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Colors. Online color tools. Light and color: an introduction. Making fine prints in your digital darkroomLight and color: an introductionby Norman Koren updated Jan. 8, 2004 This page introduces the basic concepts of light and color.

Light and color: an introduction

Color theory is dealt with in more depth in the series on Color management. Light and Color We begin with a review of light and color. Jemima's Chevron: Color Wheel. Where am I now?

Jemima's Chevron: Color Wheel

This section of Jemima's Chevron is devoted to the 4096 Color Wheel. This page includes an brief explanation of web-safe, web-smart, unsafe, RGB, and HSV colors, the version history of the color wheel, and links to other helpful color pages. MoreCrayons - Welcome to moreCrayons.

4096 Color Wheel Version 2.1.