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11 Hidden Secrets in Fight Club Follow 11 Points on TwitterThere's some funny stuff there. I promise. Published Monday, January 13, 2014 at 11:00:00 AM NEW! 11 Most Awkward Photos Ever Published in Sports IllustratedAthletes in awkward poses, photos that have become cringeworthy in retrospect and Larry Brown coaching in really ugly overalls. Published Tuesday, January 7, 2014 at 11:00:00 AM 11 Hidden Secrets in Fight Club
Because of Reddit, I . . . : reddit.com Because of Reddit, I . . . : reddit.com use the following search parameters to narrow your results: subreddit:subreddit find submissions in "subreddit" author:username find submissions by "username"
Procrastination The Misconception: You procrastinate because you are lazy and can’t manage your time well. The Truth: Procrastination is fueled by weakness in the face of impulse and a failure to think about thinking. Netflix reveals something about your own behavior you should have noticed by now, something which keeps getting between you and the things you want to accomplish. Procrastination
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Battle of the Business Cards | Printing Choice
Joseph Ducreux / Archaic Rap About Joseph Ducreux (June 26, 1735 – July 24, 1802) is an eighteenth century French artist known for his unorthodox style of portrait paintings. On the interweb, his eccentric self-portrait has inspired a series of exploitable macros, featuring “archaic reinterpretation” of popular rap lyrics superimposed over the artwork. Reminiscent of Bayeux Tapestry image macros, this highly verbose joke provides a satisfying challenge of “decoding” the corrupted lyrics back into to the original verses. Origin Joseph Ducreux / Archaic Rap
Xeni Jardin at 11:21 am Fri, Jan 17, 2014 • 0 Image: Reuters Reuters reports that digital security firm IntelCrawler claims to have uncovered "at least six ongoing attacks at merchants across the United States whose credit card processing systems are infected with the same type of malicious software used to steal data from some 40 million credit cards at Target Inc." The firm has alerted "law enforcement, Visa Inc and intelligence teams at several large banks about the findings." Xeni Jardin at 11:02 am Fri, Jan 17, 2014 • 1 Here is a PDF transcript of the president's speech on surveillance and national security today. Boing Boing Boing Boing