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5 Fantastic Examples of Brands That Use Virtual Reality (VR) The Great LEGO Race. Réalité virtuelle : Ford inventif à Genève. Mar 13/03/2018 — C'est Bullit.

Réalité virtuelle : Ford inventif à Genève

Stand Ford au salon de Genève, une voiture exposée n'est pas très écolo. Ice-Watch se découvre en réalité virtuelle au Vendée Globe 2016. Les dangers des films pour adultes en réalité virtuelle. How to Use Virtual Reality at Your Next Exhibition or Trade Show. - Discover the right answer to using virtual reality for your business, event, tradeshow, or exhibition.

How to Use Virtual Reality at Your Next Exhibition or Trade Show. -

10 Best Uses Of Virtual Reality In Marketing (Updated) - As of April 2016, people that succeed with Virtual Reality (VR) Marketing do two things very well: First, they identify VR Marketing narratives that get them results.

10 Best Uses Of Virtual Reality In Marketing (Updated) -

Second, they put 100% of their resources into creating the stories that resonate with their audience. But you’re probably wondering: “How do I find VR Marketing strategies that actually work?” Well, today we’re going to make it easy for you. Sans titre. Shop Photo Shoot. Virtual showrooms may become a reality in near future for car shoppers.

Imagine shopping for a new car at a dealership that keeps no cars on the lot.

Virtual showrooms may become a reality in near future for car shoppers

Or test-driving a new truck from your couch. Both are possible with a new virtual-reality app from Evox Productions LLC that could transform the car-buying experience. “We think VR is going to be the next big thing,” said Dave Weber, vice president of sales and marketing for the Rancho Dominguez, California-based company.

“It’s not just for the auto industry. It’s going to have as large an impact as a smartphone or the iPod or color TV. Cadillac, Infiniti, Fiat and others have discussed virtual showrooms and other digital experiences as ways to help dealers cut inventory costs and provide an enhanced experience for potential buyers. Distribution : Coca-Cola mise sur la réalité augmentée chez Carrefour. Rio Olympic City Museum Now Features Virtual Reality Tours. Visitors virtually hang gliding over Rio (Image via There’s less than a month left until the start of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and people around the world are eagerly waiting to watch their country’s best athletes compete.

Rio Olympic City Museum Now Features Virtual Reality Tours

In the meantime, guests are now able to visit the Museu Cidade Olimpica (Olympic City Museum) which opened up last week. The museum features a number of interactive experiences such as visiting Rio de Janeiro and Olympic venues through virtual reality and the chance to try their hand at different events like Paralympic cycling, rowing and the hundred-yard dash, which puts them up against Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt. It will give visitors the chance to learn more about the games, their events, the facilities and the city’s surrounding areas. Cidade Olímpica The creation of the museum was a part of the city’s Nave do Conhecimento program with the goal to build in forgotten communities and bring new technologies to each area. Digital Packaging. A quoi sert le marketing digital dans le cinéma ? Engranger des informations sur ses clients pour mieux connaître leur profil ou leurs attentes n'est pas une nouveauté dans le monde de l'entreprise, mais avec les technologies numériques qui ont beaucoup simplifié la collecte et l'analyse des données, cette pratique est maintenant à la portée de n'importe quelle société.

A quoi sert le marketing digital dans le cinéma ?

Quel est l'intérêt pour le monde du cinéma ? Rapide introduction aux finalités et aux principes du marketing digital. Movio, société néo-zélandaise créée en 2006, et Showtime Analytics, start-up irlandaise lancée en 2014, sont aujourd'hui les deux prestataires de la collecte et de l'analyse de données les plus connus dans le cinéma (les seuls qui exposaient cette année à CineEurope). 15 Exciting Ways Virtual Reality is Being Used Right Now – TheCoolist. Machines like the Oculus Rift, the HTC Vive, the Sulon Q, and Samsung Gear VR have become, quite literally, game-changing pieces of hardware.

15 Exciting Ways Virtual Reality is Being Used Right Now – TheCoolist

They prove that home virtual reality gaming was possible, for relatively inexpensive prices. Since virtual reality headsets have come onto the scene, developers have been churning out newer, better models at a prodigious rate, for every possible purpose. Everything from graphic design to the wide and deep world of pornography has altered thanks to VR. Though commonly thought to be Mecca for gamers of both a PC and console variety, virtual reality is proving to be much more than that, and could offer incredible solutions in industries you wouldn’t normally consider. An investigation into the digital landscape of VR revealed 15 exciting ways virtual reality is being used, and how it could help people in the future.

Jean-Paul Gaultier propose une expérience vidéo immersive à 360° pour son parfum. Jean-Paul Gaultier propose une expérience vidéo immersive à 360° pour son parfum. Réalité augmentée : visite de plantations de café avec NESCAFÉ 360° Les mannequins de Sports Illustrated en réalité virtuelle. Le Forum Virtuel. You can download The New York Times' virtual reality journalism app today. Last month, The New York Times announced that it would be shipping Google Cardboard virtual reality headsets to all its print subscribers (and shipping redeemable coupons to a few of its digital-only subscribers).

