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Video Stream With Node.js and HTML5 - Better Programming - Medium. An overview of Progressive Web App development. Ordinary mobile apps do not seem to work anymore.

An overview of Progressive Web App development

The number of apps in the App Store and Play Market is overwhelmingly huge. 5 Awesome Terminal Tricks to Help You Level Up as a Developer. There are plenty of beginner tutorials around that help you learn command line basics, such as cd, ls, pwd and so on...but what about that fancy magic you've seen more experienced developers use?

5 Awesome Terminal Tricks to Help You Level Up as a Developer

Learn DevOps basics with this free 2-hour Docker course. Docker is a powerful DevOps tool for putting your apps into "containers.

Learn DevOps basics with this free 2-hour Docker course

" You can run these same containers anywhere - on your laptop, on a server - even on a smart refrigerator if you want to. And everywhere you run a container, the environment - and all its dependencies - will be identical. This makes Docker ideal for running distributed applications. This course will teach you Docker using a series of lectures with fun conceptual animations and illustrations. Freelancing 101: How to Start Earning Your Side-income as a Developer.

Even if you're working full time, you may still want to earn a side income.

Freelancing 101: How to Start Earning Your Side-income as a Developer

That's where freelancing comes in. Maybe you need the extra cash to get by each month. Or maybe you just want to save up for a big vacation. Either way, the steps in this article will help you do just that. NOT READED - The 10 Operating System Concepts Software Developers Need to Remember. You’re Not Lazy, Bored, or Unmotivated - Forge. Open Source Agile Project Management and Software Development tools. Doc Livre blanc Solutions GP V0. How to Write Clean Code: an Overview of JavaScript Best Practices and Coding Conventions. Introduction Coding conventions are style guidelines for programming.

How to Write Clean Code: an Overview of JavaScript Best Practices and Coding Conventions

They typically cover: Naming and declaration rules for variables and functions.Rules for the use of white space, indentation, and comments.Programming practices and principles In this article, I'm going to cover most important JavaScript code conventions. If you stick to the rules stated in this article, people will perceive your work differently. Coding conventions secure quality, improve code readability and make code maintenance easier. “Clean code reads like well-written prose. Let's get started! Just a note Along with writing this article, I have also created a YouTube Video.

In the video, I go into much greater detail of each specific coding convention and I throw in a few extra examples to verify each specific rule. Write Fuzzable Code – Embedded in Academia. Fuzzing is sort of a superpower for locating vulnerabilities and other software defects, but it is often used to find problems baked deeply into already-deployed code.

Write Fuzzable Code – Embedded in Academia

Fuzzing should be done earlier, and moreover developers should spend some effort making their code more amenable to being fuzzed. This post is a non-comprehensive, non-orthogonal list of ways that you can write code that fuzzes better. Throughout, I’ll use “fuzzer” to refer to basically any kind of randomized test-case generator, whether mutation-based (afl, libFuzzer, etc.) or generative (jsfunfuzz, Csmith, etc.). Not all advice will apply to every situation, but a lot of it is sound software engineering advice in general. The Single Source of Truth - Really? In software engineering, there’s often talk of the Source of Truth.

The Single Source of Truth - Really?

Which database is source of truth? Yours or mine? When things get complicated, does it still make sense to think about databases or single systems as the source of truth? These conversations have all made the assumption that they can decide who has authority over reality. Unfortunately a database is never a source of truth. An eCommerce Website The website has an Orders database in the website, and you have a call centre platform with it’s own database.

Stock Management. You don't have to code at home. - Code Crush. We see a coding culture in some corporations that expect you to code and learn things on your free time.

You don't have to code at home. - Code Crush

To have or contribute to GitHub projects, to have knowledge of many programming languages even if they’re not on your resume, to spend your free time watching lectures, blogging, talking, traveling to see gurus. Essentially they equate time spent with passion.

Docker & co

A pragmatic guide to designing and building responsive web applications. This article is for developers and designers who want to learn how to build responsive web applications.

A pragmatic guide to designing and building responsive web applications

I’ve been a product designer for more than 6 years, working at my startup and also at several other startups in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a designer, while I was working with developers and launching several products, I became more curious about how they build the apps that I was designing. 🤔 My curiosity led me to switch roles and become a front end web developer. Two years into this journey I am now building web applications (in addition to designing them). Why Agile's Future Is Bright. Have we come to The End of Agile?

Why Agile's Future Is Bright

That's the conclusion of a recent article in The article reaches this bleak conclusion because “Agile is a powerful methodology but in an increasingly data-driven world, it may not necessarily be the right one.” The article says that while “Agile is not ‘dead’… it is becoming ever less relevant.” My own research over the last ten years suggests just the opposite: Agile's future is just beginning.

The End of Agile. I knew the end of Agile was coming when we started using hockey sticks. Every morning, at precisely eight o'clock, the team of developers and architects would stand around a room paneled in white boards and would begin passing around a toy hockey stick. When you received the hockey stick, you were supposed to launch into the litany: Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. I only wrote two modules yesterday, for it was a day of meetings and fasting, and I had a dependency upon Joe, who's out sick this week with pneumonia. The scrum master, the one sitting down while we were standing, would duly note this in Rally or Jira (I forget which), then would intone, "You are three modules behind.