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Uk.businessinsider. Rare Supermoon-Lunar Eclipse Combo Coming This Month. Tea Sommeliers Are The Hot New Thing In Food Pairing. Christopher Day, the dining room manager at Eleven Madison Park, is also the man behind its tea program. "My goal has always been to put together a tea list with the same standard and rigor as you would with wine," he says. Kathy YL Chan for NPR hide caption itoggle caption Kathy YL Chan for NPR Christopher Day, the dining room manager at Eleven Madison Park, is also the man behind its tea program. "My goal has always been to put together a tea list with the same standard and rigor as you would with wine," he says. Kathy YL Chan for NPR Even those of us who can't tell the difference between a pinot noir and a merlot are probably familiar with the basic rule of wine pairing: white wine with fish and red wine with steak. Yet it turns out there is an art to unlocking new flavors in your food by pairing it with tea. Now a whole new breed of experts has risen up to spread this knowledge: tea sommeliers.

This is where tea sommeliers come in. "[The tea] helps the foie gras melt. New Horizons: Scientists admit they were completely wrong about ‘inert’ Pluto - Science - News - The Independent. Extraordinary photographs from the mission have shown vast plains, 3,000-metre mountains, possible volcanoes, rift valleys and other features suggesting it has a molten core and shifting tectonic plates. Just like Earth. The absence of impact craters from meteorites on its plains, however, indicates they are geologically speaking quite young, perhaps 100 million years old, and that Pluto is probably geologically active. Similar signs have been seen on its moon, Charon. Previously it had been thought that both must be inert lumps drifting through space. But Alan Stern, principal investigator of Nasa’s New Horizons mission, said that scientists had been “completely wrong about that”.

“They are very active. Pluto and Charon have been geologically active for billions of years, but we don’t know what the energy is that is driving it. ASTRONOMY LATEST: Stephen Hawking joins up to solve science's 'biggest question' The rest is mostly a thick layer of ice so cold that it behaves like stone. 1 of 5. 5 Hashtags To Help You Navigate Wine Conversations on Twitter | Vivino. While Vivino is the social media venue to talk wine (right?) , Twitter has some great conversations happening, too. We've picked out a few key hashtags on Twitter to help you navigate the Twitter wine world and help you understand just how big the wine conversation is on that platform. Share this 10 95 0 Here are 5 hashtags plus one more Twitter search term to help you (1) find good wine discussions, (2) find people to follow, and (3) find folks to interact with: Let's start with the obvious hashtag, #wine.

If you're tweeting about wine, you might as well get this hashtag in there, so people can find you and you can see who else is talking about wine. As of June 2015, people tweet with the #wine hashtag 11,000 times a day. The #winelover hashtag is not just a hashtag. You can learn more about this community at The #winewednesday hashtag is self-explanatory. This is a wine conversation led by @amylieberfarb and @SonomaChat. The hashtag #winechat is led by @JusttheBottle. Dani | Tastifi Cuinats. Wine Snobs Are Right: Glass Shape Does Affect Flavor. These Online Maps Can Tell You Where Your Wine Came From. I’ve been spending some time in wine country recently, renting a cabin from friends. Every morning I sit out on the deck, drinking coffee, reading, and admiring the view, which you can see in a photo below. In the time I’ve been here, the vineyard across the way has turned from sparse and brown to bushy green, and that got me wondering: Whose vineyard is it?

What kind of grapes are they growing? Is the wine any good? In trying to figure that out, I eventually stumbled on a map-driven website for wine industry insiders. My first attempts to figure out what grapes I was looking at were pretty crude. Click to Open Overlay Gallery You can see the vineyards in Google’s satellite imagery, but there’s no identifying information. My breakthrough came when I found Jordan’s site, Everyvine. Jordan lives in southern California now, but he got interested in maps working at a map store his dad owned for a while in Windsor, a small town here in Sonoma county. Go Back to Top. The Chemistry of Gin (And Tonic!) #gastronomy | Gastronomy | Pinterest. The Mystery Of Titan's Wrong-Way Dunes May Have Finally Been Solved. Martin Faixo Cadac Empordà 2007 | Wine Info. Scientists Scan 100,000 Galaxies And See No Signs Of Alien Life. What Do E.T. Hunters Say Now? Just how realistic is it to believe that humans will someday find evidence of extraterrestrial life?

