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Threat Spotlight: TeslaCrypt – Decrypt It Yourself. This post was authored by: Andrea Allievi, Earl Carter & Emmanuel Tacheau Update 4/28: Windows files recompiled with backward compatibility in Visual Studio 2008 Update 5/8: We’ve made the source code available via Github here After the takedown of Cryptolocker, we have seen the rise of Cryptowall.

Threat Spotlight: TeslaCrypt – Decrypt It Yourself

Creating VPN tunnel between Cisco ASA and Watchguard XTM - @Saintdle. Today was the second time I’ve done this in around a year, it’s a little uncommon to be honest, which means googling advice on how to do it, is a bit thin.

Creating VPN tunnel between Cisco ASA and Watchguard XTM - @Saintdle

Todays walk through is also made even more different by the fact that at the branch site containing the Watchguard, its connected to a Cisco 857w router, with a Public IP address NAT’d to it due to the site having an ASDL connection. See the below diagram I’ve sketched up in visio; It’s actually easy enough to setup, the official documentation on the Watchguard is here, but doesnt cover it all. The Watchguard Side Log onto the Watchguard and load up policy manager. 1. How to crack a .zip or .rar password protected file?

How secure is Winzip and Winrar encryption? Both programs WinZip and WinRar use AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) for encryption, when implemented correctly and in conjunction with a long alphanumerical hard to guess passphrase, the AES cipher is impossible to crack in a reasonable amount of time, that means in your lifetime. State sponsored agencies are also not able to crack a password protected Zip or Rar file if this has been encrypted with a hard to guess pass, the law of mathematics just like the law of physics, is equal for everyone. Recovering a password protected .zip or .rar file The only known method to recover a forgotten password from a password protected .zip or .rar file created using the latest WinZip and WinRar versions, is to use a brute force attack.

In a brute force attack an automated software will use up all of the dictionary words and run all of them attempting to match the file password. Services to crack encrypted .zip files ElComSoft distributed password recovery. Hacker 10 – Security Hacker. Ultra High Security Password Generator. If some device was not following the WiFi Alliance WPA specification by not hashing the entire printable ASCII character set correctly, it would end up with a different 256-bit hash result than devices that correctly obeyed the specification.

Ultra High Security Password Generator

It would then be unable to connect to any network that uses the full range of printable ASCII characters. Secure Lockdown - Inexpensive Kiosk Software. Specialty Computer Products. Lock down Windows and create an embedded environment.

Secure Lockdown - Inexpensive Kiosk Software. Specialty Computer Products

Secure Lockdown™ is perfect for kiosk setups, digital signage systems, trade shows, libraries, schools, Internet cafes, gaming centers, media centers and other applications. Secure Lockdown™ removes the Windows Desktop functionality and unwanted keystrokes and allows your main application to run exclusively. This simple, but powerful program will enable you to run your single purpose while locking out Windows Desktop functionality and unwanted keystrokes. Secure Lockdown™ will run in the background ensuring that only the application you want can be run. Secure Lockdown™ v2 includes the following features: · Compatible with all versions of Windows (XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8) · Creates a “virtual embedded,” single purpose operating environment · Secure Lockdown runs as a hidden background application and removes access to undesired Windows features · Removes the Windows Task bar and Start button · Removes Desktop actions and features such as:

Russian Password Crackers: fast RAR password recovery software. Hacker 10 – Security Hacker. Russian Password Crackers: fast RAR password recovery software. Zip, PKZip, Winzip Password Recovery Service.

Open VPN

SonicWall. Symantec. K7 Antivirus. Network Monitoring Tools. Les Cottrell, SLAC.

Network Monitoring Tools

Last Update: December 14, 2015 ESnet | ESCC | PinGER Internet monitoring | Tutorial This is a list of tools used for Network (both LAN and WAN) Monitoring tools and where to find out more about them. The audience is mainly network administrators. You are welcome to provide links to this web page. Please do not make a copy of this web page and place it at your web site since it will quickly be out of date. See here if you wish to suggest additions or changes. Introduction [Contents] We welcome corrections such as identifying broken links (especially if you can provide an alternate/update), since over the years companies are absorbed by others, disappear, split up, change their web site etc. Suggesting Additions/Corrections etc.

Security Awareness Training - Compliance Software.


Backup. View forum - Community Add-ons for ReadyNAS NV+/Duo. A central place to check out community add-on releases for the ReadyNAS NV+/Duo (v1), 1100, NV, 600/X6. Forum rules For help with add-ons listed in this sub-forum, please post questions in this forum: General Discussion on ReadyNAS Add-ons. These add-ons are created by third-party developers, and are not supported by NETGEAR. If you contact NETGEAR support for assistance with these add-ons, they will be unable to help you. Instead, post in the forum above to get help from the add-on developer. ReadyNAS Forum Account Password (Heartbleed bug) by JabbaTheHutt » Mon Apr 21, 2014 5:20 pm 0 Replies 1338 Views Last post by JabbaTheHutt Mon Apr 21, 2014 5:20 pm ReadyNAS OS 6.1.7 now available by mdgm » Sat Apr 12, 2014 4:02 am 0 Replies 5203 Views Last post by mdgm Sat Apr 12, 2014 4:02 am RAIDiator 5.3.10 (arm) is now available!