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Statewide 200kW or Less Residential/Non-Residential Solar Photovoltaic Incentive Program Projects by County Chart: Beginning 2000. Statewide 200kW or Less Residential/Non-Residential Solar Photovoltaic Incentive Program Map: Beginning 2000. Forms/Manuals/Tools. Solar Financing Choices and Study Result. Third-party ownership (TPO) has spurred record distributed generation installations across America as homes and businesses lock in cheaper power costs without a large upfront expenditure – but that paradigm is about to change.

Solar Financing Choices and Study Result

Distributed solar photovoltaics (PV) have spread fast across the U.S., topping 12.1 gigawatts total capacity through 2013, with TPO systems representing 66% of the residential market and a considerable portion of the commercial market in 2013. But as solar goes mainstream, new capital investments are spreading fast. Given the typical 20-year lifespan of a solar PV system, picking the right financing option could mean thousands in savings, so which is best? Financing Options Spread With Solar’s Surge High upfront costs traditionally made the TPO decision a no-brainer for homeowners and businesses. But even with rapid solar cost declines, owning a rooftop array doesn’t always create economic benefits. Snow.myambit. “I love New York” isn’t just a state motto; it’s the way we do business with our Empire State Customers.


That’s why Ambit Energy offers a 2% Guaranteed Savings Plan statewide, and works with leading transmission and distribution companies in New York to deliver power and superior service. Our goal is to keep our New York Ambit Energy Customers powered, from Long Island to Lake Erie. Summary%20of%20NERA%20Analysis%20of%20the%20Clean%20Power%20Plan_Oct%202014.pdf. Compare solar quotes from pre-screened solar installers. Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) SRECs: Solar Renewable Energy Credits - Pure Energies. An SREC is a Solar Renewable Energy Certificate.

SRECs: Solar Renewable Energy Credits - Pure Energies

Your solar system produces a certain number of these credits every year. Utilities can then purchase the SRECs you produce to offset their non-renewable energy production. In these states, SRECs are valued at a certain amount of money and homeowners get a broker like SRECTrade to do that for them. In this way, solar can not only save money for homeowners in SREC states, it can actually generate income for them.

Can I redeem SRECs anywhere? SRECs are currently only available in states where a Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) exists with a specification for solar power. Which States Offer SRECs? States in which the SRECs are actively being traded now include Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. How much is an SREC worth? Another important way SRECs are valuable. If you’re leasing a solar system, your leasing provider may be the one to keep and sell the SRECs, instead of you. Solar Panel Comparison - June 2013 - Energy Informative.

Top 10 Benefits of Going Solar - Energy Informative. Solar Energy System Equipment Credit. The Open PV Project - Search. Average Energy Prices, New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island – February 2015 : New York–New Jersey Information Office. News Release Information Gasoline prices averaged $2.334 per gallon in the New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island area in February 2015, the U.S.

Average Energy Prices, New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island – February 2015 : New York–New Jersey Information Office

Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Chief Regional Economist Martin Kohli noted that gasoline prices were down compared to last February when area households paid $3.606 per gallon. The average price of utility (piped) gas at $0.959 per therm was also lower than the $1.199 per therm spent last year. Electricity prices averaged 22.0 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh), up from the 20.7 cents per kWh paid in February 2014. At $2.334 a gallon, the price of gasoline in the New York area was similar to the $2.308 national average in February 2015. The 22.0 cents per kWh New York households paid for electricity in February 2015 was 59.4 percent more than the national average of 13.8 cents per kWh. Energy Modeling Maps Useful for Energy Modeling of Buildings ENERGY STAR WINDOW CLASSIFICATION MAP from ENERGY STAR WEBSITE Map of NYSERDA ZONES, from NYSERDA, mens designer t shirts.

You Can Now Invest In Solar Bonds Through Your Retirement Account. By Katie Valentine Posted on Share this: "You Can Now Invest In Solar Bonds Through Your Retirement Account" Share:

You Can Now Invest In Solar Bonds Through Your Retirement Account

About EPIC Solar Systems. EPIC Solar Systems, Inc offers the Best Solar Systems Made In the USA at wholesale pricing!

About EPIC Solar Systems

EPIC is a turn-key Energy Company specializing in Marketing, Sales, Engineering, Software Development, Installation, Manufacturing, and Distribution of Premium Solar, Water, and Wind Systems Worldwide. We also have a non-profit organization donating and installing solar systems worldwide in third world countries. At EPIC Solar Solar Systems we believe that Solar is one of the most important things we can invest in. We really believe that everyone should be able to afford Solar and enjoy a home that’s beautiful, produces clean energy, and good for the environment. 9% of solar homes are doing something utilities love. Will others follow? The sun is shining on more solar panels than ever before.