NASA's chief scientist recently predicted that we'd find signs of life beyond Earth within a decade or so, but a new study by researchers at Penn State -- one of the most exhaustive of its type -- isn't very encouraging. After surveying tens of thousands of galaxies surrounding our own Milky Way galaxy, the scientists turned up no sign of advanced alien civilizations. "These galaxies are billions of years old, which should have been plenty of time for them to have been filled with alien civilizations, if they exist," Dr.

Jason T. Wright, an assistant professor of astronomy and astrophysics at the university's Center for Exoplanets and Habitable Worlds and one of the researchers, said in a written statement. "Either they don't exist, or they don't yet use enough energy for us to recognize them. " Turning up the heat. Time to give it up? Dr. Legendary astronomer Dr. Star's birth glimpsed 'in real time' - BBC News. Astronomers have witnessed a key stage in the birth of a very heavy star, using two radio telescope views of the process taken 18 years apart. The young star is 4,200 light-years from Earth and appears to be surrounded by a doughnut-shaped cloud of dust. That cloud slows down the hot, ionised wind that the star blasts into space, causing it to form an elongated column perpendicular to the dusty ring.

The new results represent "before and after" glimpses of that column forming. They were captured by the Very Large Array, a battery of 27 antennae in the New Mexico desert, and are published in the journal Science. "The comparison is remarkable," said first author Carlos Carrasco-Gonzalez, from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. The compact, rounded wind indicated by data from 1996 transforms - just 18 years later in 2014 - into a "distinctly elongated outflow".

The infant star is about 300 times brighter than the Sun and goes by the catchy name of W75N(B)-VLA2. What's in your wine? How production methods affect color and taste of Pinot Noir -- ScienceDaily. Champagne vs Prosecco: The Real Differences. How to drink beer like a local around the world. Should you put coffee in your face right now? #infographic #coffee #gastronomy | Gastronomy | Pinterest. [əkɾusɛ́fəlus] |*| sur Twitter : "Master chef, the paella man! #chef #gastronomy #paella #igersemporda #igersgirona #iger... Dani Acrocephalus ||*|| on Instagram: “Master chef, the paella man! #chef #gastronomy #paella #igersemporda #igersgirona #igerscatalunya #igerscatalonia #igers #instagood #instamood #instago #instacool”

[əkɾusɛ́fəlus] |*| sur Twitter : "Cal Perer #masia #paella #gastronomy #igersemporda #igersgirona #igerscatalunya #igersc... Dani Acrocephalus ||*|| on Instagram: “Cal Perer #masia #paella #gastronomy #igersemporda #igersgirona #igerscatalunya #igerscatalonia #igers #instagood #instamood #instago #instacool” Pin by Dani Valverde on Science | Pinterest. Pin by Dani Valverde on Science. Amateur and professional astronomers alike captivated by 'incredible'… [əkɾusɛ́fəlus] |*| sur Twitter : "Love this: Arp 286: Trio in Virgo #science #astronomy. Pin by Dani Valverde on Science. Acrocephalus |*| sur Twitter : "Oggi ho visto un alien. Spaghetti all'aglio olio e peperoncino e uova fritte #gastronom... Instagram. Surprise! Monster Black Hole Found in Dwarf Galaxy. Astronomers have just discovered the smallest known galaxy that harbors a huge, supermassive black hole at its core.

The relatively nearby dwarf galaxy may house a supermassive black hole at its heart equal in mass to about 21 million suns. The discovery suggests that supermassive black holes may be far more common than previously thought. A supermassive black hole millions to billions of times the mass of the sun lies at the heart of nearly every large galaxy like the Milky Way. These monstrously huge black holes have existed since the infancy of the universe, some 800 million years or so after the Big Bang. "Dwarf galaxies usually refer to any galaxy less than roughly one-fiftieth the brightness of the Milky Way," said lead study author Anil Seth, an astronomer at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. The researchers investigated a rarer kind of dwarf galaxy known as an ultra-compact dwarf galaxy; such galaxies are among the densest collections of stars in the universe. Acrocephalus |*| sur Twitter : Explosive Solar Flare Spotted By Sun-Watching Spacecraft, by @tariqjmalik #astronomy.