You can download The New York Times' virtual reality journalism app today

Those headsets won't start showing up until this weekend, but the NYT VR mobile app is now available on Apple's App Store and the Google Play store. Viewers without Google Cardboard will be able to view its contents as flatscreen 360-degree videos, and a modified desktop version is also available. You can download The New York Times' virtual reality journalism app today. Apple and U2 use VR to put fans 'on stage' next to Bono and The Edge. Apple's experimenting with virtual reality (kind of).

Apple and U2 use VR to put fans 'on stage' next to Bono and The Edge

As part of U2's European tour, Apple Music and the rock band recently created a virtual reality experience called "The Experience Bus" during their London stop. The experience put fans on the virtual stage alongside Bono, The Edge and the rest of the members as they rocked out to "Song for Someone," according to U2 fan site @U2. In addition to being able to look around in all directions as if they were standing on the stage right next to the band, VR participants could also see fans singing in the crowd. The VR experience will reportedly make its way to a few of U2's remaining tour stops, including four shows in Paris and two shows in Dublin. Apple and U2 have a history of working closely together.

A report from TechCrunch says the VR experience was designed using the VRSE. Un casque de réalité virtuelle dans les céréales Kellog’s. Un casque de réalité virtuelle dans les céréales Kellog’s. Google lance la publicité vidéo 360 degrés sur YouTube. Film Warcraft : un teaser en réalité virtuelle à dos de griffon.

LEGENDARY VR. Brandchannel:11 Ways Brands Are Testing Virtual Reality to Innovate. The myriad of virtual reality applications being tested by brands is as varied as the brands themselves, ranging from sports to banks to entertainment and medicine.

brandchannel:11 Ways Brands Are Testing Virtual Reality to Innovate

Below, 11 examples of how VR is changing industries, and the brands leading those changes: 1) FOX Sports used VR in partnership with NextVR to live stream its US Open coverage with the PGA to FOX Sports locations in New York, Los Angeles and Vancouver, marking the first-ever multi-camera live broadcast in VR. NextVR tested its live VR system with the NBA, NHL and MLB and previously teamed with Fox Sports on the Nascar Sprint Cup Series. As Intel noted on its blog, “The typical words we hear are, ‘Holy…!’ Whatever you want to say,” said Brad Allen of NextVR, an on-demand virtual reality broadcasting company from Laguna Beach, California. 2) The Dallas Cowboys are now the first NFL team to use VR as a training tool. 9) Always looking for new customer enticements, the hospitality industry is testing VR.

Björk's 360 VR Music Video "Stone Milker" Debuts Tomorrow, Powered by 3DCeption Audio - Road to VR. Björk is previewing her latest Single “Stone Milker” tomorrow with a music video filmed for virtual reality and leveraging the power of 3D spatial audio as provided by specialists in the field, Two Big Ears and 3DCeption. Linear, non-interactive, immersive video is unquestionably proving enticing to creative types across the entertainment industry. We saw one of the first music ‘videos’ made for VR just last week, and there’s no doubt that such a potentially disruptive form of storytelling promises those tired of recycled MTV tropes a fresh way of presenting their music. Björk’s music video for “Stone Milker” taken from her already acclaimed album VULNICURA, is directed by Andrew Huang for VRSE Works and features the artist performing the song, filmed in 360 degrees and accompanied by a 3D binaural soundtrack powered by Two Big Ears‘ 3DCeption audio technology.

Stella Artois Gives you A Virtual Reality View of Wimbledon. The Wimbledon tennis tournament is now well in progress in the UK. The yearly outdoor event is one of the four major events in the World Tennis Association calendar. However, there are some challenges which are faced during the game. Lots of pigeons often fly down to the Centre Court, disturbing the game unknowingly. To fight with this problem, Wimbledon uses a hawk named Rufus to patrol the skies and stop pigeons from disturbing the game. Bjork - Stone Milker. Create Advertising launches virtual reality division - Hollywood Reporter. Create Advertising Group, the creative services boutique agency, is jumping into virtual reality, the newest development in entertainment marketing, with the launch of its new division Create VR.

Announced July 7 by David Stern, owner and founder of Create Advertising Group, and Jonathan Gitlin, partner and president of television and gaming for the company, Create VR already is showing off its debut project, Sony Pictures' “Can You Walk The Walk,” a tie-in to Robert Zemeckis’ upcoming film The Walk. Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the film tells the story of Philippe Petit’s 1974 high-wire journey between the World Trade Center towers. Create Advertising. CreateVR Takes Entertainment Marketing Into Virtual Reality. Courtesy of Create Advertising Group Entertainment marketing specialist Create Advertising Group is going virtual with the launch of its new CreateVR division. CreateVR will work with brands and studios to build virtual reality (VR) experiences to promote movies and more.

CreateVR’s first project is “Can You Walk the Walk,” a VR experience to promote Sony Picture’s upcoming “The Walk” movie that uses Sony’s Morpheus VR headset to virtually put users on a tightrope, strung between the towers of the World Trade Center in 1974. Create founder David Stern said that projects like these will play a big role in the future of entertainment marketing. Ubisoft et les Lapins crétins à la conquête de la réalité virtuelle. Nike sort une pub avec Neymar... en réalité virtuelle ! Réalité Virtuelle : vivez une action à travers les yeux de Neymar Jr. Virtual reality is now a cereal toy.