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Atim Oton: Striving to be Ghana's Premier Fashion School: Vogue Style School of Fashion and Design. This is the seventh blog in my series, The Pulse of Africa talking with Global Africans working in Africa and across the Diaspora.

Atim Oton: Striving to be Ghana's Premier Fashion School: Vogue Style School of Fashion and Design

It takes an inside view on Africa's progress, issues on arts and culture, technology and opportunities in this decade. See the series here. I began this blog on the day Ghanaian president John Atta Mills died. I was shocked by his sudden passing but concerned for the future of the country until I heard that the vice-president as taking over peacefully. 9 Easy Tricks to Maximize Your Wardrobe. Whether you live for shopping the latest trends or wish you could spend every day in your favorite pair of jeans and a white t-shirt, your clothes project a message about who you are.

9 Easy Tricks to Maximize Your Wardrobe

The great thing is that you have the power to control that message entirely—as long as what you already own isn’t standing in your way. From having a wardrobe that’s bursting with every item of clothing you’ve had since childhood to owning a ton of pieces that you never wear (the definition of wasted money), there are many ways your closet can stop you from being the most stylish version of yourself. To cut through the clutter and help you get the most from the items you already have, we polled everyone we know—including all of the LearnVest editors, who are definitely invested in looking their best on a budget, and one fashion expert—to come up with nine easy, inventive ways for you to make over the closet you have without spending a ton on new trends. Extremely Attractive-The Latest Street Fashion Online Store.

Shop Women’s designer fashion dresses, tops. Bombshell Vintage Clothing. 23rd outfit. Oregon College of Art & Craft - Student Art Gallery. Amai Unmei. Amai unmei The company Amai Unmei is a contemporary interpretation of classic apparel for the savvy style maven.

Amai Unmei

Known for simplicity, clean lines, and rich eclectic colors, Amai Unmei updates traditional silhouettes with modern fit and impeccable style. Mel Walsh: Is There Life After Stilettos? What to Wear After 50 and Before Orthotics. Style99 2012 Influential Fashion Blog Ranking. Style99 Methodologylog4j:WARN Please initialize the log4j system properly.

Style99 2012 Influential Fashion Blog Ranking

Traffic is always an indicator of popularity, but related actions like linking to stories of interest, or sharing them on social networks are a greater indicator of influence. After building our initial index of websites, a score is assigned to each blog based on link data and sharing activity across social networks. Links represent 30% of the total score, with weight placed on the number of unique linking websites rather than the number of links in general. Sharing activity across Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest represent 50% of the total score, with emphasis placed on the social actions which are more closely linked to the spread of content beyond its original source. Finally, while traffic isn't everything, it is 20% of the total score. UMA WANG Spring 2011 Show Shanghai Fa. Etro: Spring / Summer 2011 collection from Milan Fashion Week.

Article # 6 How to choose the best silhouette for you in vintage clothing silhouette. Choosing your Vintage Silhouette The past hundred years of Fashion present a dizzying array of silhouettes.

Article # 6 How to choose the best silhouette for you in vintage clothing silhouette

The dropped waist of the 20s, the broad shoulder of the 40s, the nipped waist of the 50s.....bell bottoms, maxi dresses, leg o mutton sleeves and on and on… The beauty of wearing vintage is that it offers endless choices with something to suit every taste. This variety works perfectly in todays fashion world, women are no longer slaves to fashion dictates as they were in the past. Designers talk style do's and don'ts.

How the other half dress: Paris says merci as haute couture sales rise. Paris Haute Couture is the most exclusive and expensive branch of fashion – £50,000 for an outfit is not unusual – and business is booming.

How the other half dress: Paris says merci as haute couture sales rise

Giorgio Armani reported a rise in sales for couture of 50% in 2011 compared to 2010; Valentino's couture sales rose 80% in the same period. Donatella Versace, who bowed out of couture eight years ago to concentrate on ready to wear, has returned to Paris. The demand for haute couture is a reflection of economic reality. Not of the recession, but of the polarisation of wealth. Fifteen years ago, there seemed little economic logic in creating beautiful dresses which cost 20 times more than those available in the top Bond Street boutiques.

Emma Gannon: Why We Should Stop Buying Clothes We Don't Need. I have a confession, and this is it: I buy too many clothes.

Emma Gannon: Why We Should Stop Buying Clothes We Don't Need

I will also admit that more often than not, I will buy lots of cheap clothes in one foul credit-crunching swoop. I will also buy something just because it's on sale. And yes, this means that sometimes I don't even like it that much. Cleaning out your closet. Fashion. Archives: © Copyright 2006 - 2014 Tomandlorenzo LLC.


All Rights Reserved. Daily. The L.A. Boutique Beloved by Fashion Insiders. Style Bubble. Influence & Own Fashion. The Online Home of Fashion: News, Runway Shows, Trends, Fashion Models, Designers, Shopping, Beauty & More. Women's designer clothes, shoes, bags & accessories. How to dress for any occasion. When going to a 'festive' event get dolled up and have fun with your attire.

How to dress for any occasion

It's okay to wear black or red to a wedding, but white is still the ultimate wedding no-noWhen dressing for an interview in retail, media and design it can be a plus to step outside of the boxSelect an outfit that makes you feel great about yourself when meeting someone for the first time ( -- A guide to the modern do's and don'ts of proper attire.

The Occasion: A Wedding Old etiquette: Don't wear white or black or red. New etiquette: Black and red are perfectly fine, but white is still the ultimate wedding no-no. Couture Redistribution: Swap, Trade, Share Designer Fashion. Clever nettle – vintage & fashion in portland, oregon. A few misc film images that I like as a group.

clever nettle – vintage & fashion in portland, oregon

Vintage Inspired Clothing, Affordable Clothes, Eco friendly Fashion. Mod Retro Indie Clothing & Vintage Clothes. FASHION GALLERY - Channel the '50s - Elle Mobile. Fashion - Runway Fashion Magazine for Women - ELLE.