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Atomic bond types discernible in single-molecule images 13 September 2012Last updated at 21:36 GMT By Jason Palmer Science and technology reporter, BBC News The bonds at centre appear shorter than those at the edges, as more electrons are present in them A pioneering team from IBM in Zurich has published single-molecule images so detailed that the type of atomic bonds between their atoms can be discerned. The same team took the first-ever single-molecule image in 2009 and more recently published images of a molecule shaped like the Olympic rings.

Reverse Engineering a NAND Flash Device Management Algorithm Around June of 2012, I had gotten myself into a very bad habit. Instead of carrying my SD card in my camera, I left it sticking out of the side of my laptop, presumably intending to do something with the photos on it eventually. On my flight home from Boston, the predictable thing happened: as I got up out of my seat, the machine fell out of my lap, and as the machine hit the ground, the SD card hit first, and was destroyed. I was otherwise ready to write off the data stored on that device, but something inside me just wasn't happy with that outcome. Before I pitched the SD card in the trash, I took a look at what remained – as far as I could tell, although the board was badly damaged, the storage IC itself was fully intact (although with a few bent pins). The following is a description of how I went about reverse-engineering the on-flash format, and of the conclusions that I came to.

4 Beautiful Pinterest WordPress Themes Pinterest-styled websites are growing faster and faster today. Whether you’re just looking for a WordPress Pinterest clone template, or true Pinterest usability in a WordPress theme, below are some great options to choose from for a WordPress Pinterest theme to fit any of your needs. Here are 4 themes that can help you create your own Pinterest-like website. TheStyle at Elegant Themes Check out Elegant Themes’ TheStyle theme » Check out Elegant Themes’ TheStyle theme demo »

Easy Folded Gift Boxes - Cosmo Cricket UPDATE: If you came here from Pinterest, we later updated our readers with more examples and a video tutorial... it's much easier to follow! You can find it here. Happy crafting and thanks for dropping by! Eric often tells me I remind him of Maria from the Sound of Music. Maybe it's my short-strawberry blonde hair.

2011 Game of the Year Awards - Overall - Article - gamrReview Best First-Person Shooter: Bulletstorm Bulletstorm stands out amidst the fatigue-inducing mass of holiday shooter sequels, with, amongst other things, a unique art style, vibrant colour pallette, and over-the-top kill system. Heck, even its release date made it stand out from the crowd. It didn't hit all the right notes, but it hit enough of them, and offered something a little bit different along the way. Runner-Up - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3Reader's Choice - Killzone 3 Best Third-Person Shooter: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception MARS Curiosity Rover first Color 360 Panorama - Round the world with panoramas copyright @ Hans Nyberg - · · · · Privacy Policy I is hosted by: VRWAY Important info about Copyright: All panoramas featured at are copyright the individual photographers. Linking directly to the movies Quicktime or Flash is strictly forbidden.

7 Things Healthy People Do Before Bed By Jessica Migala To sleep well, pick up these nighttime habits. They Snack -- Smarter Photography by ZhangXun via Getty Images If you’re going to have a bedtime snack, make it a kiwi. Eating two of these fruits one hour before bed for a month helped adults fall asleep 35 percent faster and sleep 13 percent longer, found a 2011 study from Taiwanese researchers. It might be the high concentration of antioxidant vitamins C and E, which help regulate neurotransmitters in the brain (linked to healthy sleep cycles), or the fruit’s rich amount of another sleep-promoting neurotransmitter, serotonin.

Personal Kanban 101 A Simple Personal Kanban What is Personal Kanban? Personal Kanban is a simple way to visualize and control your work. Salsa roja (roasted red salsa) « One Particular Kitchen I eat a lot of salsa. A LOT. I am rather notorious for this, in fact. My friend’s boyfriend once innocently asked if I had anything he could snack on — maybe some chips and salsa? My friend nearly fell on the floor laughing at the thought of me not having chips and salsa in the house. About Us What we do EarthShare is a national non-profit federation with 25 years of experience in connecting people and workplaces with effective ways to support critical environmental causes. Together we've raised more than $300 million for programs that care for our air, land, water, wildlife and public health -- in your community, across the U.S. and around the world. Each year we connect hundreds of thousands of individuals with our member environmental and conservation charities through EarthShare @ Work, an employee engagement and philanthropy program offered at hundreds of public and private sector workplaces across the country. EarthShare @ Work gives employees meaningful opportunities to connect, contribute, and volunteer, helping to embed sustainability awareness into decision making and actions at work and at home. EarthShare represents dozens of national organizations and hundreds of state-based groups in 23 states.

Berners Street Hoax The Berners Street Hoax was perpetrated by Theodore Hook in the City of Westminster, London, in 1810. Hook had made a bet with his friend, Samuel Beazley, that he could transform any house in London into the most talked-about address in a week, which he achieved by sending out thousands of letters in the name of Mrs Tottenham, who lived at 54 Berners Street, requesting deliveries, visitors, and assistance. On 27 November, at five o’clock in the morning, a sweep arrived to sweep the chimneys of Mrs Tottenham's house. The maid who answered the door informed him that no sweep had been requested, and that his services were not required.

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