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Polygon Map Generation demo. The simplest way to explore the maps is to click Random repeatedly.

Polygon Map Generation demo

Try the various Island Shape, Point Selection, and View options. Feel free to use these maps for any purpose, including commercial use. The code is also open source (see below). In a shape number like 85882-8, 85882 chooses the overall island shape and 8 is the random number seed for the details (random points, noisy edges, rivers). You can type in a shape number and press Return to generate that map. RPG Tools. Medieval Demographics Calculator. The Realm of Valoress covers an area of #{area} square miles.

Medieval Demographics Calculator

Of this, #{plow_pct} (#{plow_area} sq. miles) is arable land, and #{wild_pct} (#{wild_area} sq. miles) is wilderness. The Realm of Valoress has a total population of #{total} people. The largest #{desc} has a population of #{largest_desc} people, the second largest #{second_desc}. #{city_note} The remaining population lives in numerous small villages, isolated dwellings, etc. There are #{cities} other cities of note in the kingdom, and #{towns} towns. Medieval Demographics Made Easy.

Fantasy worlds come in many varieties, from the "hard core" medieval-simulation school to the more fanciful realms of high fantasy, with alabaster castles and jeweled gardens in the place of the more traditional muddy squalor.

Medieval Demographics Made Easy

Despite their differences, these share a vital common element: ordinary people. Most realms of fantasy, no matter how baroque or magical, can not get by without a supply of ordinary farmers, merchants, quarreling princes and palace guards. Clustered into villages and crowding the cities, they provide the human backdrop for adventure. Of course, doing the research necessary to find out how common a large city should be, or how many shoemakers can be found in a town, can take up time not all GMs have available. Plumbing History 5 apps every writer should download immediately - Whether you’re a journalist or a playwright, the writing process is made up of a number of stages.

5 apps every writer should download immediately -

There’s the research process, which might involve trawling through Google searches, Twitter or even physical libraries. Then you have to curate your research and write several drafts. Thankfully, many apps exist to make your process more fluid. Here are five essential apps for writers: 1. I use Pocket as my primary article/document saving app. 2. Like Pocket, I use Flipboard for article and document saving. 3. It’s obviously necessary for a writer to have a primary workspace or single repository for their writing, whether it be physical or digital. 10 Lessons From Real-Life Revolutions That Fictional Dystopias Ignore. Tips to keep your Fantasy World realistic. I don’t want to go into a whole spiel about keeping fantasy worlds realistic because I’m no expert myself.

Tips to keep your Fantasy World realistic

Dos and Don'ts For Fantasy/Sci-Fi Writers. Dos and Don'ts For Fantasy/Sci-Fi Writers Fantasy Specific Writing good, well thought-out fantasy can be a challenging process, especially when featuring a setting or race completely different from that which is familiar to the author.

Dos and Don'ts For Fantasy/Sci-Fi Writers

There are a myriad of places within a story where a writer can falter and insert details which are not well enough developed, uncharacteristic, confusing, or which simply don't make sense in the context of the setting. This list is meant to point out some of these common areas of confusion and tell what can be done to be more aware of and correct any potential inconsistencies. Ozak voyage. The Logistics of World Building: Algebra for Fantasy Writers. There are days—horrible, dark days—when I end up doing more algebra than writing.

The Logistics of World Building: Algebra for Fantasy Writers

You remember those word problems from high school? If Valyn is flying west on a Kettral, covering 300 miles a day, and Ran il Tornja is riding north-east on horseback, covering 100 miles a day, and Gwenna is running due south, covering 50 miles a day, will they all actually meet where they need to meet at the end of the damn book, or will you need to rewrite the whole ass end of the thing? Klastruptosca transworlds. 20 Crucial Terms Every 21st Century Futurist Should Know. Watch What Happens To Dead Bodies At The Bottom Of The Sea. It’s important for forensic teams and police to know the gruesome ins and outs of how bodies decompose in different circumstances.

Watch What Happens To Dead Bodies At The Bottom Of The Sea

But we know surprisingly little about how fleshy bodies fair when they are submerged at sea. In a bid to better understand how organisms decompose for forensic and criminal investigations, criminologists from Simon Fraser University and the Ocean Network Canada's Victoria Experimental Network collaborated by submerging pig carcasses in an underwater cabled laboratory in the Salish Sea, using remotely operated equipment to carry out experiments. The study was recently published in PLOS ONE. The researchers conducted two experiments, one in spring and one in autumn. Their research showed that a whole pig carcass can be stripped to the bone within three days during the autumn. The experiment used large pig carcasses due to their similar size and structure to a human body.