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World's tallest man saves dolphin. Business - Canada gets poor grade for failing to innovate. Canada is like the gifted child who straggles near the back of the class, according to a report scheduled to be released today by the Conference Board of Canada.

Business - Canada gets poor grade for failing to innovate

This country's companies don't think big enough, the economic think-tank said. Canada doesn't invest in higher and adult education and suffers an overall lack of innovation. How Canada Performs, A Report Card on Canada ranks the country on its economy, innovation, environment, education, health and society against the performance of 16 other countries. This is the first such report to base its rankings on results, rather than the amount of money funnelled into such areas. Canada compared poorly with most other countries. Technologist focuses on media and democracy. Digg continues to battle phony stories. Top 7 Freshest Designs of 2006 » Wisdump. Amp; Blog Archive & More Google Services in Russia. Survey Report Summary. Overview NewsTrust and Michigan State University conducted an online survey in December 2005.

Survey Report Summary

The purpose of this survey was to learn how people rate news stories, and to develop reliable online review tools for NewsTrust's news rating service. Be sure to check the independent research paper on this study, co-authored by Cliff Lampe of Michigan State University and Kelly Garrett of University of California at Irvine. Also check our test results from previous studies. A New Twist: Voting for News You Trust. JPG Magazine: User-Generated Content Moves Offline. MediaCulture: Don't Trust the News? November 27, 2006 | Like this article?

MediaCulture: Don't Trust the News?

Join our email list: Stay up to date with the latest headlines via email. Adieu to Google Answers. Posted by Andrew Fikes and Lexi Baugher, Software Engineers Google is a company fueled by innovation, which to us means trying lots of new things all the time -- and sometimes it means reconsidering our goals for a product.

Adieu to Google Answers

Later this week, we will stop accepting new questions in Google Answers, the very first project we worked on here. The 5 Most Successful People-Powered News Sites - and 30 Failure. By Alan Gray, NewsBlaze Last week, a review of the top five people-powered or community news websites generated a lot of interest and questions about other players in that space.

The 5 Most Successful People-Powered News Sites - and 30 Failure

About NewsBuffer. VentureBeat. Air Samples Confirm N. Korea Nuke Test - w. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said yesterday that she will push for full implementation of U.N. sanctions against North Korea as punishment for its recent nuclear test when she makes a critical visit to Asia and Russia this week.

Air Samples Confirm N. Korea Nuke Test - w

The sanctions prohibit trade with North Korea in illicit materials, weapons and luxury items. "Every country in the region must share the burdens as well as the benefits of our common security," Rice said in comments aimed at China and South Korea, Pyongyang's two largest trading partners. She called on nations to "collectively isolate" North Korea, adding that it "cannot destabilize the international system and then expect to exploit elaborate financial networks built for peaceful commerce. " Rice also warned Iran -- which faces possible U.N. sanctions over its nascent nuclear enrichment program -- that the Security Council will begin work on a resolution condemning Tehran for not suspending that effort. New Scientist SPACE - Breaking News &045;.

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New Scientist SPACE - Breaking News &045;

To continue using our website and consent to the use of cookies, click away from this box or click 'Close' A spot in the sun. By This Is Money Updated: 14:56 GMT, 22 March 2006 DEAR Chancellor, I am the owner of a small business, making car air fresheners in Croydon.

A spot in the sun

We employ 23 people and I implore you not to add any further regulations to our wages bill in the forthcoming budget. You and the Prime Minister have always sung the praises of SME's but the continuing regulations are strangling the life out of our 46 year-old company. In 1998, Tony Blair wrote 'The burdens on business must be reduced' and a year later in Bristol he told a business audience 'Small businesses are where the growth is going to be in terms of jobs and we must constantly look at ways to improve their situation.' Technology Review: Emerging Technologies a. A painstakingly constructed network map of yeast’s molecular responses to DNA damage is providing a glimpse into how cells might thwart cancer.

Technology Review: Emerging Technologies a

Since most cancer is caused by the failure of cells to repair DNA damage due to aging, toxins, radiation, and other exposures, researchers can now turn to this new map to help pinpoint which cancer networks to target for therapeutics. The map, which documents interactions between genes and regulatory proteins involved in repairing DNA, was prepared by Trey Ideker, assistant professor of bioengineering at the University of California, San Diego (see “Comparative Interactomics”). Ideker’s group exposed yeast cells to a DNA-damaging substance and carefully mapped the ensuing interactions between regulatory proteins and genes. [For a diagram of the complex reactions of yeast cells to DNA damage, click here.] Most large-scale systems biology studies would stop at this point.

Cellular Visions: The Inner. Stansberry &Associates - Matt Badialis Oil. Shiny Shiny: Robot Guinea Pig with animatr. Self-healing material also pinpoints damag. Cookies on the New Scientist website close Our website uses cookies, which are small text files that are widely used in order to make websites work more effectively.

Self-healing material also pinpoints damag

To continue using our website and consent to the use of cookies, click away from this box or click 'Close' Scientists probe 2,000-year-old Greek comp. High performance access to file storage A bronze Greek device constructed in around 80BC could be the world's oldest computer, joint British-Greek research seems to suggest. The "Antikythera Mechanism" - consisting more than 30 bronze dials and wheels - was recovered from the wreck of a cargo ship off the Greek island of Antikythera in 1900, the Scotsman reports. Its exact purpose was unknown, although a previous theory centred on it being used to calculate the movement of the planets then known to the Greeks: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Science & Theology News - What makes nice. Researchers use corn waste to generate ele.

After the corn harvest, whether for cattle feed or corn on the cob, farmers usually leave the stalks and stems in the field, but now, a team of Penn State researchers thinks corn stover can be used not only to manufacture ethanol, but to generate electricity directly. "People are looking at using cellulose to make ethanol," said Bruce E.

Logan, the Kappe professor of environmental engineering. Popular Science. Plastic Batteries 100 Times More Powerful. Pink Tentacle. 17 Aug 2006 Japan's National Police Agency is moving forward with plans to introduce a road safety system that alerts drivers to potential hazards through audio and visual notifications on in-vehicle navigation systems. Pink Tentacle. Pink Tentacle. 20 Apr 2006 On April 19, Hitachi Maxell, Ltd. announced the development of new volume optical storage technology that can provide terabyte-level storage capacity in a compact device. Pink Tentacle. 24 Jul 2006. PAK Blog/2006/10/15/hsl-system/ News in Science - Tarantula feet spin stic.

New Scientist Archive &045; The Last Word. New micromotor enslaves bacteria for micro. Natural-born painkiller found in human sal. MIT team describes unique desert cloud for. MIT group develops mind-reading device. Liquid armor is here. Researchers at University of Delaware have developed a form of liquid armor which can protect the entire body as opposed to just the chest like current kevlar vests. Japanese inventor touts water-powered batt. In tunneling physics, a decadesold paradox. In the land of death, scientists gather to.