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17 juil À la conquête de l'Ouest – Mobiclic N°124… par MilanPresse Mobiclic, un magazine multimédia pour enfants (n°124 juillet-août 2010) MEDIAVENIR MEDIAVENIR
Visual News

Visual News

{*style:<b>*}Thirteen years before a human ever traveled to outer space, on June 11, 1948, a heroic rhesus monkey named {*style:<a href=''>*}Albert{*style:</a>*} made the journey, paving the way for future astronauts. {*style:</b>*}Sadly Albert died of suffocation during the flight, but he was the first of many test monkeys. Before Albert only fruit flies had been sent to space, but he was the predecessor to monkeys Albert II through Albert VI, Gordo, Able, Sam, Miss Sam, Ham, and Enos among several other animals. Based in Budapest, Hungary, designer Norbert Mayer gives an illustrated history lesson on our animal friend space travelers in the images below.




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