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Chetu is a US-based software development company that provides businesses worldwide with custom technology solutions. As an application development company with over 1,800 skilled software developers, Chetu combines technological expertise, specific domain experience, and passion for excellence to deliver enterprise-grade solutions. Chetu is a true and seamless backend technology partner, helping your business accelerate the development of desktop, mobile & web-based apps with on-demand developers that focus on moving your business forward. Website:

5 Benefits of Developing Your Project using Ruby on Rails - Justwebdevelopment. Over the years, the Ruby on Rails application framework has become one of the most popular development platforms on the web.

5 Benefits of Developing Your Project using Ruby on Rails - Justwebdevelopment

Capable of powering everything from simple websites to complex applications, Rails or RoR is the backbone of many tech giants ranging from Airbnb to Scribd. Here are a few benefits that Rails can deliver to your organization. Impressive Scalability During the first few years of its existence, Rails was criticized for its poor scalability when compared to similar frameworks. With the release of Rails 6, most of those scalability issues that had to be addressed at a low level are long gone. Seasoned Ruby on Rails developers can scale applications and sites both vertically and horizontally as the demands on servers rise over time.

If you doubt the ability of Rails to scale up, you might want to talk to the engineers at some of the web’s hottest properties. A Rich Ecosystem of Resources and Developers Cost Effectiveness Code Quality High Reliability and Maintainability. Top 100 Magento Development Companies. 5 Reasons You Should Use Python Programming Language. The Python programming language is one of the most popular programming languages among developers.

5 Reasons You Should Use Python Programming Language

It consistently ranks in the top 10 programming languages on the TIOBE index—a widely recognized ranking of programming language popularity—and has been No. 3 on multiple occasions in recent years. Many Python developers admire this language for its simplicity and power, and it has useful applications in many different domains, as we will see later in the post. Looking at its rise to popularity over the last two decades, we can find many good reasons. In this post I’ll share the five most important with you. If you’re not yet a Python programmer, this will highlight what you’re missing. Multiple Programming Paradigms. Page 2: Top 100 Mobile Game Developers. Top Mobile App Development Companies In UAE 2021. Top Mobile App Development Companies in UAE 2021 ­In today’s digital era, the inclusion of a Mobile App along with your business website has become a very prominent digital strategy that has the potential to shoot up your brand portfolio and user engagement through the roof.

Top Mobile App Development Companies In UAE 2021

Moreover, mobile application development company UAE can take you closer to the end-users, enabling them to discover the zillions of features about your offerings. It will also enable you to understand your customer’s preferences and upgrade your products/services. The software companies in UAE develop their app themselves but often they fail to make the desired impact on customers as they lack expertise in it. Top 10 Software Development Companies in Noida - Supersourcing.

Software development is a very important field for businesses and individuals.

Top 10 Software Development Companies in Noida - Supersourcing

The future of COBOL is now. Early in the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, the New Jersey state government had a very specific IT staffing need—and it got a lot more publicity than hiring moves usually get.

The future of COBOL is now

The recently passed CARES Act had added $600 to weekly unemployment payments nationwide, but New Jersey’s archaic unemployment software, written in COBOL, couldn’t incorporate the extra money without reprogramming, and there was nobody on staff capable of doing the job. The incident was a very public glimpse at a dirty little secret within IT: There are billions of lines of code written in COBOL still running mission critical applications, but the great wave of COBOL-trained programmers who wrote all that code are aging out of the workforce. That story isn’t new—we wrote about it eight years ago, and eleven years before that. COBOL is easier (and harder) than you think. AI Blockchain And PWAs 3 Software Trends That IT Companies Can t Ignore in 2021-Prem Khatri. In 2020, the Indian IT sector’s revenue was estimated at approximately $191 billion by Statista, which accounts for a significant portion of the economy.

AI Blockchain And PWAs 3 Software Trends That IT Companies Can t Ignore in 2021-Prem Khatri

With so much invested in the industry, leaders are eager to capitalize on the latest “next-gen” software that will revolutionize the sector’s operations. Chetu Foundation and Noida Traffic Police hosts Motor Bike Rally to spread Traffic Awareness. Chetu Foundation has partnered with Jagriti Leela Memorial Foundation & Noida Traffic Police to hosts Motor Bike Show.

