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Regions of USA. Inland Empire, California, USA. Excellent geotrivia question there: what is the closest country to Hawaii? Kiribati. Covid has exposed America as a failed state. It is remarkable how the effects of Covid on the international system mirrors its impact on individuals.

Covid has exposed America as a failed state

Its lethality, in the acute phase, may be lower than we feared, yet there is a risk of sudden catastrophic relapse after a seeming period of recovery, and the long-term effects are of a gravity we can only dread. Within states and in the relations between them, as in individuals, the coronavirus searches out and exacerbates the underlying morbidities, exaggerating them until total system failure. When the international system collapses, it will be with Covid, and not of it. The greatest morbidity the virus has latched onto in the global order is the rivalry between the United States and China.

In this coming struggle, America is starting with a great and self-inflicted handicap. What Boris Johnson could learn from Emmanuel Macron By Aris Roussinos Let’s remember how we got here.

USA 'The South'

Slave emancipation USA. Alaska. USA hand-drawn map. Remoteness map of the US. Source. Settlement of USA. Gorgeous map shows livestock animals across the USA. Source. Cool Soviet Map #987: United States, 1918–1985 This map is an incredibly succinct hit piece on the US. Good example of Soviet propaganda. (see thread for translation)… US Population changes #map #maps #usa #us #unitedstates #population #history… The world we know about in the west is pretty limited. This map shows how often countries appear in @nytimes headlines each month since 1900. Source. Leading minority group by U.S. county (1990 – 2017) #Map shows destinations for African-Americans during the Great Migration (1915-1970). Source. Simon Kuestenmacher sur Twitter : "Which Countries Americans Consider Their Allies, Ranked. Separated by Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. While they might not agree on much these days everyone considers North Korea the biggest enemy of the US. So.

Mapped: where are US ambassadors absent around the world? My latest with @e_a_miles. This flow map shows the 15 largest import / export partners of the #USA. Its two neighbors and China are the most important business partners. Source. Simon Kuestenmacher sur Twitter : "Super cool animation shows the US discretionary spending by category over the last 55 years. The status of the world's biggest military power comes with a hefty price tag. Source.


Twitter. *****The #history of the changing #USA borders over time. Fun to watch! Source. US states overlaid on areas of Europe with equal population. Source. Scale of USA. German ancestry in the #USA and #Canada. There appears to be a German epicenter... Source. #Infographic shows the US's biggest imports and exports by value and weight. The import more bananas than coal (by weight). Source. Scenery cheat sheet in the United States. Ben ⛰ sur Twitter : "TrumpLand and Clinton Archipelago - using GIS to map the number of votes for each presidential candidate as topographical features. Credit: Alex Egoshin - #maps #coolmaps #us #GeographyTeacher #GIS…

Adam Tooze sur Twitter : "Tennessee has the same life expectancy as West Bank and Gaza - territories under siege. Mississippi has the same life expectancy as Libya after Gaddafi’s dictatorship and civil war! @SoberLook @ianbremmer… Simon Kuestenmacher sur Twitter : "The decline of the working class in the US in a single chart. Men with a college degree increased their pay by two thirds over the last 40 years while income for men without academic background dropped by almost half. So.

Adrienne LaFrance sur Twitter : "America’s most _______ relationships, as ranked by @JamesFallows Most volatile: □□ Most damaging: □□ Most underappreciated: □□, □□, □□, NATO Most subject-to-change: □□, □□, □□ ,□□, □□, □□, □□, □□ Most important: □□ https:/ Race and Place May Decide Your Health. #Geography #trivia: Minnesota's "Northwest Angle" is only accessible by land if you drive through Canada. Source.

Borders of the #Confederacy superimposed on a #map of human development in the US. Source. What an interesting cartographic exercise. #Map shows places in #USA where another state's capital is closer than its own state’s capital. Check out the “8”. Source. #Map reimagines the US state borders according to watershed. This idea is based on John Wesley Powell's 19th century proposal. No straight lines here! Source. #Map re-imagines the #USA with 50 states of equal population. Not overly useful but a lot of fun to look at. High-res link. Historical control of North America. Fun #map compares GDP Of European nations with regions in #USA. #Morocco gets a special mention in the map and legend too. Source.

Student Walkout 2018 sur Twitter : "70 other students and I are trying to arrange a #NationalStudentWalkout campaign to protest against gun violence in American schools and universities. Can you use your Twitter account help us spread the word? @TucsonSta. WATCH: Steve Kerr’s father was shot and killed in Beirut in 1984. The @warriors coach had articulate thoughts on Wednesday’s shooting in #Parkland. #Map shows all US counties where Native Americans make up over 10% of the population. Source. This chart shows how the population of every US state has changed #US… These 462 blue counties are home to fewer people than the 2 orange counties by @_cingraham… Hilarious #nap shows 9 ways to divide #Colorado. Probably my favorite of these kind of maps so far. Source. Americans are dying younger than people in other rich nations #US. Household income distribution in USA by state.

