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10 Websites to Find Special Needs Apps for the iPad & iPhone. This post is part Five of the Special Needs iPad & App Series.

10 Websites to Find Special Needs Apps for the iPad & iPhone

In only one year the Apple iPad has revolutionized the tech industry. 15 Million iPads have been sold and estimates are that within the next 3 years over 115 million tablets will be shipped. Dozens if not hundreds of applications have been created that enhance the quality of life for individuals with all types of disabilities. This has lead Apple to create a special education section in the App Store. To try and make sense of all of this we have put together a nine part series on the iPad and useful applications.

In part four we discussed 11 Social Skills & Life Skills Apps in iPad App Store This week we bring you: Proloquo2Go. Video Scheduler. Pictello. Read2Go. ConversationBuilderDeluxe. iReward. Time Timer. SymbolSupport. Sōsh™ Clicker Docs. The Top 10 iPad Apps for Special Education. Mobile Learning | June 2013 Digital Edition The Top 10 iPad Apps for Special Education Empowering independence in SPED learners: There's an app for that!

The Top 10 iPad Apps for Special Education

By Randall Palmer07/10/13 This article appears in the June 2013 issue of T.H.E. Journal. The iPad takeover of public education isn’t just confined to the mainstream classroom: Special needs educators, too, are finding that iPads can be a vital tool to support independence. With nearly a million apps in the iTunes App Store, identifying effective apps is often an overwhelming task for educators. When reviewing applications for special education, there are a number of components we consider, including: Differentiation: How adaptable is the application to the population you are serving? TCI’s list of SPED-appropriate apps is always growing, but on the following pages we’ve compiled our top 10 iPad apps for special education. AT Apps and Specific Accessibility Options. Apps for Autism and Other Special Needs - Prime Parents Club. If you’re reading this article, you are almost certainly a regular user of the Internet.

Apps for Autism and Other Special Needs - Prime Parents Club

You may even be reading this article on an iPad or similar device. You’re probably also someone who cares deeply about children. One or more of those children may be on the Autism spectrum. According to the most recent reports by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 88 children have Autism.* This number continues to grow while the answers to questions like “Why does my child have Autism?” And “What causes Autism?” A common complaint is that good apps are hard to find. ALSO ON PRIME PARENTS CLUB : Older Dads Linked to Autism, Schizophrenia in Kids A few apps to consider for kids on the autism spectrum are: If you’d like to find more apps, visit In addition to being a regular contributor to Prime Parents Club, and the host of the “Fathers Over Forty” podcast, Wade Wingler, ATP, is the Director of Assistive Technology at Easter Seals Crossroads in Indianapolis.

Apps in the Special Education Classroom. iDevices with special needs students...

Apps in the Special Education Classroom

What do we need to know and consider? (This is a living document. It will change as this world of iDevices grows, expands and we learn more about the world of mobile devices and what they may provide.) Parents, Speech and Language Specialist and teachers are developing programs specifically for the disabled population. Some may not be designed for the disabled but have become a great tool for them anyway.

iDevices in the Special Education Classroom. A number of built-in features, tools, and add-ons are helping to prompt Apple's iPad into the classroom.

iDevices in the Special Education Classroom

Now, the push to get textbooks accessed through this device to get rid of all those heavy books, ah, it is happening!! With a text reader and highlighter, this will really be something worth talking about. Students learn in different ways. The iPad can provide visual, audio and tactile learning; reaching many students’ learning styles. Concerns and thoughts: The iPad is often used as an individual tool in isolation, not a tool for collaboration and integration.

It is important to remember, that all technology is only as meaningful as it's users purpose. Spedapps2.wikispaces. Bridging the gap between technology and people with disabilities. Apps for Children with Special Needs. I Education Apps Review - I Education Apps Review. Apps for Special Needs. Educational iPad Apps - Mobilelearning4specialneeds - Apps. Suggest an app 120 apps available.

mobilelearning4specialneeds - Apps

Choose a category: Communication Answers Yes/No $.99 Straightforward app with two big buttons, one for yes and one for no. Articulate It $49.99 App for working with children with speech delays. ArtikPics $29.99 ArtikPics uses matching and flashcard activities to address articulation difficulties. Assistive Chat $24.99 AAC app with word prediction features and natural sounding voices. AutismXpress FreeProvides a simple interface that allows children to autism to practice recognizing and expressing their emotions. AutoVerbal Talking Soundboard $9.99 AAC app with three different communication modes: graphic symbols, a few customizable text buttons that will use high quality voices when connected to the Internet (low quality when not) and text to speech.

Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search. Apps_Designed_with_Disability_in_Mind.