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Los duendes y hadas de Ludi: mayo 2012. Guidance and Discipline in Child Care. Guiding children's behavior is one of the biggest challenges many child care providers face.

Guidance and Discipline in Child Care

Choosing and using the most appropriate guidance and discipline practices focus on ways to encourage and strengthen positive behavior, ways to prevent misbehavior, and ways to manage misbehavior when it occurs. The following articles provide basic information to help child care providers guide the behavior of young children in the child care setting. Preventing Misbehavior The first step in guiding young children's behavior is to anticipate and eliminate opportunities for misbehavior. Emat605 - Telling Time - Grade 1. Necesidades Humanas - Las Necesidades Humanas. Erikson's Stages of Development Chart. Operant conditioning - Skinner. APRENDE APRENDA.

Material de Aprendizaje. Vinculo Entre la Escuela y el Hogar: Paquete de Lectura - Actividades del Primer Grado. Guia de lecto-escritura para primer grado. Aprender a leer y a escribir es una de las conquistas más apreciadas por los seres humanos.

Guia de lecto-escritura para primer grado

Representa el acceso a la cultura escrita, a mundos desconocidos, al futuro mejor. Razonamiento Verbal para Primer Grado de Primaria 1º. Alphabetized Listing of Instructional Methods. Teachers.Net November 2007 - HARRY & ROSEMARY WONG: The Floating Teacher - EFFECTIVE TEACHING - Teachers.Net. Effective Teaching...

Teachers.Net November 2007 - HARRY & ROSEMARY WONG: The Floating Teacher - EFFECTIVE TEACHING - Teachers.Net

By Harry and Rosemary Wong November 2007 The Floating Teacher This month’s column won’t reveal the secrets of a master illusionist. It’s not a recipe for a heavenly baked meringue dessert. Floating teachers are typically found in junior and senior high schools, where the school schedule is divided into periods and teachers have specific subjects to teach. Such a teacher is Diane Blocker, who teaches at Huntsville High School in Alabama. Being a floating teacher can be a positive experience. Common Core State Standards. P-icon for the United States of America (Photo credit: Wikipedia) As a teacher and Curriculum developer, I have been working hard to find out more about the US Common Core State Standards.

Common Core State Standards

Did you know that the United States of America has been the only developed country without common standards? I am happy that the states are working together to align teaching standards. Although the CCSS (Common Core State Standards) have not been federally funded or mandated, at least 44 states have adopted them. Pre-K standards are still a work in progress, as the CCSS begin at grade K. Classroom Floorplanner. Create your dream classroom with Kaplan's Classroom Floorplanner!

Classroom Floorplanner

Our free online classroom design tool can help you arrange your space and see how your favorite Kaplan products fit into the classroom. Enter the exact dimensions of your classroom, and then simply drag, drop, and rearrange products until you are happy with the result. When you are ready to make your virtual dream classroom a reality, order online or contact your local Kaplan representative for final planning advice, assistance adjusting the list to fit your unique situation, and to discuss options to maximize your budget.


2. LOS SENTIDOS. » El Rincón de 2º Primaria. Piaget & Vygotsky: A Comparison! Where Reading Is Fun! ESTILOS DE APRENDIZAJE. Todos no somos mamiferos. Let's Talk About Insects. WL.K12.NM.1.3 - Demonstrate understanding of basic words and phrases in simple messages and announcements on familiar settings. Piramide. History Timelines, Psychology Charts, more. Los alimentos - Mi Sala Amarilla. Una alimentación sana se logra consumiendo alimentos de buena calidad que satisfagan las necesidades de energía y nutrientes del organismo.

Los alimentos - Mi Sala Amarilla

La mala alimentación, marcada por el bajo consumo de frutas y verduras, el alto consumo de comidas rápidas “chatarra”, snacks, gaseosas y jugos comerciales, el auge de comidas preelaboradas, prefritos etc, son los problemas más frecuentes en la edad escolar. Desde la escuela y en colaboración con la familia se puede y debemos de mejorar los hábitos alimenticios en la infancia. Fundamentación: La alimentación es un tema fundamental a lo largo de la vida de las personas, y especialmente en la infancia. Actividades para niños preescolar y primaria imprimir. Lista.

PRESCHOOL LESSON PLANS - Lesson Plans for preschool teachers and early childhood teachers. Los animales spanish lesson plan unit. Actividades para niños preescolar y primaria imprimir. Lista. Preschool Activities for Animal Themes. Preschool Animal Activity Theme Dramatic Play: "Zoo Keeper"Teachers provide the props and youngsters provide the creativity during this preschool activity by Nancy V.