Chetu Foundation and Noida Traffic Police hosts Motor Bike Rally to spread Traffic Awareness

This rally was primarily done to sensitize people to follow traffic rules so that the residents are not involved in careless driving. The rally witnessed the participation of youth carrying banners appealing to people to follow traffic rules. Noteworthy, the rally is aimed to avoid mishaps, and to sensitize citizens to wear a helmet while riding motorcycles, avoid jumping signals, over speeding and wear a mask to reduce the spread of Covid19. On the occasion, the bike rally was flagged off from Police Chowki, opposite GIP Mall, Noida at 11 A.M. Mr. Mrs. Software firm Chetu expands Birmingham office - Business Live. What is Sitecore CMS and DMS Platforms Solutions.

Technical Perspectives Written by Prem Khatri Posted by Carolina Prem Khatri "What is Sitecore?

What is Sitecore CMS and DMS Platforms Solutions

" You may have asked yourself this question in your search to find a new marketing platform, or if you currently use Sitecore to manage your website, but don’t know how to harness all of its digital marketing advantages. You may have also heard about Sitecore if you are currently a SharePoint user, and are looking into why Microsoft has recommended Sitecore as an alternative CMS. Council Post: Contactless Payment Solutions: Why And How To Adopt Them In A Post-Covid-19 Economy. Atal Bansal is President and CEO at Chetu, a leading U.S.

Council Post: Contactless Payment Solutions: Why And How To Adopt Them In A Post-Covid-19 Economy

-based custom software development and services company. In the early 2010s, economists and retailers were ready to declare the brick-and-mortar (B&M) economy dead. However, despite the continued growth of e-commerce and online shopping, retail stores continued to survive and even thrive, with B&M stores raking in nearly 85% of all sales during the 2017 holiday season and traditional e-commerce companies, including Warby Parker and Casper, even opening up their own physical locations. While there are certainly many reasons for this growth, I believe the biggest boon came from innovative practices, embracing technology and creating an experience for customers rather than just providing another place to shop.

Although times were good, the resurgence of B&M businesses may have been short-lived — the Covid-19 pandemic has pummeled the economy and severely impacted many B&M companies. Contactless Payment Functionality. Best Payment Processing Services of 2020 - 2Checkout 2Checkout is a U.S.

Best Payment Processing Services of 2020 -

-based company with a modular design that expands as your business grows and takes you to new countries or new business models. 45+ payment methods and more than 100 currencies allow you to build online revenue without headaches, no matter where your clients are. Digital commerce is easy to manage with localized checkout, a mobile-friendly experience, and in-platform optimization tools. There are 120+ cart integrations and the whole checkout experience can be branded to match your website or other branding efforts.

There’s third-party integration, a mobile app, and 24/7 support, as well as PCI-compliance. South Florida Cloud Computing Companies - South Florida Business Journal. Announcing the leading Ecommerce Development Companies of October 2020 – A list by! Our study on the importance of Ecommerce development for business progression found a list of companies more successful and efficient in crafting the best business specific ecommerce solution for the client needs. San Francisco, October 26, 2020 - When no contact transactions have been encouraged vastly and when online buying has become the most important mode of buying and selling, there has been an increase in the demand for eCommerce solutions and the Efficient eCommerce Development Companies.

This is because the merchants, traders, sellers, and businesses involved in selling have moved towards testing their prospects online in a hope of increasing the sales and profit making. The importance of owning an eCommerce platform can be understood by analyzing the current COVID-19 scenario that puts almost every business static, when the sellers online and the businesses that had online stores are still making profit and improving their sales every day. About TopDevelopers Contact. Top Mobile App Development Companies of 2020 in the Limelight – A comprehensive analysis by

San Francisco, October 14, 2020 - Mobile app development, revamping mobile apps, adding trending business features to the mobile apps, mobile app optimization, and being curious about new business app features to attract users are now the foremost business activity. No business and enterprises can survive without a mobile app, as reaching the targets is not as easy as before amid this pandemic. When the businesses are fervently looking for a great tech partner to carry out the business requirements technically on a mobile app, it is important to realize how to choose the right partner.

