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Levels of consciousness

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Comments. Full Calibration List. Full Calibration List. Dr. David Hawkins Calibrated List. Where does one begin the search for spiritual truth self-realization called enlightenment?

Dr. David Hawkins Calibrated List

Dr. David Hawkins’ List Below has been calibrated above 500, which is unconditional love. I find this list important, as I do not want to be duped (smile) on my spiritual path by any book or teacher not yet teaching from the conscious level of (500+ which is unconditional non-duality love.) Hawkins’ Consciousness Scale ranges from 0-1000, (1000 is the Highest Level of pure/consciousness humanly possible.) “The great avatars that set the ultimate paradigm of reality and standard of conduct for all of humanity for thousands of years.

-Hawkins After being a student of Dr. According to Hawkins we, as humans, live at vastly different “levels” of consciousness. (This is further discussed in Dr. Below is Dr. Love This level is categorized by love that is very close to being unconditional, unchanging, and permanent. The level of valor. The current level of Catholicism. Carl Jung was at this level. Quote: Peace. DIMENSIUNI - PARALELE: PARAMETRI INFO-ENERGETICI. Ce este Radiestezia?


Fenomenul prin care un sistem viu recepţionează un anumit semnal din noianul de informaţii şi energii ce-l înconjoară şi reacţionează conform unui cod prestabilit este una din definiţiile conceptului de radiestezie. 7 etape pe care OMUL le atinge în evoluția sa spirituala. Toţi oamenii pe care îi vedem, pe care îi cunoaştem sau pe care i-am putea cunoaşte sunt roboţi, veritabili roboţi care lucrează numai sub presiunea influenţelor exterioare.

7 etape pe care OMUL le atinge în evoluția sa spirituala

Ideea nu ne aparţine, ci a fost expusă de filosoful greco-armean G.I.Gurdjieff, care pleacă în activitatea sa pedagogică de la premiza că omul îşi petrece viața, de obicei, într-un somn spiritual, care, odată depăşit, îi permite individului să ajungă la un nivel superior de conştiință. Aşadar, Gurdjieff, în seria lui de învăţături esoterice sintetizate de către Claude G. Thompson în cartea ÎNVĂȚĂTURILE LUI GURDJIEFF, consideră că fiinţa umană poate fi încadrată în şapte categorii, iar noi îţi arătăm care sunt acestea, în rândurile de mai jos. Reincarnation: the 35 steps of soul evolution. According to many spiritual teachers, all human beings are, in reality, spiritual beings on a human journey.

Reincarnation: the 35 steps of soul evolution

We reincarnate as human beings in order to evolve as souls. Our ultimate aim is to become fully conscious and capable as unique individual expressions of All That Is. FamilyTreeTheosophy.pdf. Rosicrucian Fellowship. The First Principles of Theosophy. The First Principles of Theosophy By Curuppumullage Jinarajadasa First published in 1921.

The First Principles of Theosophy

Below the earth by 70,000 yojanas are the seven lower planetary systems called Atala, Vitala, Sutala, Talatala, Mahatala, Rasatala and Patala - Vaniquotes. The distance from the sun to the earth is 100,000 yojanas, and below the earth by 70,000 yojanas are the seven lower planetary systems called Atala, Vitala, Sutala, Talātala, Mahātala, Rasātala and Pātāla.

Below the earth by 70,000 yojanas are the seven lower planetary systems called Atala, Vitala, Sutala, Talatala, Mahatala, Rasatala and Patala - Vaniquotes

Below these lower planets by 30,000 yojanas, Śeṣa Nāga is lying on the Garbhodaka Ocean. The body of the Supreme Lord, Viṣṇu, which forms the Śiśumāra-cakra, is the resting place of all the demigods and all the stars and planets. One who chants this mantra to worship that Supreme Person three times a day—morning, noon and evening—will surely be freed from all sinful reactions. If one simply offers his obeisances to this form or remembers this form three times a day, all his recent sinful activities will be destroyed. Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 2 Chapter 5 Verses 40-41. The Causal Body by A.E.Powell (Part 1 of 2) By Arthur E.

The Causal Body by A.E.Powell (Part 1 of 2)

Powell A publication of The Theosophical Society This book, like its three predecessors, is dedicated with gratitude and appreciatoin to those whose painstaking labour and researches have provided the materials out of which it has been fashioned In section II of this document will be found. The Seven Planes of Prajna - Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia. From Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia By Swami Alokananda.

The Seven Planes of Prajna - Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

Transpersonal psychology. Issues considered in transpersonal psychology include spiritual self-development, self beyond the ego, peak experiences, mystical experiences, systemic trance, spiritual crises, spiritual evolution, religious conversion, altered states of consciousness, spiritual practices, and other sublime and/or unusually expanded experiences of living.

Transpersonal psychology

The discipline attempts to describe and integrate spiritual experience within modern psychological theory and to formulate new theory to encompass such experience. Transpersonal psychology has made several contributions to the academic field, and the studies of human development, consciousness and spirituality.[3][4] Transpersonal psychology has also made contributions to the fields of psychotherapy[5] and psychiatry.[6][7] Definition[edit] Lajoie and Shapiro[8] reviewed forty definitions of transpersonal psychology that had appeared in academic literature over the period from 1968 to 1991. Ken%20Wilber%20-%20An%20Integral%20Theory%20of%20Consciousness.pdf. Metaphysical naturalism. This article is about the worldview.

