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How to Prepare Your Company for Growth. Many companies aren’t ready for growth: They haven’t clearly articulated the specific strategies they need to compete and win in the market, channeled their resources to bolster their differentiating capabilities (the few things they do better than anyone else), or aligned their organization to execute their plans.

How to Prepare Your Company for Growth

Meanwhile, years of across-the-board cost cuts have enabled them to meet short-term profitability pressures—but only at the expense of long-term priorities. And they haven’t gained or sustained a competitive advantage. These organizations have become bloated bureaucracies that are really just doing one thing: preventing substantive change. On the other hand, companies that are ready for growth know the secret to their success lies in this three-pronged and mutually reinforcing approach: • Cutting costs in less critical areas to invest in the capabilities critical to success—in a significant and sustained way.

The Key to Being a Creative Leader? Job Security. The Power of Structured Procrastination. The Conscious Lifestyle: A Leader Must Be Aware. 11 Simple Concepts to Become a Better Leader. The team leader's role. What are the critical knowledge and skills for a team leader?

The team leader's role

Team diagnostic knowledge and skills – observing and understanding team dynamics and team development Team leadership and intervention – knowing how and when to respond to the team, given the team’s stage of development Interpersonal and team skills – establishing effective team processes in the areas of alignment, decision making, communication, problem solving, conflict management, performance measures, values and norms An effective team leader will Create a positive climate with a shared vision Help develop a set of principles Liaise between the team and upper management Encourage team member growth Be fair Be supportive Give direction where needed. There are several ways in which the team leader can contribute to creating a positive climate within the team. One of the most powerful forces is to put forward, in cooperation with team members, an exciting vision/purpose of what the team is to achieve.

Use the Theory of Seven to motivate others. Institute of Organization Development. The Leadership Development Certificate Program (LDCP) is for those who are assigned the responsibility for implementing leadership development programs.

Institute of Organization Development

Using an OD approach, we will show participants how create a strategy for leadership development and then provide them with tools, templates and latest trends to design and implement their unique Leadership Development Program. As a result, they will be able to apply the concepts and use the tools and techniques immediately. This online program provides eight unique topics critical to Leadership Development. The Program is conducted online over eight months-- for three hours per month. Participants receive eight comprehensive participant guides each covering a specific topic. Participants earn 24 HRCI Strategic Business Credits which help them promote their skills as leadership development professionals. Leadership and strategy. Article: Breaking Through The Barrier Of Hardnosed Workers, Part 2.

September 29, 2012 — 2374 views by Ron Newton Summary: What the Cycle of Rejection illustrates is the futility of thinking that command will result in the control of hardnosers.

Article: Breaking Through The Barrier Of Hardnosed Workers, Part 2

Quite the opposite. Article: Breaking Through The Barrier Of Hardnosed Workers, Part 1. September 28, 2012 — 4664 views by Ron Newton Summary: A hardnosed worker is a self-destructive, emotionally self-centered, uncontrollable person who would rather cut-and-run than commit.

Article: Breaking Through The Barrier Of Hardnosed Workers, Part 1

Article: Breaking Through The Barrier Of Hardnosed Workers, Part 3. September 29, 2012 — 2645 views by Ron Newton Summary: Dysfunction brings with it opportunity.

Article: Breaking Through The Barrier Of Hardnosed Workers, Part 3

The same weaknesses that define dysfunctional workers are the ones that open the door for us to help them personally and to improve the cooperative nature of the entire workforce. Twitter - tools. Leadership. Leadership. Perform With Excellence. Is Your Leadership Showing? Mad about Leadership. Barbara Kellerman has every right to be mad as hell.

Mad about Leadership

Indeed, as you’ll see below, she is not being the least bit intemperate when she claims that our leaders have failed us of late. And she isn’t just talking about Ken Lay, Donald Rumsfeld, and others of their sorry ilk whose egregious behavior generated headlines about corporate bankruptcy and needless wars. She cites a recent poll showing that only 7 percent of all employees trust their leaders. Kellerman’s main point is that those of us in the education racket deserve a full share of blame for this state of affairs. The 6 People You Need in Your Corner. Strategy: Why Most Companies (and People) Stink At It. What do McKinsey, BCG, and Bain all have in common?

Strategy: Why Most Companies (and People) Stink At It

All Hail the Generalist - Vikram Mansharamani. By Vikram Mansharamani | 10:53 AM June 4, 2012.

All Hail the Generalist - Vikram Mansharamani

Creative Leadership: Humility and Being Wrong. Empathy Is The Most Powerful Leadership Tool. Anything we’re trying to make happen as a leader involves other people, and the fact is, most people don’t have to follow us.

Empathy Is The Most Powerful Leadership Tool

They don’t have to believe in our great ideas, buy our great products, or do what we want them to do. The One Skill All Leaders Should Work On - Scott Edinger. By Scott Edinger | 11:30 AM March 29, 2012. 4 Secrets of Great Critical Thinkers. In 2009, J D Wetherspoon, a chain of more than 800 pubs in the UK, was facing declining sales. Demand for beer had been down for five years. In addition, pricing pressure from super market chains was intense, and higher alcohol taxes further squeezed its already tight margins.

What would you say is the company's real business problem? Most people see it as a sales problem and recommend better marketing and promotion. But this reflex may be wrong. The strategy worked. If you fail to do this, you risk solving the wrong problem. 6 Habits of True Strategic Thinkers. In the beginning, there was just you and your partners.

You did every job. Strategy: An Executive’s Definition. How Hard Times Affect a CEO’s Career. Management Secrets: Core Beliefs of Great Bosses.