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California Distance Learning Project. Facebook. IDÉES De GÉNIE - Photos du journal. Adopt a Highway Home - MnDOT. The public can volunteer and participate in Adopt a Highway to pick up litter along Minnesota's highways.

Adopt a Highway Home - MnDOT

Adopt a Highway also enables residents who are environmentally conscious to make a personal contribution to a cleaner environment. These volunteers save MnDOT $5 million every year. How does it work? Community groups, churches, individuals, or businesses adopt a highway by picking up litter on both sides of a road for at least two years. MnDOT will help your group select a highway to adopt. How do I start? Contact your local Adopt a Highway coordinator Choose a representative for your group. MnDOT provides volunteers with safety vests, trash bags and safety information. An Inconvenient Truth. AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH - notes.pdf. An Inconvenient Truth. An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore - Espace Anglais LV1 et LV2 de My Prépa Hec Bertho. Film/An Inconvenient Truth. (Microsoft Word - ANDRE_An_inconvenient_truth_making_a_science_presentation.\205) - Andre_inconvenient_truth.pdf.

An Inconvenient Truth - InconvenientTruth.pdf. 025_01.pdf. - An Inconvenient Truth. 50 Creative WWF Campaigns That Make You Think Twice. The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is an international non-governmental organization working on issues regarding the conservation, research and restoration of the environment. It is the world’s largest independent conservation organization with over 5 million supporters worldwide, working in more than 90 countries, supporting around 1300 conservation and environmental projects around the world. With the mission” to halt and reverse the destruction of our environment”, WWF is trying hard to make this world a better place. To WWF, what’s important is to get their message passed to the public, and to arise the public awareness of the importance of protecting the nature.

That’s why they rely heavily on advertisement. What we have collected here are some of the most powerful and eye-catching ads of WWF. Turning off your TV, stereo and computer when not using them Recycling glass, plastic, cardboard and paper. WWF: Homeless Penguin. WWF: Homeless Polar bear. Gordon Brown. Nicolas Sarkozy. Earth Day. The Animals Save the Planet - All 11 Cartoons. The Animals Save the Planet - All 11 Cartoons. Earthday Educational History Ideas Activities Fun Facts Contests Crafts Activities Lesson Plans Games Parade Flag History Classroom Educators Homeschool Downloads. iMatter March intro. Athletes for the Earth - Twelve World Class Athletes on Being Green. California Distance Learning Project. Global Warning. Breaking News English ESL Lesson Plans - Environment. Microsoft Word - Environment.doc - Environment.pdf. Intermediate 02 WB yeni++:Layout 1 - 7.pdf.

Microsoft Word - Key Stage Three - My Impact Classroom Activity.doc - Key Stage Three - My Impact Classroom Activity.pdf. Saving the Earth. Environment  and climate change lesson plans for teachers. RRR11.pdf. An Inspirational Documentary on the Fight Against Global Warming. The Global Call for Climate Action. Greenpeace Ad Depicts Old President Obama: I'm Sorry For Not Stopping Climate Change. Greenpeace Ad Depicts Old President Obama: I'm Sorry For Not Stopping Climate Change. Ogasaware - Global Warming: A Cause and Effect Writing Lesson: The Internet TESL Journal Amy OgasawaraMiyazaki International College (Miyazaki, Japan)AOGASAWA [at]

Ogasaware - Global Warming: A Cause and Effect Writing Lesson:

Audience: College freshmen in an EFL classroom with TOFEL scores ranging from 375 to 450. Teaching Objective: To practice cause and effect writing skills on environmental topics. Materials: The teacher needs to supply articles for students to read BEFORE beginning this lesson. Skills: Reading and speaking will be practiced, but the focus of this lesson is cause and effect writing practice.

Time: At least one lesson needs to be devoted to reading, and then this lesson requires one to two class periods. Procedures: Preparing to write: gathering information The teacher should provide students with several articles about global warming. 2. Cause and effect shows the relationship between two things when one thing makes the other thing happen. Exercise One Connectors of result: so, therefore, consequently, as a result, for this (these) reason(s)

Prix Nobel de la Paix pour Al Gore. An Inspirational Documentary on the Fight Against Global Warming. An Inconvenient Truth Trailer. Global Warming - Diesel Style. *notcot in wearable , 16:54 Diesel takes on global warming as only they can… making their latest campaign poignant yet subtle, stylish yet absurd.

Global Warming - Diesel Style

Focusing on people and places… and claiming in their video that “GLOBAL WARMING CANT STOP OUR LIVES” ~ and thus begins the series of images below, about how although the polar ice caps are melting, etc you can still look good and embrace the heat… Above we have the overgrown tropical gardens in Paris… below there are the macaws who have replaced the Venetian pigeons, warm oceans in Antarctica, the tiny island of London, a post-great-flood Rio and NY, the giant desert that surrounds the great wall, the tropical paradise of Mt.

Rushmore… gorgeous imagery from the great Terry Richardson. DIESEL Global Warming Ready. Mind maps. Below are various mind maps about global warming and related issues. For more information on each mindmap you can download the ebook Global Warming: A Mindmapper’s Guide to the Science and Solution by clicking here . Would you like to learn how to mind map? If yes, please click here . Would you would like to use one of our mindmaps? To do so, please click here . Globalwarmingrecent.jpg (Image JPEG, 1600x1141 pixels) - Redimensionnée (52%) Saving the Earth - Recycling. More of Randall's Favorite Learning Resources [Text Completion | Quiz Script] Name the three most important environmental issues today and propose solutions for each, including recycling.

Saving the Earth - Recycling

Listen to the interview by pressing the "Play" button of the audio type you want to hear, and answer the questions. Press the "Final Score" button to check your quiz. [ Other Audio Options: Play RealMedia | Play Window Media ] Listen to the conversation again as you read the Quiz Script. Conduct research on how paper and glass are recycled and then report on the types of products that are produced from these recycled materials. Now, write your ideas on a similar topic at Randall's ESL Blog HERE. Now, write your opinions on a similar topic at Randall's ESL Blog HERE. ENVIRONMENT images. Vocabulaire. Séquences. La séquence portait sur le thème culturel de l'Irlande et cette dernière séance permettait d'illustrer le thème d'une manière différente et sur un support authentique.


Le fichier .zip téléchargeable contient : 2 images2 fiches de compréhension oraleune fiche d'objectifs, une fiche "mise en oeuvre" le scriptla trace écrite Cette séance sur la musique celtique a été réalisée avec une classe de 5ème à profil (problèmes comportementaux), et a bien marché. Voici les docs et liens utilisés, contenus dans le fichier .zip : le plan de la séance, les liens Internet (vidéo, etc..)une carte du peuplement celtique.un doc Powerpoint de présentation des instruments. un doc avec l'activité élève sur les instruments.

Sandrine Coulon, du Clg J Solesse, partage une séquence qu'elle a préparée pour une classe de 4ème : "a Police Investigation".Le fichier téléchargeable contient le déroulement de la séquence, des fichiers .doc et des images, permettant aux élèves d'interagir.