9% of solar homes are doing something utilities love. Will others follow?

In the US, a new solar project is installed every 3.2 minutes and the number of cumulative installations stands at more than 500,000. Pull out your compass, and you’ll observe that most of these solar installations point southward. Growth in residential electricity prices highest in 6 years, but expected to slow in 2015. March 16, 2015 Source: U.S.

Growth in residential electricity prices highest in 6 years, but expected to slow in 2015

Energy Information Administration, Electric Power Monthly and Short-Term Energy Outlook Residential electricity customers in most areas of the country experienced large increases in retail electricity prices during 2014, with the average U.S. residential price increasing 3.1% over the previous year. The increase represents the highest annual growth rate since 2008. EIA forecasts that prices will increase during 2015, but at a slower pace than in 2014. Residential electricity rate increases during 2014 ranged from 1.3% in the Pacific Coast states to 9.9% in New England. How many acres of solar power panels do 1,000 homes need? - Denver Business Journal. It takes 32 acres of solar power panels to meet the demands of 1,000 homes, according to a new study from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden.

How many acres of solar power panels do 1,000 homes need? - Denver Business Journal

By comparison, imagine solar power panels covering a space about three times the size of the 12-acre Civic Center Park downtown, or 16 city blocks. The study is called "Land-use Requirements for Solar Power Plants in the United States," and it’s available here. Going Solar. Residential& Small Commercial Services.

Renewable portfolio standard. A Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) is a regulation that requires the increased production of energy from renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar, biomass, and geothermal. Other common names for the same concept include Renewable Electricity Standard (RES) at the United States federal level and Renewables Obligation in the UK. RPS-type mechanisms have been adopted in several countries, including Britain, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Belgium,[2] and Chile, as well as in 33 of 50 U.S. states, and the District of Columbia.[3] Program diversity[edit] Of all the state-based RPS programs in place today, no two are the same.

Tree Math: Solar Panels vs. Trees, What’s the Carbon Trade-off? Here in New England, there is no shortage of trees. And, as you can imagine, trees can be an enemy of solar energy. On a regular basis, I recommend to our customers that they remove trees to improve solar production. Why do I care enough about one customer’s production to suggest cutting down valuable natural resources?

Because the more solar energy your system can produce, the greater its financial benefits to you and its environmental benefits to the planet. 2014 Top 10 Solar States. This infographic ranks the Top 10 Solar States based on solar capacity installed in 2014. It also includes the number of megawatts installed per state, number of houses powered per megawatt of solar added, and fun factoids for each state. SEIA Hails Energy Department Initiative to Train Solar Workers. WASHINGTON, DC - In a decision that’s certain to help to speed up America’s transition to a clean energy future, President Obama announced today that the Department of Energy (DOE) will launch a new initiative to train 75,000 Americans – including military veterans – to enter the solar workforce by 2020. The President made the announcement at Hill Air Force Base in Utah as part of a roundtable discussion on clean energy technology and workforce training with Sen. Orin Hatch, Congressman Rob Bishop and Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker.

“This new initiative will provide a big boost to the U.S. economy, while also helping to maintain solar energy’s explosive jobs growth,” said Rhone Resch, president and CEO of the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA). “With stable public policies in place, we will not only meet the President’s goal of adding 75,000 new solar jobs in America by 2020, but we will blow past it. Resch said the industry is also helping to fight climate change.

Why Hedge Fund Managers Love Solar Farms. You have to take notice when one of the nation’s most wealthy hedge funds suddenly takes interest in renewable energy. A $30 billion hedge fund manager recently invested in five solar farms in California. Hedge fund giant D.E. Solar Energy Facts You Should Know. Top 10 Benefits of Going Solar - Energy Informative. How Much Do Solar Panels Cost - Energy Informative. Once - Jobs. New York : Welcome to Energy Finance Solutions. 54738.pdf. Find a Solar Installer - The NY -Sun Initiative. Find a Solar Installer - The NY -Sun Initiative. NY-Sun: New York Sun Initiative. Encore RV Resort Campgrounds and Camping - ReserveAmerica. Search for Places - ReserveAmerica. Camping in NY: Campgrounds, Cabin Camping - Resources & Highlights. New York campground guide and camping resources Check out the best of New York camping.

