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Why Xamarin Cross Mobile Development is Good for Business Use. We all know that mobile apps have become a business standard for all the industries and businesses these days.

Why Xamarin Cross Mobile Development is Good for Business Use

Every new startup is coming with a business app too. Some startups only have a unique app to present as an idea for getting investors’ attention. Cross platform app platforms are not directly linked with it but as there are more than 2 device ecosystems or operating systems, solutions to a common problem have to be used so that developers do not need to write code for Android & iOS separately.

As Xamarin is the best cross platform mobile app development platform among the number of cross mobile development platforms like Flutter, PhoneGap, Ionic, React/Native etc. Xamarin mobile app development offers features such as security, code reusability, easy app publishing, community for doubts and support, updates for upcoming app development features etc. Supports .Net framework: It even offers apps with native look and feel with the use of C# programming language only.

How Revue Helps in Creating and Scheduling Newsletter. This topic is quite interesting!

How Revue Helps in Creating and Scheduling Newsletter

So, what do you think after reading the word Revue? Yes, we can generate an automatic newsletter online just by using your Twitter account to set up a new newsletter account using Revue. It is a tool that has recently been added to the Twitter Sidebar. It is getting enough support from businesses and individuals to get weekly and monthly loyal readers. Twitter has launched many things such as Fleets for improving user engagement on Twitter instead of serving as a controversial platform. Revue is a newsletter platform created by Twitter. Issues: In Revue, an issue is similar to a version of your newsletter.

Newsletter Data: You must be worried about the data you will use to create your newsletter impression. Routines for Sending Newsletters: To get a high opening rate on a newsletter, your timings of sending emails are crucial. Some Essential Tracking Features of Google Tag Manager. Google Tag Manager is an online marketing and tracking setup platform from tech giant Google.

Some Essential Tracking Features of Google Tag Manager

They call it a multiple dynamic tracking tool for traffic, events, video views etc. It’s one of the major tools in Google’s Marketing Platforms, which includes almost 8 types of Google tools/platforms for every kind of marketing reports and implementations on website & Mobile apps.If you are not aware of Google Marketing Platforms then let me first introduce it to you. Google has mastered almost every type of digital software for surveys, reports, testing, ads etc. They have summed up all the free or freemium marketing software into 1 platform which is known as Google Marketing Platform. As mentioned above, no paid only platforms are there like DoubleClick Ads, Google Ads, Google AdSense etc in this. A Tour to Essential Tools and IDEs for Xamarin Development. Xamarin is one of the oldest cross-platform frameworks available.

A Tour to Essential Tools and IDEs for Xamarin Development

Founded in 2011, Xamarin community has grown immensely over the years to 1.4 million developers across 120 countries. The technology is mainly used in enterprise environments and has gained many positive reviews over the years. Xamarin is used by over 15,000 companies in fields like energy, transport, healthcare, and more. Selecting the Right Website Color Scheme for Your Upcoming MERN Stack Development. With advancements in technology, users are beginning to demand more enriching and seamless experiences when it comes to web and mobile applications.

Selecting the Right Website Color Scheme for Your Upcoming MERN Stack Development

Websites that are drab and mechanical no longer find favour with users. Therefore, developers are looking for ways to develop more attractive and responsive applications, considering the trends in the market. In order to build enhanced websites and applications relevant in the current times, developers are giving up the traditional JavaScript and HTML methodologies and adopting a more comprehensive approach through advanced technologies like MEAN stack web development and MERN stack development. One way of enhancing the website look and feel is by choosing the right colors that bring out the key elements in the website.

A Walk through Essential Use Cases of Python Language. Python has gained widespread popularity and its phenomenal rise has even surpassed C, C+, Java, and JavaScript over the last few years.

A Walk through Essential Use Cases of Python Language

A Walk through Essential Use Cases of Python Language. Hire Xamarin mobile app development services - SoftProdigy. Crafting an impressive mobile app and engaging customers to earn revenue is a dream of almost every business in the world.

Hire Xamarin mobile app development services - SoftProdigy

Where to hire Python mobile app and web development services? Hire full stack developers - Mean stack web development. Modern-day businesses are consistently and constantly looking for solutions capable of catering to their digital needs.

Hire full stack developers - Mean stack web development

It is actually happening because of revolution, advancement, and amelioration of technology applied for bringing ideas to life on the digital front. This is a key reason why modern businesses always hire full stack developers loaded with the wealth of experience, knowledge, and skillset. But the role of JavaScript technologies to bring business ideas to reality is equally important.

This is why businesses focus equally on hiring Mean Stack developers capable of utilizing the potential offered by JavaScript technologies to the fullest to develop robust web applications of advanced level. Thus, depending on your project needs and requirements, you can either hire full-stack developers or MEAN stack developers.

Hire our Full Stack developers and turn your ideas into reality. Ruby on Rails Development Company - Hire ror developers now! Social Media Marketing Cheat Sheets for Business Growth-2018. Social media is the spine businesses need to survive and grow on digital front. But social media marketing consultants call business promotion on social media platforms a challenge in itself. There are three huge reasons of it: 1) All popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest have their own set of guidelines.