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Everything is a Remix. De l'idée à la vocation. Is a database covering diagnostic, therapeutic, biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, vaccines, animal models, research tools and platform technology licensing opportunities. Focus on early stage unpublished life sciences patent applications The PharmaPlus Unpublished Pharma Patent Applications database especially responds to the demand for early stage inventions of investors and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

is a database covering diagnostic, therapeutic, biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, vaccines, animal models, research tools and platform technology licensing opportunities

We provide industry with a single point of search across a wide range of life sciences licensing opportunities for which a patent application has been filed but not yet has been published. The database focuses on early stage unpublished life sciences patent applications, more particularly on biopharmaceutical products and technologies within 18 months after their patent filing or priority date. Worldwide sourcing of licensing opportunities We actively source unpublished early stage patent applications among the best universities and research organizations worldwide. Always up-to-date We continuously update our database and remove licensing opportunities older than 18 months after their filing or priority date.

Focus areas Subscribe. 1000+ startup ideas from the crowd. iStart. iStart began as — the big idea of three Harvard University students, who have since graduated and gone on to launch even bigger ideas.


In 2009, the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation bought the site and renamed it iStart. Since then, iStart has grown to become the go-to site for entering business competitions from around the world, browsing pages of idea summaries and networking with hundreds of innovative, energized entrepreneurs. iStart is now the premier networking site for aspiring entrepreneurs, mentors and advisors to connect with each other and bring potential business ideas to market. The catalyst for new businesses. We are dedicated to increasing the number of new firms formed — that's our big idea. Downloadable iStart Overview About the Kauffman Foundation The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation is a private nonpartisan foundation that works to harness the power of entrepreneurship and innovation to grow economies and improve human welfare. Management Team Pricing FAQs. Founder2be is all about you. Founder2be is like meets LinkedIn for entrepreneurs.

Founder2be is all about you

We’re on a mission to help you find the right co-founder. People around the world use Founder2be every day to discover great co-founders, to connect with the best designers, developers, sales people and many others, and to share their favorite business ideas to start or join great startups. Countless introductions are made every single day and successful matches come from all corners of the globe: United States, Europe, Australia, etc. Some of them get into accelerators such as TechStars and go on to build great companies. Sign-up for free. Create together. Vozidées - Le réseau des idées et des projets. WhyNot? Idea Exchange. ThoughtBlend - The Good Idea Community. "Ideas" Archives.

The movie begins in the middle of a chase.

"Ideas" Archives

Our hero, Buttons, a scrappy little dog, is running as fast as he can through dark and scary woods. A pack of slobbering wolves are hot on his heels. We hear Button’s cute voice saying lines like, “Oh, no! I’ve got to outrun these guys!” His lips don’t move when he talks. The thick woods reach an end, and Buttons is in a clearing. Suddenly, in voice over, we hear a gruff voice saying, “Wait a minute, wait a minute. Here in the Real World, when Buddy speaks, we do see his lips move. Buddy is pissed at this waste of time, and he leaves, followed by the studio people begging him to make the Buttons movie. Outside, Buddy’s assistant takes a phone call on his Blackberry.

Well, Buddy remembers the old Montana house, and the hiking trips he used to take with his dad in the woods nearby. Only Buddy knows where that old camping spot is, so he has to fly back to Montana to visit his Mom, and then venture out into the woods to find his Dad. Invention Ideas - Creativity Pool Site Concept. You are brilliant.

Invention Ideas - Creativity Pool Site Concept

It's a fact. It is your life that makes you brilliant. Business Ideas Networking Forum. Steal My Ideas, Please. Recent 3. Accueil. Le blog de Freedelity Episode 27 - M'sieur, y m'a volé mon idée ! Episode 27 - M'sieur, y m'a volé mon idée !

Le blog de Freedelity Episode 27 - M'sieur, y m'a volé mon idée !

Publié le 24/04/2014 @ 08:00:00 dans la catégorie Chroniques Penchons-nous aujourd'hui sur un sujet assez sensible. Sous le titre volontairement simpliste de cette chronique se cache un phénomène aussi réel qu'absurde et incompréhensible. Accrochez-vous, va y avoir du lourd... Vous n'avez pas peur que quelqu'un vous pique votre idée. Daniel Solis est un concepteur de jeux de société.

Vous n'avez pas peur que quelqu'un vous pique votre idée

Il n’a jamais hésité à publier ses idées sur son blog avant même qu’elles ne soient susceptibles de se concrétiser un jour. Le pari de l’ouverture en somme et il s’en explique ci-dessous. Vous craignez que quelqu’un vous pique votre idée ? Votre idée ne vaut rien. Je suis régulièrement appelé à l’aide par des entrepreneurs ou des startups naissantes qui ont une idée géniale mais qui sont inexplicablement bloqués ou qui n’arrivent pas à se lancer.

Votre idée ne vaut rien

Après les avoir écouté, ma première réaction est toujours : « Vous n’avez pas d’idée. Vous croyez juste avoir une idée. Et de toutes façons, une idée ne vaut rien. » Sympa le Ploum ! Le monde est riche d'idées.