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Diseño de Actividades didácticas para elearning. 7 Ways eLearning Templates Benefit Online Learners - eLearning Industry. Creating an eLearning template takes time and attention to detail.

7 Ways eLearning Templates Benefit Online Learners - eLearning Industry

However, you can reuse them time and again to create cohesive eLearning courses. You can rely on them for future eLearning projects instead of starting from scratch. This saves time, resources, and a whole lot of frustration. Learning Arcs: Fastest Way To Create Your Microlearning Modules - eLearning Industry. Most eLearning creators are often hassled with creating multiple course modules on the same subject matter, only because there are slight variations in requirements by the teams or the learners.

Learning Arcs: Fastest Way To Create Your Microlearning Modules - eLearning Industry

For some teams, it might be important to go through the detailed information, whereas for others it could be just a refresher or only a few sections which are key. In case of learners, somebody might need to learn more about a particular section, the other already being a pro in that. So, what would a course creator do? Many of us, probably, end up creating multiple course modules on the same subject based on the audience’s diverse needs. Needless to say, it requires a lot of time and iterations.

Create an Online Course Your Students Will Love. How to structure, outline and tweak your online course to keep students engaged and raving about your course.

Create an Online Course Your Students Will Love

Bloom's Taxonomy. 10 Cloud-Based Learning Management Systems For Small Business Training. Free People Icons for E-Learning. Free people icons are great when they’re truly free to use for commercial courses.

Free People Icons for E-Learning

And who doesn’t like them, especially now that Microsoft no longer offers free clip art? Here’s a list of some free icons. I only link to the ones that are free for commercial use. That means you can use them for your work and not spend time looking at free icons that you can’t use. Kameleon Free People Icons. 4 Ways To Apply Instructional Interactivity In eLearning. How should you design instructional interactivity in order to make your eLearning course highly interactive and engaging?

4 Ways To Apply Instructional Interactivity In eLearning

In this article I will share the key components of effective instructional interactivity and I will show you how you can actively stimulate your learners’ minds to successfully experience your eLearning deliverable. The design of effective eLearning environments relies primary on cognitive load’s management and the enhancement of their instructional efficiency. Infographic - implementing e-learning for training organisations. A business case is key to sustaining e-learning (Callan and Bowman, 2010), especially as a large barrier to implementing e-learning is financial (FLAG, 2013).

Infographic - implementing e-learning for training organisations

For our eight projects, the allocation of resources and development of a strong business case was an early indicator of success. The return of investment (ROI) varied across projects. Some saw a direct savings in printing costs, teaching hours, more efficient administration or communication. For others, there wasn't an easily quantifiable ROI, as the benefits were long term, like increased engagement, increased enrolments, increased retention and internal capability building. Innovative use of new technology can result from financial drivers. Libro_acesad_virtual_educa. 5 Applications for Analogies in eLearning. Early in my training career, I became frustrated.

5 Applications for Analogies in eLearning

I was designing and teaching technical support training. The typical process involved taking 25 people “off the street” and training them to be technical support representatives in two weeks. Ocho prácticas de aprendizaje imprescindibles... Aunque nos encontramos en la segunda década del siglo 21, el Sistema Educativo sigue operando bajo un remachado andamiaje administrativo, pedagógico y curricular del siglo 19 y 20 en pleno colapso.

Ocho prácticas de aprendizaje imprescindibles...

Hasta el día de hoy los estudiantes continúan asistiendo físicamente a las aulas para que los educadores les sirvan de intermediarios en su proceso de aprendizaje. Sus mentes son utilizadas como dispositivos de memoria en donde almacenan conocimientos monopolizados por las casas editoriales. A lo largo de los años se les ha enseñado a hacer cosas con las manos sin reflexionar críticamente sobre lo que está ocurriendo en sus cerebros. La práctica de conectar el movimiento corporal con la actividad mental es inexistente. Las mentes de los estudiantes han sido utilizadas para replicar ideas de otros, pero no para aprender a construir sus redes de aprendizaje personales. Getting Started with SCORM: Tracking Course Specific Data. Continuing on in our discussion of the SCORM standard and how communication happens between a SCO and as LMS, in this installment we will be diving a bit into the SCORM data model and discussing how SCORM tracks course data.

Getting Started with SCORM: Tracking Course Specific Data

We previously discussed how a SCO finds the LMS API, the basics of how to send/retrieve data and touched on the SCORM data model. 8 Ways Your eLearning Content is Losing. When the content of your eLearning falls flat, or it just confuses the audience, it can be a stressful affair.

8 Ways Your eLearning Content is Losing

From broken narratives to distracting designs and grammatical errors, see why your learners might be looking the other way. It’s simple. Curso: ¿Cómo ser un estudiante virtual? ¿Qué debe tener un curso ? Que debe tener un MED? (material educativo digital) Five Steps to Creating Effective Screencasts. I’ve noticed a trend lately… People and companies are beginning to use screencasts to sell products and provide training online.

It makes sense, too. 25 Tips for Successful Online Course Facilitati... The Ten eLearning Commandments [Infographic] Malcolm Gladwell, author of ‘Outliers’ says that to truly master something takes 10,000 hours of practice. That’s a long time. But while Gladwell is probably not too far off the mark, we’d add one small caveat: 10,000 hours of practicing the right way, with the right foundations. eLearning Tools. 3 Ways E-Learning Will Look Different in 2013. Remember what it was like to be little? To be just another kid hanging out in the neighborhood and dreaming about what the future would look like? Yeah, those were the days. Redefining Learning Through Screencasting.

Introducing new technology into the classroom, especially iPads, can be overwhelming -- even daunting. When first getting started, the technology may seem like more of a distraction than a learning opportunity. So how do you begin? 50 Reasons Why Online Learning Deserves Respect... SOLE. Advent of Google means we must rethink our approach to education. Would a person with good handwriting, spelling and grammar and instant recall of multiplication tables be considered a better candidate for a job than, say, one who knows how to configure a peer-to-peer network of devices, set up an organisation-wide Google calendar and find out where the most reliable sources of venture capital are, I wonder?

The former set of skills are taught in schools, the latter are not. LENGUAJES ANTIDIDÁCTICOS. Sabemos por la experiencia propia y por la investigación acumulada (H, Gregory; P.E. Learning Theory - What are the established learning theories? 5 Human Psychology Facts You Can Use To Create Better eLearning. 5 Human Psychology Facts You Can Use To Create Better eLearning The potentials and limitations of our brain shape the way we learn. Professionals, from psychologists to neuroscientists, have started to integrate brain research into online learning. More specifically, a psychologist by training and education, Dr.

Susan Weinschenk takes research and knowledge about the brain and extrapolate UX design principles from that. This post takes the psychologist’s view of UX Design and applies it to eLearning. . Why we need more visual texts in our teaching and learning. Taxonomía de Bloom para la Era Digital. Padagogy Wheel - Allan Blog. The Conversation_ Herramientas Web 2.0.