From the shores of Long Island to the mighty Niagara Falls, New York's 179 state parks offer numerous opportunities to explore your natural surroundings, escape from the daily grind and discover exciting new adventures. From tent and cabin camping, as well as hidden gems. Below you’ll find some of the best campgrounds and places to camp in New York State. Wheelers RV Resort & Campground Guide. Find a Park Using Our Campground Search. Default. Sort By: Range: Search for a Campground, RV Resort, or RV-Related Service. Default. Campground Map by epgSoft. New York Campgrounds. US Campgrounds by State. ALL US AND CANADA CAMPGROUNDS LOCATOR: STATE PARKS NATIONAL PARKS FORESTS MORE california oregon washington new york pennsylvania more.

Ultimate Campgrounds - FAQ's. The Ultimate US & Canada Public Campground Project Frequently Asked Questions How do I use this site? What is a POI list and how do I use it? Does the POI list contain both US and Canadian data? How do I suscribe and download the POI List? Vegetablecharts.pdf. PowerClerk® - Clean Power Research. Home | Products | PowerClerk® PowerClerk® streamlines the management of distributed generation and energy efficiency programs with automated, online application processing.

PowerBill® API - Clean Power Research. Solar Providers - Clean Power Research. Clean Power Research - Powering Intelligent Energy Decisions. NYSERDA PV Program. ITC%20101%20Fact%20Sheet%20-%201-27-15.pdf. Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Projects Map: Beginning 2003. Forms/Manuals/Tools. 10,000th Solar PV System Installed on Long Island Highlights Partnership of New York State and Long Island Utility - NYSERDA. Through PowerUp Long Island and NY-Sun, New York State Partners with PSEG Long Island to Advance Integration of Clean, Renewable Energy into Region’s Electric System December 12, 2014 The ceremonial installation of the 10,000th solar photovoltaic (PV) system on Long Island took place today at a private residence in Huntington as part of the State’s partnership with PSEG Long Island under the PowerUp Long Island and NY-Sun initiatives.

New York State’s energy leaders and local leaders joined PSEG Long Island, business and solar industry representatives to celebrate the installation of the 7,200 watt PV system, which is expected to produce 8,817 kilowatt hours (kWh) annually, offsetting approximately 95 percent of the homeowner’s annual electricity expense. Approximately, 41 percent of all solar systems in New York State have been installed on Long Island, resulting in today’s announcement celebrating PSEG Long Island’s 10,000th customer, Michael Greaves of Huntington. 10,000th Solar PV System Installed on Long Island Highlights Partnership of New York State and Long Island Utility - NYSERDA. Selling-into-the-sun-jan12. Solar Firms Expand As Rooftop Electricity Costs Fall Below Grid. Solar Electric (PV) Contractors - NYSERDA. Get Solar Overview - The NY -Sun Initiative.

The Open PV Project. Solar Prospector. PVWatts Calculator. Dynamic Maps, GIS Data, and Analysis Tools - Data Resources. Independent validation and comparison: SolarGIS database. Solar Roof Calculator. The%20Case%20for%20the%20Section%201603%20Treasury%20Program_02%2003%202012%20%282%29.pdf. Solar Videos. Page Not Found - Solar Energy. Solar Roof Calculator. Infographic: Affordable Rooftop Solar in the United States. Solar Energy - Science. Search Results - Campground Owners of New York. Reports-2014-homeowner-survey-clean-energy.pdf. Helping homeowners harness the sun.

Florida Solar Energy Industries Association. SolarRebate_Checklist_PV.pdf. PV_Residential_Standards.pdf. Net Metering Guidelines. Net Metering Guidelines. Net-metering-application.pdf. Landmark Report Released by IREC: Easing the Transition to a More Distributed Electricity System. 43572.pdf. 44853.pdf. Solar Photovoltaic Technology Basics. Solar Photovoltaic Technology Basics. Green Power Network - EERE - U.S. Department of Energy. DSIRE: Database of Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Solar Incentives, Rebates, Programs, Policy.

Denver, Colorado - Solar Power For Everyone. Solar Leads from Solar Lead Generation. Rich Hessler Solar. Solarbotics. Sunmetrix Go and Track: a solution for "Solar Net Metering with Green Button" - Catalyst - by IdeaScale. Sunmetrix. Free Solar Panel Calculator and Solar PV Monitoring System - Sunmetrix. Catalyst - by IdeaScale.