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Curiosity and Creativity. Director Jason Reitman (“Up in the Air”) was asked why he has such a good voice for writing women characters, and he replied:

Curiosity and Creativity

Curiosity and Creativity. How Curiosity Cultivates Creativity. Curiosity and the art of fascination. If I want to gain your attention, I can do it in very different ways.

Curiosity and the art of fascination

I can drop you an e-mail explaining that I just had an interesting conversation with Sir Martin Sorrell about you. Branding Experts & Design Consultants. When it comes to attracting customer attention sometimes a little information goes a long way.

Branding Experts & Design Consultants

Feelings have a critical role in the way customers are influenced and few are stronger than the pull of curiosity. Curiosity occurs when there is a gap between what we know and what we want to know. For brands, this offers significant power when influencing customers because the drive for knowledge is not only a key motivation in the decision making process, it's also instinctual. Excite Curiosity to Grow Your Brand and Drive Sales Utilizing emotions constructively can be key to increasing sales. Customer’s received the card with their receipt. The intrigue is built around the promise of something of value. Use the Unexpected to Gain Attention Red Square Agency did a test campaign using Facebook Ads to examine the pull of curiosity on customer behavior. After a month, Cous Cous had received twice as many clicks as the other real advertisements.

Curiosity Killed the Cat: Curiosity and Advertising. By Richard F.

Curiosity Killed the Cat: Curiosity and Advertising

Taflinger, PhD. Curiosity Thrilled the Cat - AEI. Why curiosity is the unsung virtue of the free enterprise system.

Curiosity Thrilled the Cat - AEI

As legislators struggle to stimulate the economy, proponents of activist government continue to debate their free-market counterparts over which system will lead to long-term prosperity. But this debate has another dimension: a clash of two opposing cultures, with correspondingly different values and virtues. For example, columnist George Will has commented on “the decadent dependence that the welfare state encourages” and the conservative virtues of self-reliance and personal responsibility.

American Enterprise Institute President Arthur Brooks writes that “free enterprise is an expression of the core values of a large majority of Americans,” including personal liberty, individual opportunity, and entrepreneurship. These virtues—independence, productivity, and self-responsibility—are those commonly associated with the free market. The Case for Curiosity. When AIDS was first observed in 1981, neither doctors nor researchers knew what was causing the symptoms they were seeing.

The Case for Curiosity

The cluster of symptoms had been observed in certain groups of people, and much of the research and therapy was aimed primarily at those populations. Only in 1983 did researchers Robert Gallo and Luc Montagnier independently discover that a retrovirus, what we now know as HIV, caused the illness. And within 10 years of discovering HIV’s link to AIDS, researchers delivered the first successful therapy to manage the disease. “That’s a huge success story,” said Rachel Wilson, professor of neurobiology at Harvard Medical School.

“Such rapid development of a therapy doesn’t happen often.” Curiosity Kills No Cats – A case for the importance of being curious. For some reason, “curiosity” has developed a bad name.

Curiosity Kills No Cats – A case for the importance of being curious

To call something curious is to call it an oddity. It’s something peculiar, that can’t, or shouldn’t be, explained. Curiosity kills cats, for god sakes! But, in actuality, curiosity is a very good thing. Elizabeth Gilbert on the Importance of Curiosity. Curiosity: It Helps Us Learn, But Why? : NPR Ed. The Limbic Reward System lights up when curiosity is piqued.

Curiosity: It Helps Us Learn, But Why? : NPR Ed

LA Johnson/NPR hide caption itoggle caption LA Johnson/NPR The Limbic Reward System lights up when curiosity is piqued. LA Johnson/NPR. Curiosity and Conscientiousness More Important than Intelligence. The importance of encouraging curiosity in children. Shortly after our daughter was born last year, I asked my wife a question.

The importance of encouraging curiosity in children

Why Curiosity is the Most Important Tool in Business - Todaymade Blog Todaymade Blog. As of late, my two year old son has been into Curious George the troublesome monkey character that loves to learn new things and get himself into trouble.

Why Curiosity is the Most Important Tool in Business - Todaymade Blog Todaymade Blog

They are two peas in a pod if you ask me. Curiosity can lead to trouble, but more often it can lead to new ideas and new adventures. In that way, curiosity is just a part of being smart. Monkey see, monkey do? Not necessarily... Why Curiosity Enhances Learning. "The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. " -- Albert Einstein It's no secret that curiosity makes learning more effective and enjoyable. Curious students not only ask questions, but also actively seek out the answers. Curiosity Is as Important as Intelligence.

There seems to be wide support for the idea that we are living in an “age of complexity”, which implies that the world has never been more intricate. This idea is based on the rapid pace of technological changes, and the vast amount of information that we are generating (the two are related). Yet consider that philosophers like Leibniz (17th century) and Diderot (18th century) were already complaining about information overload. The “horrible mass of books” they referred to may have represented only a tiny portion of what we know today, but much of what we know today will be equally insignificant to future generations.

In any event, the relative complexity of different eras is of little matter to the person who is simply struggling to cope with it in everyday life. So perhaps the right question is not “Is this era more complex?” 1. 2) EQ: EQ stands for emotional quotient and concerns our ability to perceive, control, and express emotions. Curiosity: The Fuel of Development. Bain & Company chairman Orit Gadiesh on the importance of curiosity. Reprint: F0909D According to Bain & Company’s chairman, persistent questioning produces the best solutions, and it’s the best way to build trust and rapport. Consultants get compensated for providing answers—don’t they? Not exactly, says Bain & Company chairman Orit Gadiesh, who recently spoke with HBR about what makes an effective business adviser.

To forge strong relationships and find solutions, she argues, it pays to ask lots of questions. You’re famously inquisitive. Both. In the Israeli school system, you switched schools after eighth grade, and at the end of that year you got a special notebook in which friends wrote down memories and messages of encouragement for the future. The Power of Curiosity.