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Why Quantity Leads to Quality with Herbert Lui. Herbert:Creativity is shooting at a moving target.

Why Quantity Leads to Quality with Herbert Lui

That's what makes it different from sports. But the analogy still works out. You fine tune your understanding of other people, but more importantly, you also fine tune your understanding of yourself and meeting those two things in the middle is what someone might define as quality. Greg:Welcome to the Futur podcast. The show that explores the interesting overlap between design marketing and business. Greg:If you're an avid reader and a Kanye West fan, then you may have already read some of his work. Why Quantity Leads to Quality with Herbert Lui. Command Z Podcast. iHeart Radio - Arun Jacob - Product Designer. Mobile, Tablet, Windows and XBox Application The Beginning iHeartMedia wanted a brand new experience for their Mobile, Tablet and Xbox app of iHeart Radio.

iHeart Radio - Arun Jacob - Product Designer

Overview iHeartRadio is an Internet radio platform owned by iHeartMedia, Inc.[2] Founded in April 2008 as the website, as of 2015 iHeartRadio functions both as a music recommender system and as a radio network that aggregates audio content from over 800 local iHeartMedia radio stations across the United States, as well as from hundreds of other stations and from various other media. iHeartRadio is available online, via mobile devices, and on select video-game consoles.

The Problem The first version of iHeartRadio has proven that the app needs some re-design, starting from the UX point. Research When we conducted the user research of an existing product, we learned more about our user characteristics, needs, desires and preferences. We tried to find what are current users pain points, so we could fix them. The Challenge. VideoAsk (By Typeform) Shows & Podcasts : NPR. Shows - Wondery - Feel The Story. Fire Soundboard - Page 2 of 10 - Instant Sound Buttons. Zencastr. Royalty free music for your YouTube videos. ?gclid=CjwKCAiA4o79BRBvEiwAjteoYPfNXeW7heRO rN9DYLnkHON7WOhO7yeQpMkzlWc1bh_f92xB_aN9hoCsIMQAvD_BwE. Advertising Services - Entercom Communications. La Trilogía de Berlín: El renacimiento de David Bowie. ¿Cómo fue que se formó La Trilogía de Berlín?

La Trilogía de Berlín: El renacimiento de David Bowie

¿Cuáles fueron las principales influencias de David Bowie en aquella época? ¿Y quiénes formaron parte de esta fabulosa etapa? Aquí te vamos a dar todos los detalles David Bowie se caracterizó por realizar importantes cambios en su aspecto físico y, sobretodo, en el ámbito musical, donde se atrevió a experimentar con una gran cantidad de géneros. Es por eso que se ganó el apodo de “El camaleón del rock” con el paso de los años.

Pero sin ninguna duda, el cambio más arriesgado y repentino en toda la carrera de David Bowie se presentó entre 1977 y 1979, con la publicación de los álbumes Low, “Heroes” y Lodger, en los cuales rompió las fronteras de la música y se atrevió a ir más allá de lo convencional. Ten Deeper Cuts That Reveal David Bowie’s True Genius. Bowie Golden Years : 1977. January 1977 Saturday January 8 Bowie celebrates his 30th birthday with Iggy, Romy Haag, Coco Schwab, Pat Gibbons and friends at L'Ange Bleu nightclub • Photo © Andrew Kent Friday January 14 Low album released RCA PL 12030 (UK) • Chart peak UK 2 US 11.

Bowie Golden Years : 1977

Bowie Golden Years : 1977. From Bowie to Shields: Brain Eno's 10 finest collaborations. Brian Eno’s work is some of the most highly revered genius of all time.

From Bowie to Shields: Brain Eno's 10 finest collaborations

With a stunning solo career to his name, Eno is also a highly praised collaborator and producer. With a unique knack for breaking creative blockages with Oblique Strategies, and an overwhelming tendency for sonic serenity, Brian Eno has collaborated, created, and produced some unrequited masterpieces over the years. Here are Brian Eno’s 10 best collaborations of all time. We have travelled through the wormhole of sound to give you Brian Eno’s 10 best collaborations from the farthest reaches of the galaxy. 10.

With the famous avant garde composer on his side, Brian Eno created a magnificent to his famous Ambient series. Eno cleverly unleashes Budd’s instincts on piano to achieve a collection of slow melodic lines within ambient soundscapes. 9. When Kevin Shields and Brian Eno released a double A-side 12″ for Record Store Day, the world was very excited but also pondering the question, “What took them so long?” 8. 7. 6. UXBS. Radiotopia. Thanks to our 12,647 sustaining donors* and welcome to the newest Radiotopia Citizens!


Radiotopia is your podcast mixtape: all your favorites in one place. Back in the day, homemade mixtapes helped convey feelings words could not. Songs were meticulously arranged in a particular order, and each track told a different story. Radiotopia embodies the mixtape tradition. Once a year, we ask you to think about how much Radiotopia podcasts mean to you, and to make a donation to help keep the network strong. We’ve designed a cool mix of gifts in gratitude for your generous and loyal support, sporting our brand new logo, and introducing the new Radiotopia zag logo. We’ve been issued a campaign challenge from our friends at Freshbooks. *One of our incredible sustaining donors? We're so happy to see you again! This year you can: