaneously by clients running on the same machine on which the repository resides using the method.

Chapter 6. Server Configuration

But the typical Subversion setup involves a single server machine being accessed from clients on computers all over the office—or, perhaps, all over the world. This section describes how to get your Subversion repository exposed outside its host machine for use by remote clients. We will cover Subversion's currently available server mechanisms, discussing the configuration and use of each. RDF Translator. Predicting Stock Market Indexes, Two Days In Advance, Using NewsInn Algorithm. Karin Gallagher - Writing technical documentation. Writing Technical Documentation in English This course is designed for German programmers who need to write programming and end-user documentation in English.

Karin Gallagher - Writing technical documentation

It teaches you to improve your technical writing skills in English as well as helping you to choose which documentation your users need. The course helps you with typical German problems in writing English and includes technical vocabulary. The course is eight weeks, three hours per week, and is taught in English. Each class has several in-class writing exercises, which the instructor corrects for grammar and content. Part 1: Improving your writing skills Part 1 covers the most common problems and solutions for writing technical documentation, such as wordiness and lack of clarity. IoT - Connecting to a network. Edison Boards — Flashing Intel® Edison (wired) - Windows* Prerequisite: You have attached the Edison chip to the Arduino expansion board, see Step 1 of Getting Started if you have not yet done this.

Edison Boards — Flashing Intel® Edison (wired) - Windows*

To get started with flashing Edison, please select your OS below and follow the specified steps: Windows* (see below) Mac* users go here Linux* users go here Windows Step 1 – Connecting EdisonStep 2 – Install required drivers and softwareStep 3 – Remove old imagesStep 4 – Download the latest imageStep 5 – Flashing Edison. Unable to set up Intel Edison on Windows - Arduino Stack Exchange. I am new to hobby electronics and have hit a dead end with my Intel Edison (which hopefully will not join the pile of useless components I have wasted my money on), and would appreciate some help with the setup procedure.

Unable to set up Intel Edison on Windows - Arduino Stack Exchange

The main problem is that I cannot connect to my Edison via the middle (lets call it "A") micro-USB port in order to get it into a working condition. My objective is to connect to it's build-in Linux via SSH with the USB cables connected after installing the latest flash image. Base64 Encode of 1x1px Transparent GIF. SHA - - - Raspberry Pi - Change Default Java Virtual Machine (JVM) You can install multiple Java virtual machines (JVM) on your Raspberry Pi and switch between them as needed.

SHA - - - Raspberry Pi - Change Default Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

After installing the JVMs that you want, use the following command to select the default JVM/JRE. sudo update-alternatives --config java With the new JVM selected, you can test and verify that is is the new default by executing the java command using the version argument. 11 Citate Din Charles F. Haanel Pentru O Viață Trăită Conștient. Citind cartea „Sistemul Maestrului” de Charles F.

11 Citate Din Charles F. Haanel Pentru O Viață Trăită Conștient

All you need to know about AVR fuses. AVR lock bits and fuses is one of the topics that may cause some confusion.

All you need to know about AVR fuses

If you missed something or set one bit wrong, it may lead to failure – bricking whole AVR chip. So it is important to understand once and to things right. Intel Galileo - Programming GPIO From Linux - Malinov Family Web Presence. Most of GPIO capabilities of Galileo board are exposed through Linux Sysfs interface, and can be controlled using file based I/O.

Intel Galileo - Programming GPIO From Linux - Malinov Family Web Presence

I will show how to use some of these capabilities using simple shell commands. Permutation Algorithms Using Iteration and the Base-N-Odometer Model (Without Recursion) Java Permutations and Recursion example. Prerequisites: Acquire computer Ubuntu OS Install Setup Ubuntu development box Learn Typing Learn the names of Keyboard Symbols Learn Bash Terminal Ubuntu terminal admin commands Java on the terminal Find all the permutations of a string in Java.

Code Avengers, learn web development the fun way. Become A Programming Guru! Ohloh Code Search. KeymapProfileFor60. NetBeans IDE 6.0 - 6.5 Keyboard Shortcuts Specification This is the UI specification for the default keymap profile in the NetBeans IDE 6.0, 6.1 and 6.5. For NetBeans IDE users: How to read this table? Java Student Projects. WWIII (World War III)Donald Trump accused Hillary Clinton of being so incompetent she would start WWIII. I am more concerned about Mr. Trump doing so. Why? Trump is the one who asked a national security advisor three times Why can’t we use nuclear weapons?

He called for nuclear proliferation to South Korea, Japan and Saudi Arabia.He says he has a plan for the middle east, but when questioned did not even know the players and the countries. PRACTICE. Home of the world's largest development community. Java. JavaRanch - A Friendly Place for Java Greenhorns.

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