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The contributions of Piero Sraffa. 1.

The contributions of Piero Sraffa

Sraffa (and more here and here) wrote the seminal paper on the size of the firm under perfect competition. If contracts are perfect, what does a firm mean anyway? He doesn’t quite get to that point, but he did understand that if all the cost curves and demand curves are horizontal, we cannot say how small or how large an individual firm will be. Anwar Shaikh - Economics Department, New School for Social Research. Nobuo Okishio. Nobuo Okishio (置塩 信雄?

Nobuo Okishio

, January 2, 1927–November 13, 2003) was a Japanese Marxian economist and emeritus professor of Kobe University. In 1979, he was elected President of the Japan Association of Economics and Econometrics, which is now called Japanese Economic Association.