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LGBTQ Women and Women's Education

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United States: LGBT Students Face Discrimination. (Sioux Falls, SD) – Many schools across the United States remain hostile environments for LGBT students despite significant progress on LGBT rights in recent years, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today.

United States: LGBT Students Face Discrimination

Measures to improve student safety and inclusion are urgently needed at all levels of government. Michelle Obama’s ‘Let Girls Learn’ Program Is World Changing : Special Reports : University Herald. As Michelle Obama and husband Barack Obama are soon going to exit the Oval Office and the White House in a matter of weeks, it is a time to look back and get inside the First Lady's mind.

Michelle Obama’s ‘Let Girls Learn’ Program Is World Changing : Special Reports : University Herald

Michelle Obama has always been advocating the importance of education, women and minorities. She has acted not only on behalf of the United States but for the world as well. How School Dress Codes Shame Girls and Perpetuate Rape Culture. Where We Are on TV Report - 2015. Transgender hate crime guilty plea is a first for feds. Joshua Vallum, 29, knew Mercedes Williamson was a transgender teenage girl when they began dating, the US Justice Department's Civil Rights Division said.

Transgender hate crime guilty plea is a first for feds

Vallum killed her because she was transgender, making him eligible for prosecution under the 2009 Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr., Hate Crimes Prevention Act, named for two of the country's most infamous hate crimes. The federal law criminalizes violence based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or gender identity. Vallum's prosecution is the first to involve a victim targeted for being transgender, the Justice Department said. "Our nation's hate crime statutes advance one of our fundamental beliefs, that no one should have to live in fear because of who they are," US Attorney General Loretta Lynch said in a statement. "Today's landmark guilty plea reaffirms that basic principle, and it signals the Justice Department's determination to combat hate crimes based on gender identity. " First school for transgender pupils opens in Kochi - Times of India. Early Marriage And Education. Education is the process of facilitating learning; knowledge skills, values, beliefs and habits of a group of people through discussion, teaching, training and research.

Early Marriage And Education

It is also the best system for acquiring knowledge, preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life. In today’s world without education you can find yourself no where in the society. Without education you may know the things around you but with education you can actually understand those things you know. And in knowing something and understanding something, there is a lot difference. There is need for parents to give their female children the best education than giving men out in early marriages. Cynthia Ernest. The Education Policies Hurting Black Girls in Public Schools.

At a listening session in Philadelphia with the Education Law Center, a young woman of color told a story about getting her period in school when she wasn’t expecting it.

The Education Policies Hurting Black Girls in Public Schools

After being denied access to the bathroom, she decided to tie a sweater around her waist to cover the back of her pants. A teacher then told her to remove the sweater — it didn’t comply with the school’s dress code. These kinds of policies — clothing restrictions, codes barring certain hairstyles, policies that regulate kids’ “attitudes” and discourage “disruption” — are common in public schools in the U.S. But research shows that vague and implicitly biased guidelines are contributing to a large percentage of black girls being pushed out of the system before they even make it to graduation. Paying an Unfair Price: The Financial Penalty for LGBT Women in America. Image credit: Center for American Progress New research illustrates why women in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community are at higher risk of for poverty and economic insecurity: discrimination and stigma, compounded by the struggles faced by all women in their jobs, provision of health care, and family support.

Paying an Unfair Price: The Financial Penalty for LGBT Women in America

Women who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or transgender (LGBT) have the same concerns as other women. Why We Put a Transgender Girl on the Cover of National Geographic. This story appears in the January 2017 issue of National Geographic magazine.

Why We Put a Transgender Girl on the Cover of National Geographic

Lots of people are talking about Avery Jackson, a nine-year-old girl from Kansas City who is the first transgender person to appear on the cover of National Geographic. Since we shared photos of the cover of our special issue on gender on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, tens of thousands of people have weighed in with opinions, from expressions of pride and gratitude to utter fury. More than a few have vowed to cancel their subscriptions. These comments are a small part of the profound discussion going on right now about gender. Our January issue focuses mostly on young people and how gender roles play out around the world.

Free Sanitary Pads Help African Girls Stay In School. "Many girls don't know about periods before they encounter their first one.

Free Sanitary Pads Help African Girls Stay In School

" Giving schoolgirls in the developing world lessons on puberty and free sanitary pads can help boost their attendance at school and may offer them long-term economic benefits, a study said Wednesday. The report in the US journal PLOS ONE is based on research by the University of Oxford involving 1,000 girls at eight schools in Uganda. At two of the schools, girls were not given sanitary pads or puberty lessons to discuss how to manage their monthly periods. No Girl Left Behind – Education in Africa. By Claudia Costin, Senior Director for Education at the World Bank, Silvia Montoya, Director of the UNESCO Institute for Statistics and Karen Mundy, Chief Technical Officer at the Global Partnership for Education.

No Girl Left Behind – Education in Africa

On International Women’s Day, let’s remember the challenges girls face in education A girl in school in Kenya. Credit: James Otieno/UNESCO EFA Report What would your life be like with only five years of schooling? For many girls around the world, this is the most education they can expect and they are the lucky ones. Sunday is International Women’s Day, an occasion to celebrate the tremendous progress achieved in securing access to a basic education for girls in the poorest countries. Kakenya Ntaiya: A girl who demanded school.