Metaphysical naturalism

For the working assumption without suggesting absolute truth, see Methodological naturalism. Metaphysical naturalism, also called ontological naturalism, philosophical naturalism and scientific materialism is a worldview which holds that there is nothing but natural elements, principles, and relations of the kind studied by the natural sciences, i.e., those required to understand our physical environment by mathematical modelling.

Merging with Siva, Chapter 42: The Evolution of Consciousness. The true-Self, the false-self and the ego. Introduction.

Chakras & Subtle Body

Chakras & The Fetus. The spine is one of the first things to develop in the fetus along with the legs, arms, face, eyes, and heart. Since the chakra system is situated in the spine, it makes sense to take the time to look at the chakra system of the fetus and see how it effects the development of the child. During the first two months in the womb a child’s chakra system begins to develop. Your developing child at this stage is so connected with the life force energy that the chakras are still fused together under one energy field. Essentially your child is at a oneness with the universe, this is a state that we as adults are striving to get to. MAY 1958 – PLANES OF CONSCIOUSNESS IN THE NEXT INCARNATION. MAY 1958 – PLANES OF CONSCIOUSNESS IN THE NEXT INCARNATION. Baba had this discourse read on Planes of Consciousness in the Next Incarnation: January 2009. Article 25. ARTICLE 25 by Stephen M.

Phillips Flat 3, 32 Surrey Road South. Bournemouth. BH4 9BP. England. Chakra System...Notes. Chakra #2: Swadhisthana (Area of consciousness for the emotional body) This chakra resonates to our need for relationships with other people and our need to control to some extent the dynamics of our physical environment.

All the attachments by which we maintain control over our external lives, such as authority, other people, or money, are linked through this chakra to our energy field and physical body. The illnesses that originate in this energy center are activated by the fear of losing control. The energy in this chakra enables us to generate a sense of personal identity and protective psychological boundaries. This chakra has procreative energy that is both biological and spiritual: we desire to create children and also to bring our creative ideas into physical form, which is crucial to our physical health as to our spiritual.

Chakra System of Animals. Please Note: The information contained below is not meant as a substitute for seeking professional help if you have an animal who is sick, injured or you think may be unwell. Always seek help and advice from a qualified veterinary surgeon in the first instance. Introduction Animals, in common with all other living beings, have a chakra system. This system is a complex network of spinning, energy vortices (often called ‘petals’ in Eastern traditions) which run throughout the entire body. Lataif – Chakras In Esoteric Islam. Lataif-as-Sitta (“the six subtleties”, singular: latifa) are psychospiritual “organs” or, sometimes, faculties of sensory and suprasensory perception in Sufi psychology.

They are thought to be parts of the self in a similar manner to the way glands and organs are part of the body. Drawing from the Qur’an, many Sufis distinguish Nafs, Qalb, Sirr, Ruh, Khafi, and Akhfa as the six lataif. Similar concepts in other spiritual systems include the Dantian mentioned in Chinese traditional medicine, martial arts and meditation, the sephiroth of Kabbalah, and the chakras of Indian Tantra and Kundalini yoga. Among Sufis development involves awakening spiritual centers of perception that lie dormant in every person. The help of a guide is considered necessary to help activate them in a certain order. Sufi Healing Order. I. Chakras – from different traditions. A Discussion on Lataif-as-sitta. Bach, Chakras, Tarot: Toccata in F LINKS and footnotes page. 777WFN6_2SpiritE. POSTERS (A4, A3 and A2) Psychrocosm chapter 1. Wiki : PraxisEvents/QabalahQuestionsAndAnswers. Questions & Answers These are the questions and answers from the live Praxis Event on Saturday 6th January 2007.

Analysis of Evangelion Characters According to the Sephiroth Tree of Life. Introduction. Islamic Mysticism: Sufism. Jean Gebser. Levels of Consciousness. Latihan. The Yoga of the Nine Emotions.

Man's Search for Meaning. Existential therapy. Logotherapy. Chakras. Anatomy of the Spirit. Armonia Chakrelor – Chakra Radacina ( Muladhara ) Victor Cătălin. Logotherapy. Bindu (symbol) Chakras. Siddhi. Manas (Mind) and Buddhi (Intellect) Originate in the World of Ideas. The Seven Bodies and Chakras. Yoga Reading Room - Advance Yoga Study 15. Yoga Reading Room - Advance Yoga Study 143.

History of the Chakra System. History of the Chakra System. Emotion. Sadguru Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi. Atharvaveda. Puranas. Patala. Desire realm. Loka. Layers of the Mind (Kosha and Loka) Sarira (Vedanta) Sarira (Vedanta) 3 Types of Bodies: Gross-Sthula, Astral-Linga & Causal-Karan body. Hindu philosophy. Katha Upanishad. Samkhya. Subtle body. Vijñāna. Skandha. Satipatthana. Atma Bodha. Skandha. Vijñāna. Kosha. Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo & The Mother. Trancendental Sphere Maps of Consciousness.