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A Crash Course in the History of Black Science Fiction – Fantastic Stories.

Non-european, non-white SFF

Radical imagination. Un Mali façon uchronie. Whitewashing. The unbearable whiteness of science fiction. Casting minorities as white characters is not a double standard. Heres why. Diversity has been in the forefront of the conversation lately.

Casting minorities as white characters is not a double standard. Heres why.

Science fiction publishing has a major race problem, new report shows - The Verge. Postcolonial Fantasy and Africa- Against the Word “Tribe” “The idea of tribes was brought to Africa for several reasons….

Postcolonial Fantasy and Africa- Against the Word “Tribe”

It was easier to place people into categories based on perceived divisions of ethnicity than it was to try to understand the multi-layered, fluid identities that prevailed…. colonial authorities found that placing people into “tribes” with “chiefs” was an effective way of creating a political order.” –John Reader “Why don’t you use the word tribe? Yara Shahidi goes off on racism in entertainment media and she's absolutely right - For a 16-year-old, Black-ish actress Yara Shahidi knows more about entertainment’s role in racism than perhaps most of white-male-dominated Hollywood.

Yara Shahidi goes off on racism in entertainment media and she's absolutely right -

In June, Shahidi spoke at the Points of Light 2016 Conference on Volunteering and Service where she received an honor for her philanthropy. Before receiving her award, she delivered a speech to the likes of Jesse Williams’ at the BET Awards, stabbing white Hollywood players in the heart. Shahidi spoke about the importance of the diversity of diverse characters on the television screen. It’s nice to see people who look like us on the big screen, but it’s deeper than just being seen.

A video of a woman in Oakland, California voicing her concerns to police officers during a #BlackLivesMatter protest came across my timeline last week. Black science fiction writers face 'universal' racism, study finds. The world of speculative fiction publishing is plagued by “structural, institutional, personal, universal” racism, according to a new report that found less than 2% of more than 2,000 SF stories published last year were by black writers.

Black science fiction writers face 'universal' racism, study finds

The report, published by the magazine Fireside Fiction, states that just 38 of the 2,039 stories published in 63 magazines in 2015 were by black writers. With the bulk of the industry based in the US, more than half of all speculative fiction publications the report considered did not publish a single original story by a black author. “The probability that it is random chance that only 1.96% of published writers are black in a country where 13.2% of the population is black is 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000321%,” says the report. “Fiction, we have a problem,” writes Fireside Fiction editor Brian White in the report.

“We all know this. Some Basic Racist Ideas and some Rebuttals, & Why We Exist. By Thea Lim On Tuesday Racialicious Special Correspondent Jessica Yee wrote a post for the Bitch Magazine blog called “On hipsters/hippies and Native Culture” (scroll down one to see the post itself), which was basically a post listing some of the major cultural appropriation no-nos practiced by hipster and hippie culture.

Some Basic Racist Ideas and some Rebuttals, & Why We Exist

The Bitch Magazine blog comments section is usually fairly quiet, averaging about 10 comments a post.


Cultural appropriation. Why Sci-Fi Keeps Imagining the Subjugation of White People - Noah Berlatsky. Science-fiction "contemplates possible futures.

Why Sci-Fi Keeps Imagining the Subjugation of White People - Noah Berlatsky

" So says a new Smithsonian article, and it doesn't seem like a particularly controversial thesis. As the piece says, sci-fi tries to think about what’s to come for civilization. "The future is a safe, sterile laboratory for trying out ideas in," as Ursula K. Le Guin says. But it's worth remembering that in sci-fi, the future actually isn't safe or sterile at all. « Timbuktu », une esthétique orientaliste au service de la politique française.

"But It's Not Historically Accurate!" - Diversity in Elsinore. The following blog post, unless otherwise noted, was written by a member of Gamasutra’s community.

"But It's Not Historically Accurate!" - Diversity in Elsinore

The thoughts and opinions expressed are those of the writer and not Gamasutra or its parent company. Elsinore is an adventure game set in the world of Shakespeare's Hamlet - which places it, historically, in 16th century Denmark. Since we began work on the project a year or so ago, I've shown the playtest build to family, friends, and strangers alike. Race-ing the dragon: the Middle Ages, race and trippin/' into the future. Zombies Have Their Origins In Slavery. On doit les fables de La Fontaine à un Africain. » Je chante les héros dont Ésope est le père, Troupe de qui l’histoire, encore que mensongère, Contient des vérités qui servent de leçons. » La Fontaine (1) C’est à lui, Ésope, que l’on attribue la paternité de la fable comme genre littéraire. « Une fable est un court récit en vers ou occasionnellement en prose qui vise à donner de façon plaisante une leçon de vie.

On doit les fables de La Fontaine à un Africain

Elle se caractérise souvent par la mise en scène d’animaux qui parlent mais peut également mettre en scène d’autres entités ou des êtres humains. Une morale est généralement exprimée à la fin ou au début de la fable quand elle n’est pas implicite, le lecteur devant la dégager lui-même. « Qui était Ésope ? Histoire: Colonialisme. The history of science has been West-centric for too long – it’s time to think global. The year was 1789; the place Bengal.

The history of science has been West-centric for too long – it’s time to think global

Isaac Newton’s masterpiece Principia Mathematica was being translated for only the third time in its already 100-year-old history; this time, into Arabic. The author of this remarkable feat of scholarship was Tafazzul Husain Khan. ÊTRE BLANC DANS UN MONDE DE BRUTES. Détails.


Decolonising the mind: The misunderstanding of traditional African beliefs. Mkota Spirit Dancers, a traditional Zanzibari dance troupe from southern Pemba. Photo: BusaraMusic. Rare Photos of Victorian Women of Color – Feminist Elizabethan. Historical photographs of women of color (WOC) can be hard to find, but Bust did just this. In a recent post, Bust featured several photographs of Victorian WOC, and in the photos, various WOC can be seen posing while wearing the fashions of the time (my fave is the woman lounging on a chaise). Are there poc from history that weren't slaves or... - People of Color in European Art History.

