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Epeus' epigone. BuzzMachine. GigaOM. Gizmodo FR. Le blog des Gadgets. Lessig Blog. As I wrote last week , I threw away a week I didn't have penning an "insanely long" review (as I described it), of Mark Helprin's insanely sloppy " Digital Barbarism .

Lessig Blog

" The part of that book that really got me going was the incessant Red-baiting -- the suggestion that the movement of which I am a part is a kind of warmed over Marxism from the 1960s. That part always gets me going because it betrays a kind of mushiness in thinking that I should have thought a decade of writing by scores of advocates would have driven away. As I wrote about Helprin: It is in this extreme of Red-baiting that one can see the mushiness of Helprin's brain: Let's say he were attacking a bunch of scholars who believed copyright should be as robust as the Framers of our Constitution had it. CrunchNotes. Lifehacker, tips and downloads for getting things done. Social Media News and Web Tips – Mashable – The Social Media Gui. TechCrunch. Techdirt. Official Google Blog.