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Visual Studio for Mac Is All Revamped - Mogul. For long, Microsoft’s Visual Studio lacked support for Mac and this was included in almost all the critiques of the Software despite of the fact that Microsoft was working toward creating a version for Mac.

Visual Studio for Mac Is All Revamped - Mogul

In November last year, Microsoft unveiled its vision on Visual Studio for Mac. By March, a preview version was available for users to test and report issues. In April, the official Visual Studio blog published Visual Studio for Mac to the Cloud and Beyond which disclosed all that the Visual Studio for Mac had in store. This blog will analyze the features that are trending ever since the new version of Visual Studio for Mac has been out for download. You can download the latest version from the official Visual Studio website. What’s New? First, let’s focus on the Mac aspect.

Raleigh, NC, United States Browse more Mogul jobs. Is Accelerating DevOps the Key to Increased Revenues? - Blog. DevOps has become a common term in all digital enterprises.

Is Accelerating DevOps the Key to Increased Revenues? - Blog

The entrepreneurs realize the potential of an amalgamated team in comparison to segregated SBUs that are not as efficient as a combined SBU. With a rise in number of organizations taking DevOps seriously, experts suggest that a streamlined and focused approach is sure to enhance the revenues derived from your DevOps. This blog will reveal the aspects that experts suggest focusing on. There is nothing like a guaranteed approach when it comes to revenues. But, the aspects discussed here are very close to guaranteeing profits. What Are the Parameters? Every company’s business model differs and so does its expectations. Testing: Yes, we are in the Software business and testing is the heart. Shot Ways to Monetize Your Java Skills - Aegis Soft Sols. Shot Ways to Monetize Your Java Skills Who does not want to make money and be rich?

Shot Ways to Monetize Your Java Skills - Aegis Soft Sols

And what better way to get rich than to use your passion. India has been a hub of Java programmers and almost all I know are programmers by choice. There is a unique passion in them about what they do and a hunger to learn what’s new and what can make them better. While being a programmer is just one of the aspects of money making with Java, there are numerous ways that Java is used in the industry and honing your skills in a specific direction can help you grow and also monetarily benefit you. Stay Updated: This might seem like something that you are already doing; but, it is not just about your field. Every industry has its set of norms and practices which are based on the requirements in the industry; like importance of ethics in medical profession. What Is the Future Like for Cloudera and Hortonworks? Cloudera and Hortonworks are the two most prominent names in the big data world.

What Is the Future Like for Cloudera and Hortonworks?

These two industry giants need no introduction and have been growing at an unprecedented pace in the past few years. If you own a Hortonworks or Hadoop development company, you would often wonder does the future have in store for you because your company’s success relies on the offerings of Cloudera and Hortonworks. Must Read Before Investing in Big Data Architecture - Aegis Soft Sols. Must Read Before Investing in Big Data Architecture Big data architecture is a big investment for an organization.

Must Read Before Investing in Big Data Architecture - Aegis Soft Sols

There are plenty of things to be considered before deciding to go big; and then, once that decision is reached, you still have a plenty of things to considered. Here, we discuss the absolutely crucial aspects of big data architecture that every business owner should look into before investing in the big data architecture. Why Dynamics CRM is the Most Preferred Development Platform? - Blog. CRM includes fields, entities, forms, views, reports, security, and workflows that are instantly configured; which helps companies to manage sales, marketing, and customer support requirements.

Why Dynamics CRM is the Most Preferred Development Platform? - Blog

MS Dynamics CRM is the most valuable asset for businesses. Customers make the business as they pay bills and salaries. If any customer is neglected by their suppliers, he/she will discontinue availing services and choose the next service vendor. Evaluation and Selection Of Outsourcing Development Company Is Tricky.

Outsourcing has become immensely popular over the last decade.

Evaluation and Selection Of Outsourcing Development Company Is Tricky

Businesses can avail various benefits of outsourcing web development services to an offshore development company. Today, most shops are running their online websites to get more business. They hire web developers or outsource a development company to avail a commercial website for their business. The list of benefits they get- A Must Read Before Choosing Your Outsourcing Vendor. Outsourcing has great benefits for organizations.