Percent of population who describes their U.S. state as the “Worst possible state to live in” #Economics #USA. #Map of all international #airports in the #USA. #Florida has so many because of it's geography (ie vicinity to popular tourist destination… The United States in Scale of Total Population. " country has ever received as low a score as the 7/100 North Carolina received. North Carolina is not only the worst state in the USA f… US County Mortality Rates Diverging from Average, 1999-2016. How each U.S. state's economy compares to the rest of the world by @aronstrandberg. Superman 1950 - Keep your school all American - by Wayne Boring. #Map compares size of #Alaska with #USA mainland. Map projections make it hard to correctly estimate the size of Alaska. Source:… Percent of Americans in Each State Who Own Guns, 2015.

United States before Louisiana Purchase. Breaking news from the post office parking lot. Deals that formed a nation: #map shows territorial acquisitions of the USA. Source. #Dataviz shows structural transformation of #USA #economy. Like most European countries the US is now a service and knowledge economy. Good… #Map shows the largest employer across #USA. @Walmart dominates the landscape and employs 1.5 million (largely low paid) staff. That's more… Countries of Origin of Paternal Ancestors of Speakers of US... Two charts that show the increasing political polarization in #USA between 1994 and 2017. Good online tool from @pewresearch. Source:…

If the San Francisco Bay Area was a country, it would have the 16th largest GDP in the world. #Map shows age of consent by state in #USA. Weird to me that a topic like this isn’t managed federally?! Source. American influence has dwindled under Donald Trump. It will not be simple to restore. Our cover this week. Fewer US politicians are veterans today than ever before. Good news? Bad news? What does that mean for understanding of military decisions?… Household income distribution in USA by state. Source. How the American dream turned into greed and inequality @macrocredit. This from Texas governor in 2015. This is how the Political Polarization of the American Public evolved from 1994-2014. 3000 people shot. One city. A handful of neighbourhoods. No outcry. #Map: points in the red section are closer to #Texas than the opposite sides of Texas are to each other. Source. The most popular girls name by state, 1960-2012 #dataviz. Powerful New Yorker cover #LasVegasShooting. *****#Map shows No. of cities/villages in #USA named after German cities. There are 30 Hamburgs in the US! Source.

The GOP insists that the Vegas shooter's gun arsenal is "a right," but medical treatment for his 500+ survivors is merely "a privilege." *****America's gun problem, explained in 18 charts. Dear Guitar-makers of the world, yours is a peaceful, harmonious trade: stop selling musical instruments with killing machines. Please.

Stark. 477 Days. 521 Mass Shootings. Zero Action From Congress. By the @NYTimes Editorial board. In case you're curious what the state of gun ownership and its licensing was in England and Wales, there's more than you probably think. I have seen this headline three times in my life; Virginia Tech, Orlando, and now Las Vegas. I am only 22 years-old. “Humans will always murder, no gun law can change that!” screams a country that outlawed too much toothpaste on a plane. Staggering. The US, its current-account deficit and the rest of the world. This chart is insane. Good visual of what most of us feel, but can't see. *****Size of states compared to European countries: #Map fits #USA states (by sqkm) into #Europe. Remember when the #Arizona Empire ruled the world?

*****USA inequalities: Some parts of the US have a lower life expectancy than Iraq and North Korea. Despite being the world’s largest economy, some parts of the US have health records that compare unfavourably with developing nations, war-torn countries and dictatorial regimes.

*****USA inequalities: Some parts of the US have a lower life expectancy than Iraq and North Korea

New research examining death records across US counties reveals that those living in areas with the highest life expectancy can expect to live for more than 20 years longer than those living in areas with the lowest life expectancy. At just 66.8 years, Oglala Lakota County in South Dakota had the lowest life expectancy of any county investigated by the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME). Image: Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation This is a lower life expectancy than for people living in Iraq (68.9 years), according to World Health Organization (WHO) data.

Meanwhile residents of Perry County, Kentucky, ranked ninth-lowest county in the US, have a life expectancy equivalent to North Koreans (70.6 years). Image: WEF Share. *****How much home can you buy for $200,400 in every state #realestate #dataviz. Countries with a smaller GDP than California. The US population grew by 27.1M over 10 yrs. But some cities shrank during that time. See which ones → #StoryMaps. The religiously unaffiliated are the largest religious group in 20 states. 'The civil war lies on us like a sleeping dragon': America's deadly divide - and why it has returned. “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just,” Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1781.

'The civil war lies on us like a sleeping dragon': America's deadly divide - and why it has returned

The American revolution still raged, many of his own slaves had escaped, his beloved Virginia teetered on social and political chaos. Jefferson, who had crafted the Declaration of Independence for this fledgling nation at war with the world’s strongest empire, felt deeply worried about whether his new country could survive with slavery, much less the war against Britain. Slavery was a system, said Jefferson, “daily exercised in tyranny,” with slaveholders practicing “unremitting despotism”, and the slaves a “degrading submission”. The founder was hopeless and hopeful. He admitted that slaveholding rendered his own class depraved “despots” and destroyed the “amor patriae” of their bondsmen.

For that republic to survive it took far more than hope and a faith in progress. Republics are ever unsteady and at risk, as our first and second founders well understood. Which states and metropolitan areas produce the most GDP for the USA? Check out this mashup of @LivingAtlas layers. Are you wondering why those Confederate statues crumple like cheap plastic? This #map surprised me as I thought every state in #USA would have a National Park. United Hates of America #maps #cartograms #Charlottesville @splcenter (via @GeographicalMag) U.S. population that commutes to Canada & Mexico #USA.