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2 Hours of Celtic Music

2 Hours of Celtic Music

Irish singers - The world's best singers of Irish folk music | Irish Music Daily Irish singers – great performers past and present Ireland has produced a host of great singers who have made Irish traditional music popular across the world. These are some of the most prominent names. The list is regularly updated so come back soon if we haven’t featured your favourite artist yet. Chloë Agnew Chloe Agnew VideosCeltic Woman Wallis Bird Wallis Bird videos Mary Black Song for IrelandMary Black interviewStories From the Steeples reviewInterview – Stories From the SteeplesMary Black videos Luka Bloom Keeper of the FlameLuka Bloom videos Paul Brady Venturing in to pop and rockPaul Brady videos Moya Brennan Moya Brennan videos Neil Byrne Neil meets Phil CoulterNeil Byrne videosCeltic Thunder Paul Byrom Joining Celtic ThunderPaul Byrom videosCeltic Thunder Emmet Cahill Emmet Cahill videosEmmet Cahill Q & AInterview about solo albumCeltic Thunder Fil Campbell Fil Campbell videos Liam Clancy Actor turns musicianWhat after The Clancy Brothers? Cara Dillon Career HighlightsCara Dillon videos Ronnie Drew

5 traditional musical instruments from Ireland 5 traditional musical instruments from Ireland Ireland’s traditional music (or trad as we call it) has been around centuries — we even discovered a set of wooden pipes in County Wicklow that date back to the Stone Age to prove it. Here, we look at five trad instruments that musicians from Ireland have been blowing, strumming, picking, plucking and thumping for a very long time indeed. Bodhrán Pronounced “bow-rawn,” this is known as the heartbeat of trad music for good reason. Some speculate that the instrument served a double purpose as a husk sifter and grain tray. Hear it at: O’Hanlon’s Bar, Mullaghbawn, County Armagh Uilleann pipes These ancient pipes have been mesmerising listeners with their haunting tones since the 5th Century. Today, though, Belfast-man John McSherry is our proudest piper and a true master. Hear them at: Cultúrlann, Belfast, County Antrim Celtic Harp In 1792, the Belfast Harp Festival saw the best players competing for prizes. Fiddle Looks can be deceiving.

Celtic Music Instruments From the thump of the Bodhrán to the airy rasp of the wooden flute, celtic music is known by its instruments. Here's an introduction to the main players, with links to more information, for players and afficionados. Fiddle The fiddle is the mainstay of most Scottish and Irish music. The instrument is exactly the same as a violin; fiddle is simply the term used in traditional music. Flute Flutes of one sort or another have been played in the celtic countries for over a thousand years. Tin Whistle (pennywhistle) The simplest and cheapest of traditional instruments, yet not so simple to master. More information: Ceolas Tin Whistle guide. Bagpipes & uilleann pipes Several forms of bagpipe are used in celtic music. The Scottish highland pipes are the loudest, played standing, usually in pipe bands. Bagpipe FAQ Bagpipe Web David Daye's Bagpipe site, for Scottish and uilleann pipes. Bombarde This is a small oboe-like shawm with a penetrating sound, used widely in Breton music. Free reed instruments