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De mes nombreux voyages elle aime a vivre aussi. James R. Eads Illustration. Les ombres de ces lampes décorent les murs. Le polonais Przemek Krawczyński sculpte des gourdes pour créer ces lampes qui projettent sur les murs des pièces où elles sont installées des motifs et des dessins avec leur lumière et leurs ombres.

Les ombres de ces lampes décorent les murs

Mrmondialisation. Man Puts Just 6 Drops Into The Water. What Happened Next Left Me Beyond Impressed. Smoke Bubbles Carry Projection Mapped Messages Of Kids Talking To Aliens. Barring universe-is-a-2D-hologram theories, there's a good chance that, out here, spinning silently in the vast emptiness of space, we're not alone.

Smoke Bubbles Carry Projection Mapped Messages Of Kids Talking To Aliens

Be it intelligent life or single-celled organisms, the chances of making contact with alien life forms, while improbable, always remains a possibility. But if little green men were to show up on our doorsteps tomorrow, what would we say? One artist is probing these depths using two unconventional assets: bubbles and children. Floating Worlds is the brainchild of mixed-media artist Justin Dwyer.

Part-imaginary narrative, part-projection mapping experience, in it, Dwyer illuminates smoke-filled bubbles with images of children asking questions to extraterrestrials. In the video above, Dwyer explains that the bubbles needed to be smoke-filled in order for his Kinect-based rig to map them. For more from Justin Dwyer, visit his website. Related: Vocal Vibrations: Expressive Performance for Body-Mind Wellbeing. Tod Machover, Charles Holbrow, Elena Jessop, and Rebecca Kleinberger.

Vocal Vibrations: Expressive Performance for Body-Mind Wellbeing

Vocal Vibrations explores the relationships between human physiology and the resonant vibrations of the voice. Brusspup. These Glowing Crystals Are Like Legos From Mars. Studio Roosegaard's created thousands of LED crystals that light up when near a magnetic floor mat.

These Glowing Crystals Are Like Legos From Mars

Image: Studio Roosegaarde The installation is housed inside the Philips Physics Laboratory in Eindhoven. Image: Studio Roosegaarde Visitors are encouraged to rearrange the crystals to make pictures and write out messages. Image: Studio Roosegaarde One person even proposed using the crystals. INTERACTIVE DESIGN. Ballpoint Barber: A Stop-Motion Reverse Haircut by Peter Simon. The ludicrous battle of haircut/shaving videos continues with an new stop-motion short from Peter Simon that was inspired by an old magnetic Wooly Willy toy.

Ballpoint Barber: A Stop-Motion Reverse Haircut by Peter Simon

Simon previously created a video called Trim back in 2011 which might have been inspiration for Ben Garvin’s Magic Beard last month. Do we have a new genre on our hands? Music by Paul Otteson. Nothing is as it Seems: The Art of Illusion at Science Gallery. Some of most amazing contemporary artists working in the realm of optical illusion have been brought together for a fantastic show called Illusion at Science Gallery in Dublin, Ireland.

Nothing is as it Seems: The Art of Illusion at Science Gallery

Curated by psychologist and author Richard Wiseman and researched by magician and escapologist (!) Paul Gleeson, the exhibition explores the myriad ways the mind is tricked through sensory deception. The show includes works from Roseline de Thelin, Gregory Barsamian, Matt Kenyon, Jonty Hurwitz (previously), and many more. Illusion runs through September 29, 2013. 993684_615274728495543_1320085153_n.png (500×511) Intricate Paper Sculptures by Rogan Brown.

Inspired by nature, artist Rogan Brown has created these intricate designs of organic and complex paper sculptures…

Intricate Paper Sculptures by Rogan Brown

Zippers-on-back-body-art.jpg (634×845) How to turn "water" into marbles. 11 cheap gifts guaranteed to impress science geeks. Science comes up with a lot of awesome stuff, and you don't need a Ph.D, a secret lab, or government funding to get your hands on some of the coolest discoveries.