A Must Read Before Choosing Your Outsourcing Vendor

It helps you get work done by talented professionals at an economical price. As an outsourcer, you get to act as a client with perks and privileges which you would probably not able to get if you were getting work done in-house. While outsourcing is all about advantages to the outsourcer, choosing the right outsourcing vendor is of paramount importance. If you have not chosen the right partner, then forget about the advantages and be prepared to clean the mess that they might end up creating. Here, we bring to you a list of checks that you should perform before choosing your outsourcing partner.

The Checks Verify the Physical Location: A genuine outsourcing company will always have a definite address listed on its website and it will be open to client visits. Data Analytics Can Take You Places That You Can’t Imagine. Analytics has been a well-known strategy to identify opportunities, streamline work, and take decisions.

Data Analytics Can Take You Places That You Can’t Imagine

Almost all businesses in some form or other make use of analytics. The scheduled annual appraisals in a company is a simple example of analytics usage. While usage of analytics is not new, big data is. Identified with volume, velocity, and variety, big data has opened a room full of opportunities for enterprises. Buzzing 2017 Trends That Will Affect Big Data Users. The smartest way of predicting how 2017 will be for big data to say that it will just get bigger and better.

Buzzing 2017 Trends That Will Affect Big Data Users

What will get bigger is the number of companies using big data and what will get better is the way big data technologies will be employed. The technologies change so fast that it is almost impossible for organizations to keep up with the growth at times. This makes it imperative for the organizations to be informed about what will trend and what is likely to shape the future so that the selection can be made appropriately. Fantastic Four Machine Learning Java Libraries - Aegis Soft Sols. Fantastic Four Machine Learning Java Libraries Machine learning made its way in almost all the lists of IT predictions for the year 2017. While these predictions point to a good future for machine learning enthusiasts, it also poses a question of what to learn. This blog will help you narrow down your choices in terms of what you need to learn and why.

The Programming Language Just like Software development, a machine learning library would also require you to be aware of a programming language. 3 Major Challenges In IoT Analytics and How To Overcome Them. With the IT industry set to witness a revolution that is predicted to be brought about by the digital transformation through IoT (Internet of Things), it is important to make note of the huge quantity of data that will be generated and the methods to use it to the advantage of enterprises.

Data warehousing was made popular in 1990s to store system data from a handful of IT companies. However, with enterprises in every domain being connected to the Internet, and more recently, even devices/machines other than smartphones generating data logs of their own; it has become a necessity for the enterprises to find ways of harnessing and utilizing this amount of information using big data analytics solutions. IoT use cases IoT makes it possible to connect the basic shop-floor devices directly to the Internet and thus, the business processes and systems can use the data right from the source instead of requiring manual monitoring and data logging.

Challenges posed by IoT. 3 Major Cloud Hosting Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics. Microsoft Dynamics users can highly benefit by leveraging the features offered by cloud based solutions, as they are found to reduce costs and maintenance efforts significantly. The correct cloud solution from public, private, and hybrid should be chosen based on the corporate policy and company-specific security concerns of the Microsoft Dynamics users.

It can be determined only by identifying the feature-set that they require and matching it with the cloud solution features. This requires expertise from dynamics CRM in identifying the right fit and the right vendor for the cloud services. Since Microsoft Dynamics provides integrated cloud based programs, businesses are open to considering cloud hosting as an alternative to heavy self-hosted software. The cloud based solutions offer a high functionality-low cost model that can also take care of security concerns of the business. Is Your CRM Delivering What You Want? All CRM initiatives begin with dreams of a magical turnaround.

But, the reality is not always sweet as it sounds. There is no doubt in the fact that CRM solutions can really enhance your business operations, marketing, sales, etc. and offer great return on investment. MEP 3.0 Of MapR Ecosystem Pack Provide Security For Apache Spark. Every Apache Spark development company has a reason to rejoice as MAPR Technologies has released the version 3.0 of MapR Ecosystem Pack (MEP) that is targeted towards providing improved security for Apache Spark, new Apache Spark connectors for MapR-DB and HBase, integrations with Drill, and faster version of Hive. The following provides an overview of the latest MEP 3.0 updates for the projects running on MapR: Apache Drill 1.10 This contains enhancements related to BI tool integration, end-to-end application security, and application performance in general. Apache Hive 2.1.1. Top Hadoop Terms You Need to Know. Big data is one of the most trending technologies of the decade.