There are an eclectic number of mobile app development firms online pose to be more competent and skillful in handling the needs perfectly, but it is the important task of the businesses to find the most efficient team to have the dream app built or the business intentions to be fulfilled as anticipated. Top Software Development Companies in Indianapolis. In the modern world, software development has become one of the most popular fields in the technology industry. And we can see the rapidly growing count of employees in IT companies, especially software development companies in Indianapolis.

Right now, all business owners strive for the absolute optimization of all business processes at the company.

Meet the 2020 Business of the Year honorees

2020 IT World Awards Winners - Network Products Guide. Grand Trophy Winners (alphabetically)Decision LensEpson America, Inc.Inspired eLearning LLCOnward Security CorporationQuest SoftwareSemperisSonicWallViettel GroupVNPT VinaPhoneWatchGuard Technologies 2020 IT World Awards Winners Hot Company of the Year | Artificial IntelligenceGOLD WINNERBIGO Technology Pte Ltd | Singapore | Reviews 300m+ images daily with 99% accuracy against inappropriate content.

|SILVER WINNERBrightfield | New York, NY, United States | Created the world’s leading unified workforce data and analytics service. |BRONZE WINNERAwake Security | Santa Clara, California, United States | Won Gold Edison Award for Best New Cybersecurity Product | Announcing the Leading React Native Development Companies for August 2020 – An exclusive analysis by Our research on the leading React Native Development Service Providers found a list of firms more proficient and professional in handing the client requirements. Find the Top React Native Developers of August 2020 who develop an amazing cross-platform app San Francisco, August 17, 2020 - React Native, the open-source JAVA Script framework mobile app development by Facebook, has been making the mobile experience more special for the businesses and app users. It offers an exhilarating experience in terms of UI and UX for the app users while making the work of the developers easier and hassle free.

It helps them code only once for both iOS and Android platforms, thus offering a great solution for the businesses within budget and helping the developers in handling multiple projects at the same time. Thus, React Native becomes one of the most sought after frameworks for mobile app development because of its exclusive benefits. About TopDevelopers. User feedback can be found in unlikely places. In 2013, customer experience firm Walker released a report in which it predicted that by 2020, user experience would be the key differentiator for brands, and price and product would become less important to users when choosing among different digital services. Equipment Management Software Becomes Table Stakes; Four Key Factors and 20 Leading Players In the Sector Now - BuiltWorlds. In our May Construction Machines Research Report on the trends we follow under the Machines Category of topics, we noted that, despite generally low rates of adoption in the category (see chart below), Construction Equipment Management Software had achieved high ratings among the topics.

IT Leaders Share Their Priorities Through the Pandemic. COVID-19 didn’t spell doom and gloom for all CIOs. In fact, 68% agreed their technology infrastructure was prepared to handle employees working from home, according to a report from IDG. And things didn’t change from six month’s prior to COVID-19 when CIOs were asked to rate their CEO’s top priority: again, even during the pandemic, it was leading digital business/digital transformation initiatives. The work’s not done, of course. The pandemic’s effects on the workplace will be long-lasting, and CIOs won’t be without their challenges, according to Prem Khatri, vice president of operations for Chetu who oversees his company’s software development. Chetu Wins the Silver Stevie Award at the 2020 ABAs.

Founding Leadership Team Receives Recognition for Sustained Growth, Embrace of Innovation, and Commitment to Providing Value to its Clients Plantation, Fla. What are the advantages of CAD? 2020 IT World Awards Winners. Want to be Successful in a Post-Pandemic World? The “white glove” treatment is a staple of the hospitality industry, where catering to guests' needs, and promoting the best experience is paramount. South Florida's Largest Private Companies. American Dental Education Association Partners With Chetu to Enhance Leading Online Academic Resource - News -

Posted on June 22, 2020 Advancements in Automation Prompts Innovations in ADEA Web Application with Help of Global Software Provider Chetu, a leading developer of custom software solutions, announced the delivery of its latest web application to the American Dental Education Association (ADEA), the sole national organization representing academic dentistry, to enhance the ADEA Dental School Explorer. How CIOs Are Planning Budgets for a Post-Covid World. The pandemic has caused enormous uncertainty surrounding IT budgets. Instagram API and Python: Social Engagement App. The client owns a social engagement application used to increase brand visibility and grow social media presence for their user base.

