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Case: Opel Movano Banner. Interactive Lab. Interactive Display Window Concept. Imaginée et conçue par un groupe d’étudiants de l’école de communication digitale suédoise Hyper Island composé de Beatriz Areilza , Gustaf Engström, Juliana Oliveira Silva, Lucas Lima et Marcus Wallander, une mention spéciale pour cet excellente vitrine interactive réalisée pour la marque de vêtements WESC.

Interactive Display Window Concept

Permettant aux passant d’interagir à l’aide d’un émetteur à infrarouge, découvrez tous les détails en vidéo dans la suite ! La vidéo intégrale en HD More informations & Credits Interactive Window Concept made for the module Advanced Interface Design at Hyper Island hosted by North Kingdom. Created by : Beatriz Areilza , Gustaf Engström, Juliana Oliveira Silva, Lucas Lima & Marcus Wallander Music : Bonobo – Kiara Shot with a RED ONE camera at 120fps in december 2010. Vitrine interactive Repetto installée rue de la paix à Paris. La marque est reconnue notamment pour ses . Mais elle le sera aussi dorénavant pour sa installée par l’ au 22 rue de la paix à Paris (visible jusqu’au 6 mars, et « première mondiale » selon les infos reçues). Le principe ? Ces scènes tournent autour de la danse, et je vous laisse découvrir la vidéo live ci-dessous, trouvée sur Youtube (merci à celui qui l’a tournée).

A noter que l’ami Jérôme en a tourné une aussi , un peu moins claire, mais à saluer. Vous aimerez aussi Oasis parodie les meilleures vidéos virales. Forever21 Augmented Reality in Time Square NYC. These days any brand or campaign that can actually stand out in Times Square is doing something seriously right. Now a little known fashion brand called Forever21 is trying to get noticed, and has just launched a massive augmented reality billboard in Times Square, and get noticed they did, with some of the worlds most popular blogs picking up the story in the last 24 hours.

But not only are bloggers taking notice, the actual crowd engagement in Times Square is very high (with hundreds of on lookers and plenty of mobile pics being taken), with the augmented reality billboard using video of a model dressed in Forever21 clothes to take a virtual photo of you in a crowd (and occasionally selecting people, picking them up and throwing them into a Forever21 bag). Axe Lynx: Angel Ambush. Nissan France - application iPhone Jukelighting. 14 brilliant examples of brands using interactive offline advertising. Digital marketing, communications and advertising isn’t now just restricted to the internet, especially as online channels continue to develop and merge into offline ones.

14 brilliant examples of brands using interactive offline advertising

For example, we’re seeing traditional advertising space, such as television and outdoor display evolving into digitally-driven platforms, like connected TV and electric billboards. Here are 14 truly great examples of where technology acts as the glue between digital and traditional advertising space... Adobe Adobe makes a great effort to use an interactive billboard to reflect the possibilities of its CS3 product. Barclays Building an interactive, 34-metre long walkway in an airport is no mean feat, but Barclays managed to pull it off effortlessly. Chanel Even luxury brands are getting in on the action, with Chanel opting for an interactive window in one of its storefronts. Coca-Cola FMCGs are heavy brand advertisers and by creating an interactive kiosk, Coke is entering exciting new territory.

Brain Tattoos. Graffiti Analysis 3.0 Is Here. Graffiti Analysis 3.0 – “It’s hard to believe we could fit so many great ideas into something so thin.”

Graffiti Analysis 3.0 Is Here

Break out your digital projectors, markers, turntables, lasers and 3D glasses, because Graffiti Analysis version 3.0 is finally here. For information and downloads go to (source code available on github). Your one stop shop for ink and pixels. New features include: - audio input - architectural awareness - laser input - keyword based .gml RSS playback - red / cyan 3D effect Overview: Graffiti Analysis is an extensive ongoing study in the motion of graffiti. New York Nearest Subway augmented Reality App for iPhone 3GS from acrossair. Les_editions_volumiques. 35 Awesome Augmented Reality Examples on BannerBlog News.

If it wasn't for Twitter and social media as a whole grabbing all the headlines Augmented Reality would be the most talked about "technology" of 2008/2009.

35 Awesome Augmented Reality Examples on BannerBlog News

While the roots of the technology have been around since as early as the 1990's (remember VR games!) It's only in the last 12 months has the interactive industry taken to it like moths to a flame. Below you will find some of the worlds biggest brands dipping their toe into "Augmented Reality". Some are in it for the PR aspect others trying to find a useful application. Many just to satisfy their need to do something new. The technology has it's limitations though. If you know of any interesting applications for AR please comment below.

LEGO® Life of George. Les prix de l’immobilier en réalité augmentée. Posté le 6 octobre 2009 dans Marketing , par Maxime - Après MétroParis, voici une nouvelle application mobile qui utilise intelligemment la réalité augmentée.

Les prix de l’immobilier en réalité augmentée

Après MétroParis, voici une nouvelle application mobile qui utilise intelligemment la réalité augmentée.Editée par, cette application vous permet de vous renseigner à propos du prix du mètre carré de chaque immeuble directement au travers de la caméra de votre mobile (Android, et bientôt sur iPhone).