If you know big data, you would have heard about Hadoop. How to Leverage Data Analytics in Project Management to Improve Business Revenue. With the revenue from data analytics and project management set to reach $187 billion (by 2019) and $5.81 trillion (by 2020), it is imperative that these two business processes combine their strength to boost the profits and reputations of enterprises – instead of remaining standalone implementations in themselves. A Must Read Before Choosing Your Outsourcing Vendor. Onmogul. Top 6 Analytics Trends in Retail Industry for 2017 - Blog. Business intelligence has seen unprecedented growth in the retail industry, as brands focus on equipping their employees in every department with one-tap analytics.

Several channels feeding big data analytics solutions have evolved, while some new data channels (like IoT) have also entered the data-gathering scenario. Here’s a quick look at the trends dominating retail analytics in 2017: Top 4 skills that affect a Java developer’s salary - Open Source For You. Being a Java developer is an achievement, and all the developers who have worked hard to be what they are will vouch for this. As a developer, we often face challenging situations which involve getting stuck in development or incorporating a complex functionality.

Why Healthcare Organizations Must Become Data Driven? - GroundReport. Healthcare industry is revolutionizing at every step to improve patient care. On one side a constant rise in chronic diseases and on other side high consumer (patient) expectations, both are compelling the healthcare organizations to evolve and turn to data and analytics to improve service and reduce costs. What Does 2017 Have In Store For Mobile Banking? Mobile banking is a perfect example of how digitalization fits in our everyday life. Bigger Perspective on Big Data in 2017 -Big Data Analytics News. Almost all new years begin with a host of predictions regarding different technologies that will change the way our mundane tasks are performed. While few technologies are entirely new, some are just an update on the existing ones by yet they make a big difference. Big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence are some items in the 2017 prediction list of successful and breakthrough technologies with new features.

Onmogul. How Apache Hadoop Professionals Integrating Apps with Mobile? - Blog. Developers are using hadoop applications to meet the requirements of mobile app development projects. Best Practices In Production Level Exception Handling In Java Applications. March 27, 2017. Apache Spark: Excellent Data Processing, but Needs a Few Improvements - Blog.

Top 10 Big Data Trends To Watch in 2017. An Overview Of Data Clustering Techniques Provided by Apache Spark. How To Achieve Best Web Design For Your Small Business! How Can Mobile Apps Help Business Reach the New Heights? - Mogul. Why Dynamics CRM is the Most Preferred Development Platform? - Blog. How to Determine the Best Suitable Development Platform for your Ecommerce? The Rough and Tough Sides Of .Net Programming Language. How Web Development Company Professionals Can Help Your Business? How 5 Benefit for Web Application Development? - Blog. Evaluation and Selection Of Outsourcing Development Company Is Tricky. Do You Use Exceptions in Java? If Yes, Read Without Fail - Blog. Make Better Decisions for Your Businesses with Data Visualization - SysTutorials. Top Web Application Development Trends to Expect in 2017. How to Develop Best Conversing Website Design for your Business? How to Find if Prebuilt or a Custom Theme Works Best? - Mogul.

The Most Awaited Development on Apache Spark Is Out. Why Should You Care About Dynamics 365 Release Cycle? Is It Really Easy to Maintain Mainframe? - Mogul. Read Before You Migrate from Microsoft Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365 - Mogul. Will Dynamics 365 Rule The Future? - Aegis Soft Sols. These 3 Questions Can Help You Choose The Right Programming Language. 5 Web Development Trends That Will Affect Each One of Us in 2017 ~ Dharak infotech. The Latest Update on JDK 9 - Mogul. Are You Wanting to Learn a Programming Language? Read Before Your Make a Choice - SysTutorials.

It Is Finally Possible to Create Apps Without Any App Development Skills? Top 5 Ways To Manage Dynamics AX Lifecycle with Team Foundation Server. Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Is Incomplete Without This Application - Blog.