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Asking for a Date Listening Lesson with Audio and Quiz for ESL. Enya - White is in the winter night. ENYA -The Spirit of Christmas Past. What Do You Like To Do? song. Past perfect tense – explanation and a mind map. Last week I was teaching past perfect in one of my classes and suddenly one of the students exclaimed: “Finally we are learning something new.”

Past perfect tense – explanation and a mind map

And by new she meant useful as well. I am not sure how useful this tense might be for people who want to speak English but it is certainly very handy for students who want to read in English a lot as past perfect tense comes up quite frequently in reading. Once again, if you want to use and form past perfect tense correctly you need to know past participles.. If you are not sure about them, follow the link and learn them.

This mind map tries to explain the form and the usage of the past perfect tense. If you think you understand past perfect tense, it is high time to practise the tense in the following exercises and games. There is just one game to practise past perfect tense. Read the story before you play the game And now try the game called penalty. Classroom 2.0. ESL Activity Templates, Customizable ESL Board Games, ESL PPT Games Templates. Free ESL/EFL Online & Classroom Games ESL Games World is the ultimate English learning fun lab with lots of interactive exercises for teachers and students of English.

ESL Activity Templates, Customizable ESL Board Games, ESL PPT Games Templates

This site is brought to you free of charge by the same team that brought you the, and We are committed to making teachers' & students' lives a lot easier by providing useful free esl resources for teaching and learning English as a Foreign or Second Language. We have no doubt that you will find this website a handy tool for your teaching and learning of English.

Some of the games include: Wheel of Fortune, Snakes and Ladders, Hangman, Memory Games, Spelling Games, Slot Machine, Word Classification Exercises and a host of others. Arcade Game Generator. Arcade Game Generator Input one set of questions and answers, and create a whole batch of interactive, arcade-style games [view examples] Save them for use in the class, embed them in your blog/website/wiki!

Arcade Game Generator

IPad versions of "Wordshoot" and "Flashcards" already available - more to follow! STEP 1: QUIZ TITLE a. Type the title of your quiz in the box below. STEP 2: QUESTIONS*ANSWERS b. What is two plus two? If you would like to direct players to a particular game, specify it here: Tools for - Board Game Maker, printable board games, 100% customizable. Tools for Educators offers to use as resources for lessons, lesson plans and printable materials for English classes .

Tools for - Board Game Maker, printable board games, 100% customizable

More game board options listed below! The board game maker is a worksheet wizard that allows you to. Sid the Science Kid . Activities. Past simple or past continuous? 2.

past simple or past continuous?

The Claytons (celebrate) a birthday party when I (phone) last Friday. Susan (record) everything with her camcorder and everybody (have) fun. 3. When the earthquake (destroy) their house, the Claytons (shop) in town. Luckily, they (sleep) or watching TV at home. 4. Past Progressive, Past Continuous, Past Simple, Verb Tenses, ESL Grammar Interactive Activity.

24 Things They Definitely Should Have Taught You In School. Teaching Empathy: Turning a Lesson Plan into a Life Skill. Worried about the shrinking presence of empathy in our schools?

Teaching Empathy: Turning a Lesson Plan into a Life Skill

I know how you feel. With classrooms operating more like grade factories, it's hard to make the case for school-driven empathy. Faced with an endless cycle of memorize, drill, spit back and test, teachers have become the wardens of a new educational reality that pits the head against the heart. Even if educators manage to skate past the dizzying array of standards and value-added evaluations, they must still contend with this fundamental divide: academic rigor, with its unflinching emphasis on measurable success, seems strangely at odds with emotional intelligence, a soufflé of moods and feelings.

Which leaves many to wonder -- can empathy feel its way back into the classroom? For an unlikely accomplice, look no farther than tomorrow's lesson plan. Teacher Resources. The Library of Congress offers classroom materials and professional development to help teachers effectively use primary sources from the Library's vast digital collections in their teaching.

Teacher Resources

Find Library of Congress lesson plans and more that meet Common Core standards, state content standards, and the standards of national organizations. Discover and discuss ways to bring the power of Library of Congress primary sources into the classroom. Go to the blog Subscribe to the blog via e-mail or RSS. Using Primary Sources Discover quick and easy ways to begin using primary sources in your classroom, with teachers' guides, information on citing sources and copyright, and the Library's primary source analysis tool. TPS Partners The Teaching with Primary Sources Program builds partnerships with educational organizations to support effective instruction using primary sources.

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▶ Sustainability explained through animation - YouTube. John Lennon - Imagine - Lyrics. Youtube. Intercultural. Global Education in E-Twinning. Children s Rights human rights. A World For Our Children human rights. Here we sold toys and put money in the account Unicef​​.A wonderful day! I am an European citzen. Elections are very important for us. My vote is important. A wonderful day! We put money in the account Unicef. 2014. Our school day. Children´s and Young People´s Rights. What are child rights? The Convention on the Rights of the Child.