Preschool Activities for Animal Themes

Materials: Nets, boots, gloves, pail, plastic shovel or scoop, hay, pictures of animals and zoo keepers also stuffed animals. Description: Set out the materials. Children can pretend to be a zoo keepers working at the zoo and feeding the animals. Literacy and Art: "The Zoo Book"Have kindergarten and older children experience going to the the zoo without going to a real zoo (well, not until the end of the unit)during this art and literacy lesson by Heather F. How to write a lesson plan. The Activity Idea Place - preschool themes and lesson plans. TAXONOMÍA DE BLOOM. Tic-Talk Spanish. Through our methodology, students in your class will be able to: * Improve their pronunciation & listening skills, increasing the probability of a native like accent.

Tic-Talk Spanish

. * Respond to simple commands. There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves Storia Teaching Guide. FREE UNIT! HUMAN BODY. Was this the LONGEST week ever for anyone else?


I'm SO happy to see Saturday. =) Well, here is my latest baby. Body Language: A Balanced Literacy Thematic Unit {click photo above to download} As of now, the only things I ask if you download are: Ubd(89) Spanish for Kids (Aprender español) CONTENIDO PROGRAMÁTICO Mi Rincón. • Seleccionar algún tema relacionado con el lenguaje o con los temas estudiados en otras asignaturas. • Buscar información sobre el tema. – Identificar lo que se sabe sobre el tema y, a partir de ahí, elaborar una lista ordenada de preguntas para buscar información que amplíe el conocimiento. – Revisar diversos materiales, impresos o electrónicos, y seleccionar los que se consideren pertinentes en relación con las preguntas planteadas previamente.


Educación y didáctica. El juego de: el cuerpo humano. Estandares-curriculares. Escritura. Esta sección contiene 7 artículos. The Activity Idea Place - preschool themes and lesson plans. Bug and Insect preschool lesson plans. Arts and crafts, games, math, science, group time activities, songs and snack ideas. Offers:Books:The Icky Bug Alphabet BookYou're My Little Love BugHow Many Bugs in a Box? The Icky Bug Counting BookBusy BugsBed BugsBugs in SpaceHalloween BugsShaoey and DotSnug As a BugBirthday BugsHow Many Bugs in a Box? Bugs Are InsectsGiggle Bugs. CANCIONES PARA HACER SILENCIO. How to write a lesson plan. Jardín Rinconcito. Los objetivos del aprendizaje. KinderArt - Free Art Lessons and Lesson Plans, Projects and Art Education Information for Toddlers, Elementary, Middle and Secondary School.

<data:blog.pageName/> EL BLOG DE PRIMERO 2: LA CARTILLA 1 y 2. Instructional Goals and Objectives. Instructional Goals and Objectives This site will introduce you to instructional goals, the three types of instructional objectives you may need to create to reach your goals, and the best way to write and assess them. Enjoy! How to write a lesson plan. Instructional Goals and Objectives. Bloomin peacock. Last week I blogged about my Bloomin’ Peacock, a new Bloom’s Taxonomy visual I made to share with teachers in a training. Over the years, I have created a number of Bloom’s Taxonomy pictures to hang in my classroom for students to refer to. My Bloomin’ Peacock was such a hit with you all, I thought I would start sharing the others I’ve made. FICHAS DE ESTUDIO PARA NIÑOS PARA IMPRIMIR GRATIS. FICHAS DE CALIGRAFÍA, GRAFOMOTRICIDAD, MATEMÁTICAS, CIENCIAS, LECTURA, APRENDER A ESCRIBIR, RAZONAMIENTO ABSTRACTO, LÓGICA... Common Core State Standards Spanish Language Version.

Green bean kindergarten. These Lesson Plans are organized by month so that you can start when you want to. I created these lessons plans based on how I taught Kindergarten with Texas state standards. However, I also used some Montessori ideas and “letter-sound” teaching order. The needed worksheets are included in each weekly lesson plan. There are not as many Math sheets though, because I am sole believer in using manipulatives for Math. Everything within the lesson is explained in simple terms, to keep you from spending hours planning and reading. CONTENIDO PROGRAMÁTICO Mi Rincón. ReSourceSpring2012_LearnEnvironment. Integration of the Disciplines - Teacher's Role. Integration of the DisciplinesRole of the Teacher | Integrated Teaching Models | Change | Teaming and Partnerships | The student who can begin early in life to see things as connected has begun the life of learning. The connectedness of things is what the educator contemplates to the limit of his (or her) capacity.

Green bean kindergarten. Integration of the Disciplines - Teacher's Role. Ciencias Sociales. Big Ideas. What is an essential question? An essential question is – well, essential: important, vital, at the heart of the matter – the essence of the issue. Think of questions in your life that fit this definition – but don’t just yet think about it like a teacher; consider the question as a thoughtful adult. What kinds of questions come to mind? Classroom Floorplanner.