Explosive Solar Flare Spotted By Sun-Watching Spacecraft. The sun kicked off this week with an explosive solar flare that, while not aimed directly at Earth, may be a hotspot to watch over the next few days. The solar flare erupted on Sunday morning (Aug. 24) from an active sunspot known as AR2151. Two sun-watching spacecraft captured stunning video of Sunday's solar flare as it leapt off the surface of the sun at 8:16 a.m.

EDT (1216 GMT). While sunpost AR2151 wasn't facing Earth at the time of the flare, it is a place to watch in the days and weeks ahead. "The responsible sunspot will turn toward Earth in the days ahead, boosting chances for geoeffective solar activity as the week unfolds," experts with the space weather website wrote on Sunday. Sunday's flare was an intense M5.6 solar eruption on the scale used by scientists to measure space weather events. "Solar flares are powerful bursts of radiation," Fox added. The sun's activity rises and falls on a 11-year space weather cycle. Chemical-recording-first-stars-01_82874_990x742.

Scientists Find Remnants of One of Universe's Oldest Stars—And It's Huge. After digging around in the light from an old, orange star, astronomers have found possible remnants of one of the universe's first stars: a giant that may have been more than 140 times as massive as the sun. The finding, reported Thursday in the journal Science, marks the first time astronomers have made observations suggesting that such massive stars populated the early universe, despite decades of theories proposing that some of those first stars must have been huge.

Billions of years ago, when that primordial star exploded in a spectacular supernova, it blasted its guts into space and seeded the cloud that eventually formed the orange star, which is now about 1,000 light-years from Earth. Knowing the mass of these first stars—or the range of masses—is crucial for understanding how quickly the lights turned on in the very early universe and shifted it from a dark, gassy place to one filled with nascent galaxies and stars. Ancient Fingerprints But large stars live fast and die young. Acrocephalus : Magret d'ànec amb prunes / ... Instagram. How to Balance Your Personal and Professional Presence Online. As Twitter has grown in influence as both a social platform and a communication channel for companies, I have recalibrated the way I interact with people there--and, by extension, any social network where I represent my brand. It has been a subtle shift, but an important one. This was on my mind when a question came up at a marketing event where I spoke recently: How do you balance the personal and professional on social networks?

I advocated for a blending of the two. At its heart, that's the real opportunity of social media, isn't it? People do business with people--not faceless, soulless edifices. Don't you want your prospects and customers online to have an opportunity to get to know you, just as your contacts in real life do? However, since that event, I've given the subtleties of the matter more thought. Establish who you are as an entrepreneur. You might be the owner of a cupcake truck. I was excited to see Warren Buffett join Twitter last May. Share the why, not just the what. Cava Is Overlooked Everywhere but Catalonia. Photo ST. -SADURNÍ d’ANOIA, Spain — If ever a grape needed a champion, it may well be xarello. It suffers pronunciation woes (in Catalan, it’s shah-RELL-lo; in Castilian, hah-RELL-lo; in English, zah-RELL-oh). It has spelling issues (it’s often written xarel-lo among numerous other renderings). Fortunately, xarello could have no more ardent and convincing a proponent than Ton Mata, whose family owns Recaredo, founded 90 years ago by Mr.

“Xarello is an original, wonderful, great grape,” he said as we walked through his biodynamically farmed vineyard on a sunny afternoon in June. “It’s not exuberant, it’s not an impact grape,” Mr. A handful of meticulous, quality-conscious cava producers like Recaredo, Gramona, Mestres, Bohigas, Castellroig and Raventós i Blanc are determined to explore those limits. The Gran Reserva costs around $30, considerably more than the $6 or so for a bottle of the mass-produced Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut. Subtlety? To emphasize the age-worthiness of cava, Mr. Acrocephalus : Preneu nota, un vi espectacular! ... Instagram. Acrocephalus : Una mica de ratafia per fer ... Instagram. Acrocephalus : La fideuà del l'#APNAE ... Instagram. Share photos and videos on Twitter. Instagram. Instagram. Arròs amb calamars de llauna - Receptes - Club de Cuines.