11 cheap gifts guaranteed to impress science geeks

We've got a list of 11 mostly affordable gifts that are guaranteed to blow your mind, whether or not you're a science geek. Click on any image to see it enlarged. 1. Aerogel Also known as frozen smoke, Aerogel is the world's lowest density solid, clocking in at 96% air. Aerogel isn't just neat, it's useful. Price: $35 2. Inside these sealed glass balls live shrimp, algae, and bacteria, all swimming around in filtered seawater. Magnetic Putty is Completely Amazing/Terrifying. Magnetic putty is just like any other putty in that you can handle it, sculpt it, and squeeze it in a fist as you visualize your enemies.

Magnetic Putty is Completely Amazing/Terrifying

But place it anywhere near a strong magnetic field and it will SPONTANEOUSLY ANIMATE and move to consume anything magnetic in its path like a voracious mutated slug. In fact the putty won’t stop moving until the object has been equally engulfed on all sides. PBS Digital Studios and Shanks FX used the putty in parts of their recent film short SCI-FLY, and just posted this extended cut of special effects shots that explore its heinous capabilities. To be fair, these clips are sped up quite a bit as the actual motion of the putty consuming other objects is only faintly perceptible in real time.

Les « connexions » extraordinaires des artistes. De nombreux artistes disent avoir rêvé certaines de leurs œuvres.

Les « connexions » extraordinaires des artistes

D’autres racontent vivre des états mystiques et seraient comme connectés à d’autres dimensions qu’ils considèrent source de leur inspiration créative. © Akiane Kramarik (peinture) Depuis l’âge de 4 ans, Akiane Kramarik peint des visages, des regards, des scènes de vie, des animaux et des paysages, avec un réalisme, une émotion et une profondeur à couper le souffle. Si la jeune prodige, aujourd’hui âgée de 18 ans, n’a jamais reçu d’éducation religieuse, elle a toujours prétendu être transcendée par Dieu. « Dès l’enfance, j’ai eu de nombreuses visions aux couleurs vibrantes que j’ai reproduites en peinture. Photos du journal. 398145_10151228686936801_157822514_n.jpg (340×480) The Top 25 Psychedelic Videos of All Time. To see places 50-26 of the list please click here 2 years ago, when the idea was born to set up a website dedicated to curating one psychedelic video every day, we were still skeptical about how long one could continue, and afraid that after a month or two we’d run out of psychedelic videos to post.

Today, in the second year anniversary of daily psychedelic video posts, with more than 700 psychedelic videos on the site, it seems clear that there are many more psychedelic videos out there than any of us would have dared to imagine. Psychedelic videos are not a thing of the past. In fact it is clear that more psychedelic videos are being produced these days than ever before by professional workers and independent artists alike, aided by ever improving computer technology and by the increased ability to share these videos on the web.

De mon mystérieux voyage - Charles VAN LERBERGHE. Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Crafty (35 Pics) Click Here For More Amazing Ideas. New Examples of Beautiful Typography Inspiration. Home » Inspiration • Showbiz • Typography Dose » New Examples of Beautiful Typography Inspiration Typography is not only the art of rearranging the typefaces, instead it has now become a broad medium to communicate with your visitors in a more attractive and visually engaging manner while providing your design a remarkable and creative look. The results are sometime crazy, sometime artsy and sometimes beautiful, but often just different from things we’re used to. 500 Greatest Songs of All Time: R.E.M., Losing My Religion. Melancholy playlist. 39 excellentes créations Instagram par Alex Solis.

39 excellentes créations Instagram par Alex Solis Loin des traditionnelles photos de bouffe et autres couchés de soleil, l’illustrateur / graphic designer américain Alex Solis, basé à Chicago, s’amuse à détourner les objets de la vie quotidienne grâce à ses illustrations, nous offrant d’excellentes créations Instagram pleines d’humour ! Si vous aimez les comptes Instagram créatifs, je vous conseille aussi “Norm – Les aventures de Norm le petit carlin” mais aussi “A la recherche des couleurs Pantone dans la vie réelle” ou encore “Instagram Breakfast – 22 Food Art créatifs de Idafrosk“. 1184995_609596802396669_1743556637_n.jpg (525×720)