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Paper Toys and Models

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SHIN TANAKA. Ninjatoes' papercraft webpage. Papercraft Database. ペーパークラフト/papercraft【アイフルホーム】 Sumo wrestling game - Toys. Sumo wrestling game.

Sumo wrestling game - Toys

Papercraft: JR West. Shinkansen. Kawaii Animals and Insects. 湯田温泉のマスコット「ゆう太」と「ゆう子」のペーパークラフト:チークパッチ. お待たせいたしました!


「湯田温泉」のマスコット「ゆう太」と「ゆう子」の ペーパークラフトを公開します! 毎夜温泉に浸る「白狐」を 権現山のお寺のお師匠 さんが見つけたことが 「湯田温泉」の開湯の起源になったそうです。 この「伝説」をもとに生まれたのが「湯田温泉」のマスコットの 「ゆう太」と「ゆう子」なんですね。 部品数が少ないので、丁寧に組み立てれば、 きっと小学生の皆さんにも作っていただけると思いますよ! 可愛い、「ゆう太」と「ゆう子」を是非、作ってみてくださいね! According to legend, the Yudaonsen hot spring near Yamaguchi City was discovered 800 years when a priest observed a white fox bathing his wounded paw in a small pond at the foot of Mount Gongen, and so the white foxes Yuko and Yuta became the mascots of the hot spring.

Canon Paper Craft. Epson - Exceed Your Vision. Papercraft Tricks and Games. Puzzles. Paper toys art. Paper Flying Disc. Pull the string and watch the Paper Flying Disc whiz and spin through the air.

Paper Flying Disc

You can design all kinds of different flying discs and have your friends help you launch them. You can fly these discs inside or outside -- anywhere they can take flight and soar through the air. What You'll Need: Blue glitter glue penSmall wooden thread spool36 inches blue crochet threadMagenta pony beadScissorsRulerCraft knifeCraft glueTracing paperPencilCardstock (optional) Note: Adult help needed.Step 1: Cut out the disc pattern and ask an adult to help you cut the straight lines with a craft knife and ruler. (Note: If you think you may want to make more than one Paper Flying Disc, ask an adult to help you make a copy of the pattern using tracing paper and cardstock.) Step 2: When the glue is dry, fold along the dotted lines so the flaps bend up a little bit. Step 3: Decorate the disc base using the glitter glue pen.

Step 4: Tie the pony bead to the end of the thread. Paper Helicopters. Anyone can make paper airplanes, but how many people can make paper helicopters?

Paper Helicopters

You'll soar to new heights once you create these paper flying machines. These paper helicopters for kids are so simple and are great to do by yourself or with a group of your friends. And even if the weather doesn't allow for you to release your paper helicopters outdoors, prop up a fan and have your own indoor helicopter launch. Follow the links bel­ow to learn how to make paper helicopters: Hover Craft Helicopter. Gallery. 3D paper diamonds. Hello there.

3D paper diamonds

Hope you all had a great Easter! We had a lovely relaxing holiday (….well as relaxing as it gets with kids). It would have been great to have another week off ^_^ Peperz. Page corner bookmark for kids in Ideas for kids' crafts. Free Printables for Kids and Moms & Dads. Paper Photo Animals 3D. These PaperCraft are for registered members only.

Paper Photo Animals 3D

If you want to use and enjoy these models, you will require a password. To subscribe and get your password, Please send Raspera members fee by ( : Keiji Kawaguchi) Raspera members fee is $30.00 USD.or here(Application by letter).Then, We'll send the Raspera password immediately! The password works for all current Rasperas and, what's more,it will work with any future Rasperas.We think membership is very valuable. We hope you join us soon.Click on the images to get close-up view of the models, or click on the names to download the models in PDF format for printing. L’invasion recommence… Allez pour ce petit retour sur Artskills : Télécharge les papertoys, monte-les et envoie les photos présentant les papertoys assemblés ou customisés à cette adresse mail.

L’invasion recommence…

Elles seront publiées sur le blog insect-pachworks. Papertoy en téléchargement ici ou là. Tux. Angry birds. Chouette. The first kit of the new year is this deceivingly simple looking little owl to expand the bird-population in 3EyedBear’s universe.


We all know owls are one of the wisest creatures and this one certainly will be one day too. Thing is: she’s still very young and inexperienced, but she compensates that with a passion for reading thick books while you sleep. It don’t hurt to have her posted in your bedroom since owls hunt for little scary creatures by inborn instinct. She will watch over you. Happy dreams everyone (click one of the images to download Howie) Collect them all! Edit: Thank you for all the lovely blog-title suggestions in the comment-box. Animaux 3D. The Toy Maker. Paper Toys. Ye-boT initiative. Art.  Readymech. 3EyedBear. OH-SHEET PAPER TOYS. Paper craft. HyperQuake Poster Series - #4. Paper Robot´s Paper Robots! Cubeecraft - Free Papercraft Toys. BazookaJo. Gnomes. Paper Toy creator.

Papercraft. Coming soon! - Foldable.Me. Paper Model Directory. Free Paper Toys, Paper Models and Paper Crafts at Card Modeling FAQ: Free Models. Old Strathcona Model & Toy Museum has two N-scale locomotive models.

Card Modeling FAQ: Free Models

Calendar in 3D Paper Model. Paper Modeling With The Toy Shop. S Best Photos of model and papercraft. Flickr Hive Mind is a search engine as well as an experiment in the power of Folksonomies.

s Best Photos of model and papercraft

All thumbnail images come directly from Flickr, none are stored on Flickr Hive Mind. These photos are bound by the copyright and license of their owners, the thumbnail links take to you to the photos (as well as their copyright and license details) within Flickr. Because some other search engines (Google, etc.) index parts of Flickr Hive Mind, you may have been led here from one of them. Welcome to Flickr Hive Mind, almost certainly the best search engine for photography on the web.

Paper Works Oil Well. ‪3rd thesis mock-up - paper oil pump‬‏