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Tutorial Series by fox-orian on deviantART. 100 Best Photoshop Design Tutorials From 2010. Making of Yuka. Introduction After receiving some positive feedback to my last work “yuka” I decided to write a detailed tutorial about creating process.

Making of Yuka

My main goal was to create a painting which was really detailed. Create a Dark & Grungy Digital Art Piece in Photoshop. Follow this step by step design process for my recent digital art piece, Vogue.

Create a Dark & Grungy Digital Art Piece in Photoshop

The design combines textures and distressed elements to create a dark and beautiful theme. Learn how a range of Photoshop techniques pull together the various elements to create the final design. Vogue combines the beauty of the female model with a range of grungy/dark textures and abstract elements to create an eye catching and interesting design that blends the two contrasting themes. How To Give Your Photos a Dark Processed Lomo Effect. Follow this step by step post processing guide to give your photos a dark lomo style effect with high contrast, blue tones and vignette burns.

How To Give Your Photos a Dark Processed Lomo Effect

The effect is based on the popular lomographic technique and is similar to the processing effect used in many fashion shots and advertisement designs. Overall this effect does a great job of adding impact to a plain photography with cool colour casts and unusual saturation. 12 Top Quality Photoshop Light Effect Tutorials. Below are a few Photoshop light effect tutorials that have caught my eye while looking over the tutorial sites, for me these produce the best results while using brushes, blurs and other media such as textures to create a top quality effect.

12 Top Quality Photoshop Light Effect Tutorials

Create Awesome Abstract Nebula Circle Shape in Photoshop Covers using filters with textures such as the twirl filter and warp filter with a Nebula star texture making for impressive results. 11 Great Photoshop Photo Effects Tutorials. Photoshop/shortcuts/downloads/PSCS4_Keyboard_Shortcuts_PC.pdf. Adobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts. Keyboard Shortcuts are keystrokes used to quickly invoke a command.

Adobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

As well, shortcuts usually (but not always) involve a modifier key such as Ctrl/Cmd, Alt/Opt, or Shift. For example, instead of choosing from the menus, you could simply press Ctrl/Cmd+D. Keyboard shortcuts can improve your efficiency, and in some cases, they can even invoke commands that might not otherwise be available (e.g., zooming while a dialog box is open, or inserting a command into an action). One of Photoshop's strengths is that it makes extensive use of keyboard shortcuts; but, there are so many that it's difficult to remember them all. Tutorial Outpost – Photoshop Tutorials, Flash Tutorials, and more! 21 Excellent 3D Text Photoshop and Illustrator Tutorials. 2110 shares Adobe Illustrator CS6 Shortcuts Cheat Sheet Illustrator is a very important tool for designers and creative professionals.

21 Excellent 3D Text Photoshop and Illustrator Tutorials

And no matter how familiar you are with it, there are always some shortcuts you could learn to be more productive. This is why you will love today’s exclusive Adobe Illustrator CS6 cheat sheet that the good people at ZeroLag have put together for WDL…. Read More. 18 Exceptionally Useful Photoshop Shortcuts. Creating an HDR-like Image From a Single RAW File in Lightroom. A Post By: Post Production Pye Introduction If you have been anywhere near the photography world in the past couple years, I am sure you have heard of HDR by now as there have been countless tutorials floating around on how to create HDR images using 3 bracketed exposures in programs like Photomatix and Photoshop.

Creating an HDR-like Image From a Single RAW File in Lightroom

Photoshop CS2 killer tips. Umbrella Sky. FacesAt this point, I started sketching out the character’s face, which was going to be one of the most important aspects of the image.

Umbrella Sky

I usually paint confident and provocative expressions, but this time I wanted the girl to be young, subtle and dreamy. At first I pushed the face I initially sketched further, but also sketched an alternative. Photoshop. APB Whistler Step by Step by ~arnistotle. Photoshop Tips and Tricks for Beginners. Buy. Download. Create. Get Adobe Photoshop now at the Adobe Store. Turn a Picture of Your Face into a Glamorous Digital Painting - Photoshop Tutorial.

Step 1 To start softening the hair you need to have in mind: - How to use the smudge tool properly (this includes changing shape, hardness and strength and adequate them to the piece you're working on); - To delimit parts of the hair that invisibly form a line shape (pieces of the hair); - Smudging pieces at a time, not all at once;

Turn a Picture of Your Face into a Glamorous Digital Painting - Photoshop Tutorial

70+ Mind-Blowing Digital Painting Tutorials. Digital painting is an amazing, beautiful and most popular art. Many of designers want to learn about its tips and techniques. Today, i have a collection of absolutely astounding digital painting tutorials. These tutorials will help you on your way to becoming a master digital artist, so if you’re looking to improve your skills. 50 Digital Painting Tutorials 15+ Mesmerizing Digital Painting Tutorials.

Digital Landscape Painting. This tutorial was written by Patrick Keith. This step-by-step guideline is in no way the definitive process to create great landscapes with your digital software but is really an overview of one working method that has proven itself in the many pieces I have completed using it. The weapon of choice, for me, is Mac hardware running Photoshop with a Wacom graphics tablet. You can use pretty much anything you have at hand, since I will be describing painting techniques that are not really platform or software dependent.

Corel/Procreate Painter is excellent software for this type of work and should be considered for serious digital painting. I was not as familiar with Painter as Photoshop at the time of creating the tutorial, so all of my examples are from Photoshop. Best Photoshop Tutorials. Photoshop is what makes the virtual world seem alive.

Best Photoshop Tutorials

Its nothing less than a blessing for designers. The Internet is full of Photoshop Tutorials and you will find a tutorial on each and every tool. With that being said, we understand that these tutorials require time and effort to find so we’ve saved you both. How? Well, basically, we compiled a collection of easy to understand Photoshop tutorials that will aid you with just about every aspect of Photoshop and teach you the essentials of the software. Targete's NEWS. Resource for Photoshop tutorials, textures, brushes, and actions. Photoshop Water Tutorial. Second Picture is devoted to original tutorials about 3D graphics, Photoshop, Photography and Web Design. Water Tutorials Picture 1. Convincing water sufrace is pretty simple to create in Photoshop. FZDSCHOOL's Channel. Photoshop Tutorials.

How to create an amazing explosion photoshop tutorial. In this tutorial we will learn how to create an amazing fire explosion with just a simple steps. Watching an episode of MythBusters I wanted to recreate a large explosion that appeared in the show. After experimenting I found a really simple technique but the final effect is great. Before We Get Started. Home. 31 Fresh and Useful Photoshop Tutorials. Create a Dark and Surreal Photo Manipulation in Photoshop. MrJonHodgson's Channel. Displace filter with vector effects. Digital Painting Video Podcast Bobby Chiu 

Drawing Projects. 3D Total - The cg artists home page. Add Dynamic Lighting to a Flat Photograph. Tutorials. The Art of Daarken.