Works by/about people of color

The Rise of Indigenous Storytelling in Games. Closing the culture gap. By Jesse MathesonFor isolated indigenous communities, video games are becoming the medium of choice to tell their stories, spread their values and make their way of life more accessible to outsiders. More importantly, they are also being used as a tool to reconnect and reengage their youth with their own cultural heritage, and to help maintain it. The Iñupiaq, the First Nations people of Arctic Alaska, have for thousands of years passed down their culture through scrimshaw art, dance and word of mouth, known as the oral tradition. How Videogame Depictions of Racism Distract from Real Discourse. There is a desire in almost any creative pursuit to push envelopes and break taboos. An audience’s interpretation of this can vary: some might see these works as important criticism, others might see it as attention-seeking shock value, and it’s unlikely that anyone but the creator will ever really know the original intent.

Videogames have been no exception to this, though perhaps not always for the right reasons. The industry has always had somewhat of a Napoleon complex compared to other forms of entertainment, but can’t risk alienating anyone by running too fast or going too far. Thus, videogames sometimes find themselves in the awkward position of wanting to represent social taboos without actually calling them out directly, and this indirect compromise of vaguely pointing at a problem isn’t really helping.

I loved The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. An Ethnographic Analysis of Women of Color In Xbox Live. We are steadily witnessing the appropriation of new communication technologies to facilitate collective organizing and mobilization. As Eltantawy and Wiest (2011) explain, the development of social media creates opportunities for digital and web based social movements to change the reality of collective action.

Cyberactivists have incorporated a host of tools to facilitate their organizational activities from staging boycotts, staging public protests to planning demonstrations (Langman 2005). The types of new communication technologies that have been used include short messaging services (SMS), social networking sites, and as the current research will examine, virtual gaming communities. Typically, one would not assume that collective organizing and resistance would take place in a virtual gaming community.

The Blackness Problem with Gamers. My post for today was going to be specifically about Evan Narcisse’s article that talked about video games’ blackness problem, but as I sit down to write I find that it is only going to be tangentially connected. Video games do have a blackness problem…and so do video game players. So let me explain. Narcisse is right that Black folks in video games are still stereotypically portrayed as something out of bad blaxploitation films. I won’t go into this too much right here because I have talked about it on NYMG before, so go back and check out my posts on Saint’s Row, Grand Theft Auto, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution (among others).

It doesn’t go away and sadly, it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. Gaming while black: Casual racism to cautious optimism. NPR's Planet Money reported last year on a culture shift in 1984 that drove many women away from pursuing computer science degrees. 8 Things White Fans Can Do to Make Fandom More Inclusive. Being a nerd of color. By Guest Contributor Bao Phi, originally posted at the Star Tribune Your Voices Blog I’ve told this story a million times: when I was young, my father kept me off the streets and saved much needed money buying me the toys I wanted by getting me a library card and teaching me to walk to the Franklin Avenue library, and there began my love of books and stories.

What I’ve written less about is the books I gravitated towards: books about mythological monsters, Greek gods and heroes, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, Lord of the Rings, my older sister’s Elfquest collection and X-men comic books. Black developers speak out on stereotypes in gaming. Racialized Nerdiness. The whiteness of nerds. Whiteness, Nerdiness, and Spider-Man. Starting this fall in the Marvel comic book universe, Spider-Man will be a half-black, half-Latino teenager.

Why Black Fans Avoid Black Creators At Comic Cons – The Pros Speak. By B. What Happens When The Internet Turns You Into A Superhero. Science Fiction Isn’t Just for White Nerds, It’s for Black Nerds Too.

Star trek

Disney. Dear White People. Orange is the new black. The Walking dead. American sniper. History of Magic in North America. PLaying history: slave trade. Sleepy Hollow. Producing Content For Black Women. We Need to Talk About Eddie Huang’s Misogyny. Will It Get Better For Black People In the Horror Genre? The Structural Racism of the Oscars. Why Won’t Hollywood Let Us See Our Best Black Actors? How ‘Beasts Of No Nation’ Perpetuates Hollywood’s Skewed View Of Africa. Sense8 and the Failure of Global Imagination. Ex Machina Abuses Women of Color, But Nobody Cares Because It's Smart - Racialicious - the intersection of race and pop culture. Hunger Games and the Limits of White Imagination 

Illegal Aliens: Racism in Science Fiction. The portrayal of Blacks and minorities in Science Fiction or “Are Klingons Black?” The Hysterics of District 9.


JK Rowling. Heinlein and Racism « The World SF Blog. Reminder: Rudyard Kipling Was a Racist Fuck and The Jungle Book Is Imperialist Garbage. Rust. Slave Simulation, An Edtech Game for Classrooms. Warning: Pokemon GO is a Death Sentence if you are a Black Man. — Mobile Lifestyle. Why I’m Boycotting Marvel Comics. Why Do the Japanese Draw Themselves as White? 12 Fundamentals Of Writing "The Other" (And The Self) Writing the Other. Writing about dialect and Caribbean stories. Rewriting the Future. Should white people write about people of color? - Malinda Lo. Black Grrrls Riot Ignored. Don't Celebrate Black Artists Topping This Summer's Streaming Music Charts.

Janelle Monáe & the Underlying Question: Should Celebs Speak Up About Social Justice Matters? Ethiopian Records Shares 'Running Shoes' And Criticizes Western-Imposed Genre Labels Okayafrica. Why the term 'world music' should be banned. RACISM IN ROLE-PLAYING GAMES!