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Music from other countries

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African Music -Part One. By Dumisani Maraire, Ph.

African Music -Part One

D. The html code, hyperlinks, and linked knowledge webs associated with this chapter are not part of the original chapter cited above, and are authored by Jack Logan, Ph.D. African music, which is nearly always coupled with some other art form, expresses the feelings and life of the entire community. The sound of feet pounding the ground becomes the rhythm of the music whose notes are in turn transformed into dance steps. -Francis Bebey (African Musician and Scholar) African Music and the African Diaspora What is the African Diaspora? Before you begin this part, please take a picture tour from Zimbabwe in the South to Morocco in the North to get a sense of the African continent.

Additionally, see a slide movie in preparation for reading this information on African music. Nightwish - Amaranth. Hasil Penelusuran Gambar Google untuk. NIGHTWISH - Élan (OFFICIAL VIDEO) Learn to Play Klezmer Music by Andy Statman. Résultats Google Recherche d'images correspondant à. Jewish Klezmer Music. Indonesia music video1. Indonesia music. Music Traditions in Indonesia. More than 17,000 islands make up the Indonesian archipelago, and the nation has a cultural diversity that reflects this enormous size.

Music Traditions in Indonesia

Although the gamelan is the most recognized musical style in Indonesia, there are literally hundreds of distinct musical traditions, some kept alive by only a handful of people. In addition to traditional musical modes, Indonesia also has a vibrant popular music scene, integrating aspects of traditional arrangements with styles borrowed from the West and Asia. History The gamelan is a large collection of percussion instruments played as an ensemble. Gamelan originated nearly 2,000 years ago, and is attributed to the god-king Sang Hyang Guru in Java in the 3rd century. Integration with Theater Gamelan is most commonly seen integrated with ornate puppet theater. Cultural Integration Gamelan is also widely used in ritual performances, accompanying visits from heads of state, weddings, and religious ceremonies throughout Indonesia. Instruments. List of books and articles about Japanese Music. Japanese music, the highly eclectic musical culture of the Japanese islands.

List of books and articles about Japanese Music

Over the years, Japan has borrowed musical instruments, scales, and styles from many neighboring areas. The indigenous music present before AD 453 consisted of chanted poems (reyei and imayo), traditional war and social songs (kume-uta and saibara), and the kagura, solemn Shinto temple music. All were recitations on a few notes. The importation of foreign music, particularly from China, began in the 5th cent. and continued into the 12th cent.

The ancient ceremonial music imported from China, which the Japanese called gagaku, no longer exists in China but has been preserved almost intact since the 5th cent. by a continuing tradition of performance in the imperial court of Japan. The cantillations of the Buddhist religion came to Japan by way of Korea in the 6th cent. and were followed in the 7th cent. by the bugaku, a ceremonial dance with music that is of Indian origin. See W. CDs Rule Japan's Music Market, Thanks to Girl Groups and Add-Ons - Businessweek. Ritsuhiko Tajima has about 100 CDs by his favorite artist, Japanese girl group AKB48, many of them copies of the same disc.

CDs Rule Japan's Music Market, Thanks to Girl Groups and Add-Ons - Businessweek

The attraction? The CDs often include tickets to events where he can briefly meet his idols. “I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of them,” the 28-year-old nursing assistant says as he waits at the group’s Tokyo theater for a monthly sale of limited-edition photos of its members. “They’re pop stars that I can come visit.” Fans such as Tajima helped increase music sales to consumers in Japan by 3 percent last year, to $4.3 billion, surpassing the U.S. to become the world’s biggest market, according to the Recording Industry Association of Japan.

Physical media—preferred by some music companies because they’re less subject to pirating than digital downloads—made up 80 percent of Japanese music sales last year, vs. 34 percent in the U.S., according to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry. Résultats Google Recherche d'images correspondant à. Grow in Faith with Daily Christian Living Articles. 2 Hours of Celtic Music. Risultato della ricerca immagini di Google per. Risultato della ricerca immagini di Google per. African Music: Traditional and Contemporary - Alexander Akorlie Agordoh.