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Study Hacks. Deep Habits: Write Your Own E-mail Protocols July 8th, 2015 · 22 comments The Curse of Process Inefficiency A couple weeks ago, I posted some ideas about why we have such a love/hate relationship with e-mail.

Study Hacks

In this post, I want to return to the conversation with a thought on how we might improve matters. I argue that a major problem with our current e-mail habits is interaction inefficiency. In more detail, most e-mail threads are initiated with a specific goal in mind. Getting advice from my agent on a publishing question.Moving a meeting to deal with a scheduling conflict.Agreeing on the next steps of a project I’m working on with Scott Young. If you study the transcripts of most e-mail threads, the back and forth messaging will reveal a highly inefficient process for accomplishing the thread’s goal. There’s a simple explanation for this reality. I’m as guilty of this as anyone.

I’m definitely game to catch up this week. Ugh. E-mail Protocols What’s the solution? Read more » Obama’s Craft. Honestly WTF. A Beautiful Mess. Hey, friends! I'm here to share my new favorite happy hour recipe! It's fresh, herbal-y, and citrus-y. Mojitos were my first favorite cocktail, and I still love them, but finding new combinations is my current obsession. I'm thinking about planting an herb garden on my porch this weekend. Have any of you done this? Needed: White rum, club soda, fresh basil, fresh mint, fresh raspberries, two limes, basil raspberry simple syrup (recipe below).

Raspberry Basil Simple Syrup, makes two cups. 1 cup sugar 1 cup water5-10 raspberries 3-6 basil leaves In a small pot, combine all ingredients and bring to a simmer. Allow your syrup to cool completely in the pot, then strain it into a glass or jar. You can keep this syrup covered for two weeks or longer in the refrigerator. Raspberry Basil Mojito, serves one. 2 ounces white rum1 ounce simple syrupjuice of one lime5 fresh mint leaves, chopped5 fresh basil leaves, choppedfresh raspberries club soda Cheers! My Fridge Food - Recipes you already have in your Fridge. To Do List - 101photography.

Book-A-Minute Classics. Got another book report to do?

Book-A-Minute Classics

English teachers have the inconsiderate habit of assigning mammoth-sized works of literature to read and then actually expecting you to do it. This wouldn't be so bad except that invariably the requisite reading is as boring as fly fishing in an empty lake. Half of those books don't even have discernible plots. And let's face it -- the Cliff's Notes are pretty time-consuming too. Worry no more. "That's nice," you say, "but I don't believe you. " Latest additions: 4/6/12 Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. And, on Book-A-Minute SF/F... If you liked Book-A-Minute Classics, try our other Book-A-Minute pages: And try our companion site: RinkWorks Book-A-Minute Classics is a RinkWorks production. Talk Back Talk to us!



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