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10 Websites to Find Special Needs Apps for the iPad & iPhone

10 Websites to Find Special Needs Apps for the iPad & iPhone
This post is part Five of the Special Needs iPad & App Series. In only one year the Apple iPad has revolutionized the tech industry. 15 Million iPads have been sold and estimates are that within the next 3 years over 115 million tablets will be shipped. Dozens if not hundreds of applications have been created that enhance the quality of life for individuals with all types of disabilities. This has lead Apple to create a special education section in the App Store. To try and make sense of all of this we have put together a nine part series on the iPad and useful applications. In part four we discussed 11 Social Skills & Life Skills Apps in iPad App Store This week we bring you: 10 Websites to Find Special Needs Apps for the iPad & iPhone About.Com – Apps for Children With Special Needs highlights new apps that are designed specifically to make life easier for people with special needs, by making communication or behavior management or health management easier. Did we miss any?

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4specialneeds - Apps Suggest an app 120 apps available. Choose a category: Communication Answers Yes/No App Annie Index: 2014 Retrospective - The Top App Trends of 2014 App Annie reviews 2014’s top mobile app trends. This comprehensive report is a must-read for professionals looking to stay abreast of the app industry. The App Annie Index: 2014 Retrospective is finally upon us, and we’re excited to bring you several of the top trends from last year, as well as over 25 pages of rankings featuring 2014’s top performers. This annual report looks back on 2014, but make no mistake — the past certainly influences the future.

10 Free iPad Apps For Children With Special Needs - Cool Gizmo Toys I’ve decided today, instead of reviewing a single app in depth, to give you guys a list of 10 Free iPad Apps for Children With Special Needs. I hope that you find a couple of applications that are perfect for your unique child, and that he enjoys using these apps just as much as you enjoy watching him learn and grow! If you like this post, please check out my recent article on the top 10 AAC apps under $30! Free iPad Apps List See.Touch.Learn By Brain Parade All About Apps for (Special) Education I keep finding more and more excellent resources around using iPads, iPods and Apps in (Special) education and wanted to share some of my favourite links with you. The first comes from the great Victorian Government site called Ipads for Education . There are a number of resources in the support section, including the handout ‘iPads in Special Education’ . Apps are grouped into topic areas, such as Organisational Apps, Writing Apps and Maths Apps and are rated at different levels.

EC Apps Guide Complete guide to educational and special needs apps With over 300,000 apps it's easy to become overwhelmed by the number of app choices. It's also easy to spend a small fortune on a lot of useless apps. As a special needs parent I wanted to get right to the "good stuff" and figured you did too. Special Education Apps for iPad Add In my classroom , I was blessed to have students from amazingly diverse backgrounds and with an array of skills and strengths. I worked relentlessly to build in supports and foster an inclusive community for all of my students. How To Brainstorm The Fun Way - Using Tricider That phrase ‘Two heads are better than one’ is often very true. But what about ‘Too many cooks spoil the broth’? Do we make better decisions in groups or as individuals?

LAUNCHedu Finalists 2015 The widespread intersection of education stakeholders - including teachers, administrators, university professors, business and policy leaders – at SXSWedu has become a premier destination for early stage education startups. LAUNCHedu returns in 2015 for its fourth edition to uncover some of the most innovative and creative learning solutions this March in Austin, Texas. A record amount of entries, from across the US and around the world, were received for this yea's LAUNCHedu competition. After weeks of extensive evaluations, SXSWedu is thrilled to introduce the finalists that have been selected to participate in LAUNCHedu 2015 at SXSWedu, March 9-12 in Austin, Texas. Binder New York, NY | 7 Assistive Communication Apps in the iPad App Store Augmentative and Alternative Communication Augmentative communication (AAC for short) is an alternative way to help students and adults with language disorders use expressive language or receptive language. Augmentative communication can be accomplished through assistive technology devices such as computers or hand held devices.

iPod Touch/iPhone App Round Up for Users with Significant Disabilities and Those who Teach Them Updated June 19, 2010 Please note YGWYPF notation means "You get what you pay for!"T&T means the blog author uses this applicationBIC is Best in Category, based only on the authors impression, no other criteria are in play * means that the app has been used by the author

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