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How to stop pendrives from getting unwanted viruses ? Today, A big problem for windows user is to secure their data from viruses.

How to stop pendrives from getting unwanted viruses ?

How To Make Mozilla Firefox x30 Times Faster. Why-Where-and-How-to-Start-Programming-and-Approach-to-Hacking.pdf. How to become an ethical hacker. Free personality test. Members Login Log in to your account below: Enter your e-mail address to receive a reset link.

Free personality test

Forgot password? Remote Screen sharing and conroling in windows without any software. Reverse Engineering. Many of the members here at Instructables ask about datasheets or pin outs of a device or display in answers, unfortunately you cant always get a datasheet and schematics, in these cases you only have one choice reverse engineering.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is a skill that is not taught in college or university electronics courses and yet it is a valuable tool in an engineer’s tool belt. Reverse Engineering. ATM Machine Hacked In Malaysia With New Methods. 2644Share2Share0Share0 23.

ATM Machine Hacked In Malaysia With New Methods

ACC97: How to Run Macros in Other Office Programs. You can use Automation to run a Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications Sub procedure that exists in a document of another Microsoft Office program.

ACC97: How to Run Macros in Other Office Programs

This article shows you how to run Sub procedures from four of the Microsoft Office programs that support Visual Basic (Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Word). Although some of these programs previously had their own macro languages (Excel 4.0 Macro Language, Access Basic, WordBasic), this article only discusses running Visual Basic Sub procedures. 12 Best Bootable USB Creation Tools / Software.

As flash memory devices are getting cheaper and are easier to handle, the circular old optical disks are becoming rare.

12 Best Bootable USB Creation Tools / Software

Using flash memory devices like USB pen drive or portable hard disk as bootable media for your computer have dual advantage. The USB drive is more portable, easy to handle and you can easily erase them and then use it for other purpose. Also, you can easily use the same memory stick to test multiple operating systems and preparing them a bootable disk takes very less time as compared to the traditional compact disks. Having a Live USB key is better than just using a Live CD because you can even save your data and install software on USB key itself.

Use the options of operating systems are increasing, you can't control yourself to test various versions and platforms such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Android Live OS, various flavors of Linux like Ubuntu, Mint, Mandriva and many more. El grafeno: un material revolucionario y biodegradable. Email 15.4K 64+ 127Email El grafeno, descubierto en el año 2004, se trata de una sustancia derivada del carbono, capaz de revolucionar la industria global por su resistencia, flexibilidad y capacidad de conducir electricidad.

El grafeno: un material revolucionario y biodegradable

Este ha sido objeto de múltiples investigaciones, y como indican los expertos, este supermaterial tiene aplicaciones prácticamente ilimitadas. Adventuregirl. Madame Déficit, truebluemeandyou: truebluemeandyou: How to... EssayTyper. Reverse Engineering a NAND Flash Device Management Algorithm. Around June of 2012, I had gotten myself into a very bad habit.

Reverse Engineering a NAND Flash Device Management Algorithm

Instead of carrying my SD card in my camera, I left it sticking out of the side of my laptop, presumably intending to do something with the photos on it eventually. On my flight home from Boston, the predictable thing happened: as I got up out of my seat, the machine fell out of my lap, and as the machine hit the ground, the SD card hit first, and was destroyed. Reverse Engineering a NAND Flash Device Management Algorithm.

7 Things Healthy People Do Before Bed. By Jessica Migala To sleep well, pick up these nighttime habits.

7 Things Healthy People Do Before Bed

They Snack -- Smarter Photography by ZhangXun via Getty Images If you’re going to have a bedtime snack, make it a kiwi. Eating two of these fruits one hour before bed for a month helped adults fall asleep 35 percent faster and sleep 13 percent longer, found a 2011 study from Taiwanese researchers. The most popular quotes on Japanese Emoticons & Emojis ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ. Table Flip Emoticons Excited Emoticons Happy Emoticons.

Japanese Emoticons & Emojis ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ

10 tips for better slide decks. Aaron created this slide deck for a recent presentation on how TED’s tech team avoids problems by preparing well for all the possible pitfalls. He picked this stunning image—of a container ship about to tip—to begin it. View the whole slidedeck from this presentation. Aaron Weyenberg is the master of slide decks. Our UX Lead creates Keynote presentations that are both slick and charming—the kind that pull you in and keep you captivated, but in an understated way that makes you actually focus on what’s being said out loud.

50 Characteristics of Healthy Relationships. PDFMerge! - Merge PDF files online for free. Silabeador TIP - Separar en sílabas palabras en español. Right Triangle Calculator and Solver. 5 pasos para hacer el curriculum perfecto. Crear un curriculum puede parecer una tarea sencilla, pues a primera vista parecería que sólo tienes que vaciar tus estudios, experiencia y logros en una página, incluyendo una foto profesional. Pero así estarías sólo transmitiendo información, y no una verdadera imagen de tu personalidad profesional que va mas allá de los simples datos de tu historial.

Tu curriculum es una tarjeta de presentación que además sirve de primera impresión para las personas que decidirán si entrevistarte o no entre muchos candidatos igual o más capaces que tú. Para asegurarte de que tu resumen está estructurado de manera perfecta y proyecta tu mensaje e imagen correctamente, asegúrate de los siguientes puntos… #1. Primero, dale un vistazo a todo el conjunto. Torrentz. Dropbox. USB Transfer. Latest Version: 3.0.1 08 March 2012. Online converter - convert video, images, audio and documents for free.

Roflbot - add text and captions to your pictures.