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UFO Occupants. Etheric Implant Removal. Due to the amount of questions I get via email, I have provided a commonly asked questions list about etheric implant removal.

Etheric Implant Removal

Please note that information on implants varies depending on what source of information you use. I have tried to keep things simple here, whilst also trying to use different nomenclature from different sources so that there is less ambiguity. Please understand though, that because different healers use alternate terms for the different types of implants, I cannot really know what implants you may have or have had removed until I scan your body.

Pfysical UfoContacts. UFO DNA - Breaking the UFO Code. Contact us with any corrections, additions, or comments.

UFO DNA - Breaking the UFO Code

All materials on this site not by the author are believed to be in the public domain. Avatar Meher Baba Manifesting. Alien Astronomer - Ufology, Astronomy and Hi-Tech/Top Secret Projects. Alien Astronomer - Alien abductions, implants, hybrid program. Alien Abductions and Hypnosis. Johannes Fiebag, Ph.D.

Alien Abductions and Hypnosis

Lecture in 1997 UFO Abductions In Germany, Austria and Switzerland edited by Katharina Wilson Dr. Johannes Fiebag was born in 1956, and is Germany's leading abduction research specialist. He has published many books about alien contact in ancient and modern times, and four books specifically about the abduction phenomenon in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Introduction Exactly fifty years ago, the modern UFO age began. On This Day - October 28. Encounters with Aliens on this Day October 28 1902 - Three men aboard the "Fort Salisbury" steaming in the Gulf of Guinea in the Atlantic Ocean, including Second Officer A.

On This Day - October 28

H. Raymer, saw a huge, dark object bearing two lights in the sea ahead. Brazil: The Forgotten Cases. Machines From Elsewhere: Robots and UFOs. Machines From Elsewhere: Robots and UFOsBy Scott Corrales (c) 2012 In 1920, when Karel Capek wrote the three-act play R.U.R.

Machines From Elsewhere: Robots and UFOs

(Rossum’s Universal Robots) he probably didn’t realize he would be changing humanity’s conception of what it is to be alive for generations to come, much less had the word “robot” to the world’s collective glossary. Derived from the Slavic term “robota”, meaning the work done by an indentured servant, robots have gone on to become a staple of science-fiction.

We take their functions and existence for granted, with our own efforts at robotics ranging from industrial mechanical arms to the new wave of lovely Japanese automata. Selected UFO Cases. Decembrie 2013. Machines From Elsewhere: Robots and UFOs. Abductions and Abductees - Abducciones y Abducidos. The Greys. Extracted from Matrix II.

The Greys

Temas: Vida Alienigena. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly in Ufology. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of the UFO Scene. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly in Ufology - 3. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly in Ufology - 1.


Psychosocial hypothesis. UFOlogists claim that the psychosocial hypothesis is occasionally confused with aggressive anti-ETH debunking, but that there is an important difference in that the PSH researcher sees UFOs as an interesting subject that is worthy of serious study, even if it is approached in a skeptical (i.e. non-credulous) way.[2] Origin[edit] In the English ufo literature, the term psycho-social hypothesis first achieved prominence in April 1984 when the cover of Magonia featured “The Rise of the Psycho-social hypothesis” by Jacques Scornaux and Peter Rogerson.

Psychosocial hypothesis

Science fiction aspects of the ufo mythos[edit] Bertrand Méheust, a French sociologist, began an influential study of the science fiction parallels to ufo mythology when he stumbled upon a copy of the 1908 novel by Jean de la Hire The Lightning Wheel in his family’s attic. Cazul de Cergy-Pontoise. Le Monday 3 December, il réapparaît dans un champ de choux bordant la route sur laquelle il se serait "envolé", à à 04:30.

Cazul de Cergy-Pontoise

Il se retrouve debout, exactement à l'endroit où il se trouvait avec sa voiture lors de sa disparition. Il croit alors que sa voiture avait été volée et se précipite chez témoin 1. Trouvant porte close, il se rend chez témoin 2, qu'il s'étonne de trouver en pyjama, avant de lui annoncer le vol de sa voiture [qu'il faut se dépécher de partir ?]. Témoin 2 lui explique qu'on le cherche depuis huit jours. Ils se rendent chez témoin 1, où ils sont bientôt rejoints par la mère et l'amie de Frank, Manina (21 ans). A à 05:30, une radio périphérique reçoit un appel anonyme annonçant la "réapparition" de Frank (témoin 2 dira que c'était lui et qu'il avait laissé ses nom, prénom et adresse, mais on trouvera nulle trace de son appel).

Interrogé sur sa période de disparition, témoin semble retrouver la mémoire : C'était agréable. View topic - 10 French's Ufo case. .

View topic - 10 French's Ufo case

First quickly, in moore details if a "demand" ( asking for) exist ? 1. The Jean Miguères case. During a car crash, Jean Miguères nearly suffer of dead. The Legend of Maldek. Undefined The Legend of Maldek The story of Maldek begins with J.

The Legend of Maldek

(1) The GREY Aliens. Are Alien Abductions Real - or Dark Lucid Dreams? (2329 unread) - covrigmihai - Yahoo! Mail. Cazul Prietenia - film documentar despre contactul cu civilizatiile extraterestre benefice... UFOINFO. List of UFO religions. Background[edit] Christopher Hugh Partridge writes in UFO Religions that J. Gordon Melton identifies the first UFO religion as the group "I AM" Activity, founded by Guy Ballard.[1] Partridge says it "can be seen as the obvious theosophical forerunner to UFO religions such as the Aetherius Society, and to the thought of UFO religionists such as George Adamski" but views it not as a UFO religion but as a theosophical religion.[5] Partridge notes that within UFO religions, there is a belief that the supreme being or "evolved entity" did not ascend from Earth, but instead came from another plane or another planet and descended to Earth.[6] While the vast majority of factions affiliated with I AM reject UFOs as unimportant, some modern-day Ascended Master Teachings teachers such as Joshua David Stone mention UFOs.

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