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Toolsets and program libraries

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D3.js - Data-Driven Documents. Data Visualization for the Web. Downloads. Health and wealth for all countries.


Excellent for print (PDF). Use Gapminder World to teach global development from 1800 until today. Stimulates understanding of the world through statistics. A good starting point for teaching global development. Percent of HIV infected adults in all countries of the world. This exercise challenges students’ perceptions about the contemporary world. Life expectancy is a very important measure when we compare the health of different countries. Use this animated presentation when you lecture about HIV. A complete package of animations for your lecture. Explore households on Dollar Street. Is the world a better place? Från Liberia till Singapore. A clickable presentation on MDG4. Arabic version of Human Development Trends. Karolinska Institutet awards the Nobel Prize in Medicine. Barnadödlighet och antal barn per kvinna.

For the Tellberg Forum. An interactive chart about gender equity (% women in parlament) in all countries. SIMILE Widgets. Visualization: Motion Chart - Google Chart Tools. Overview A dynamic chart to explore several indicators over time.

Visualization: Motion Chart - Google Chart Tools

The chart is rendered within the browser using Flash. Note for Developers: Because of Flash security settings, this (and all Flash-based visualizations) might not work correctly when accessed from a file location in the browser (e.g., rather than from a web server URL (e.g., This is typically a testing issue only. You can overcome this issue as described on the Adobe web site. By: Google Example (Note that the following code will not work when loaded as a local file; it must be loaded from a web server.) Loading The google.load package name is "motionchart" The visualization's class name is google.visualization.MotionChart var visualization = new google.visualization.MotionChart(container); Data Format The first column must be of type 'string' and contain the entity names (e.g., "Apples", "Oranges", "Bananas" in the example above).

Setting Initial State Open a working chart and set the settings that you'd like to capture. Methods. Many Eyes. Main Page. 20 Fresh JavaScript Data Visualization Libraries. There are plenty of JavaScript libraries out there for rendering your otherwise plain and boring numerical data into beautiful, interactive, and informative visualizations.

20 Fresh JavaScript Data Visualization Libraries

The beauty of using JavaScript for data visualization is that, if created correctly, your data will be highly accessible (usually via HTML tables). A long time ago (2008), I wrote about JavaScript solutions for graphing and charting data and this article revisits the topic with twenty more JavaScript libraries that you can use to bring your data to life. 1.

Highcharts Highcharts is one of the most promising JavaScript charting libraries to hit the scene recently, with its large array of features including seven charting types (line, pie, and bar among them), the ability to zoom in and out of charts, and tooltips for offering more information about data points. 2. gRaphaël gRaphaël is a charting library based on Raphaël, a vector graphics drawing JavaScript library. 3. 4. jQuery Visualize Plugin.

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Interactive information visualization toolkit.