The application uses a social media management tool to increase organic engagement on consumer Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Linkedin, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts by following industry-related users. Leading React Native Development Companies for August 2020. Chetu Becomes Sabre Red App Certified Provider. Role of Document Management Software. Chetu: A Place where Expertise meets Excellence. 2020 Solution Provider 500. Develop Bilingual App For Global Outreach. The Advancement Of Virtual Health Care And Telemedicine. Council Post: Deliver Us From Mega Apps: How Online Ordering And Delivery Software Can Help The Restaurant Industry. ROBOTIC PROCESS AUTOMATION SOFTWARE. Top BigCommerce Developers - 2020 Rankings. Facial Recognition App & API.

Software Development Company - Chetu. What it Takes to be a FinTech Company in 2020. Ventures Roundup: Chetu moves into new HQ; Opko gets OK to test drug for Covid-19 patients - South Florida Business Journal. Chetu Launched Software Services To Help Users Streamline Existing Software. VRMA : Blogs : 5 Contact-less Mobile App Solutions for the Hospitality Industry. 5 Best Pharmacy Software 2020. Best Telehealth companies to know in 2020. Top BigCommerce Developers - 2020 Rankings. Web App Development Company - Chetu.

Council Post: How Mobile App Developers Can Prepare For The 5G Revolution. Key Features of a Talent Management System. Top 10 Healthcare Information Exchange Consulting/Service Companies - 2020-2021. High Tech's Vital Role In The Fertility Of Agribusiness. Chetu tapped by QbitEdge to enhance next-generation legal practice management platform - Legal IT Professionals. 15 Best Gym Management Software and Tools for Gym Owners in 2020-2021. Chetu Celebrates Receiving The 2020 Transatlantic Growth (TAG) Award. A New Partner Program to Improve Customer Engagement. Chetu Partners with Edmonton Real Estate Association. Chain Reaction: How Supply Chain Technology Impacts The Alcohol Industry. Chetu European presence with its newest office in Birmingham.

Chetu Reviews: Best Places to Work. How Software Solutions Can Enhance The Dating Industry. Blockchain is the tracking method preferred by industry right. Awarded as America’s Fastest Growing IT Service Provider Company. Chetu Employee Reviews - World Class Software Development Company. Chetu Client Reviews - Chetu Software Development Company. The Latest in Technological Solutions to Modernize Club Management. Choose the Best Legal Document Management System. Mobile and Cloud-based CAD Functionality.

Chetu Client Reviews Regarding Software Solutions. The Importance Of Quality Assurance In Election Technology. Hottest Web Development Trends: Single Page Apps. Edwige Larsen’s - SEO Specialists. Chetu Customer Reviews & References. Chetu Reviews. Ultimate Guide to Developing a Mobile App for Business. New Headquarters of Chetu at Plantation, Florida. Improve Customer Engagement with Chetu New Program. How Document Control Software can benefit your business? Web development shifts to a mobile-first approach. Key Considerations That Will Help You To Grow Your Business. South Florida Power Leaders 250 of 2020: South Florida Business Journal.

Global Provider Of Software Development Solutions. Chetu Delivers Enhanced Functionality to Cap Software’s Leading Point of Sale Platform- Sellwise PRO. Why You Shouldn’t Put Your Health in the Hands of Artificial Intelligence. How to Use Technology to Determine Company Growth. How to Determine a Microsoft Document Management System for your Business.

How to Use Document Management Software for Your Business. How to determine Free Document Management Software. Clutch Recognizes the 1000 Best B2B Service Providers in its Exclusive 2019 Clutch 1000 List. 2019 Structures Awards - South Florida Business Journal. Supply Chain Management Services - Supply Chain Outlook. Benefits of Angular Framework in App Development. Supply Chain Outlook - Custom Supply Chain Management Software. Supply Chain Software Development Services. Chetu strengthens UK appearance with Birmingham office. Asset Tracking Software Solutions. Introduction of Azure architecture means for Microsoft customers and partners.