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Gradus ad Parnassum. The Latin phrase Gradus ad Parnassum means "Steps to Parnassus" (see below).

Gradus ad Parnassum

It is sometimes shortened to Gradus. The name Parnassus was used to denote the loftiest part of a mountain range in central Greece, a few miles north of Delphi, of which the two summits, in Classical times, were called Tithorea and Lycoreia. In Greek mythology, one of the peaks was sacred to Apollo and the nine Muses, the inspiring deities of the arts, and the other to Bacchus.[1] The phrase has often been used to refer to various books of instruction, or guides, in which gradual progress in literature, language instruction, music, or the arts in general, is sought.

Classics[edit] The first application of the phrase is to a kind of Latin or Greek dictionary, in which the quantities of the vowels are marked in the words, to help beginners to understand the principles of Latin verse composition, in relation to the values of the metrical feet. Music and art[edit] Works entitled Gradus ad Parnassum include:

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#Literature - porticus - 02myGradAdParn04 - 2011Sep. #Music - porticus - 02myGradAdParn02. #architecture - porticus 02myGradAdParn03_2011Sep. Recreated-Vintage VW Logo Specification Sheet For Download. Recreated-Vintage VW Logo Specification Poster For Download. After posting the Vintage VW Logo Specifications Sheet; one thing lead to another, and now I can present a reasonably faithful recreation of the Vintage VW Logo Specification Sheet.

Recreated-Vintage VW Logo Specification Poster For Download

Why the recreation? No real reason other than I thought it would be a fun project to work on, but also the original lacks some quality so can’t be enlarged and printed out to well. I thought that if I reproduced it, warts and all, it would allow me a up close view of how this was originally created. It’s not until you tear it apart and start looking at all the various line weights, arrows, text and the sobering realisation: we didn’t always have copy and paste and mathematical precision based artwork tools at our disposal. It’s also nice to know there is now a detailed replica of these logo specification. The original was crafted by hand, ink and ruler. Image above is also the recreated version. Imperfect perfection There are a few areas where I had to just suck it up and accept close was close enough. A thought. In memoriam Conrad Schnitzler (1937 - 4th August 2011) Museums: Miami Art Museum Hires Latin American Art Expert Tobias Ostrander as Chief Curator.

ARTINFO - The premier site for news about art and culture around the world. Tay Nguyen statues in tomb – unique architecture in Vietnam. Tay Nguyen statues in tomb – unique architecture in Vietnam. The statues in tomb is the art form unique sculpture, a character in the traditional Tay Nguyen culture.

Tay Nguyen statues in tomb – unique architecture in Vietnam

The works of this type was launched at the time put for the tomb ceremony with purpose serving the dead (the Tay Nguyen people called ghosts) Put the tomb ceremony is a festival associated with most ethnic minorities have a life of shifting cultivation, nomadic in the Tay Nguyen. Their perception when put the tomb was finished then really ghosts return to their ancestors, grandparents, to start a “life” in new afterlife. Since then, the relationship between living with the dead will be end. The Poetics of Iranian Cinema: Aesthetics, Modernity and Film After the Revolution. The Poetics of Iranian Cinema: Aesthetics, Modernity and Film After the Revolution. In the wake of the 1979 Iranian Revolution, Iranian society and culture underwent massive changes.

The Poetics of Iranian Cinema: Aesthetics, Modernity and Film After the Revolution

Here, Khatereh Sheibani argues that cinema evolved after the national uprising in 1978/79, and ultimately replaced poetry as the dominant form of cultural expression. She presents a comparative analysis of post-revolutionary Iranian cinema as an offshoot of Iranian modernity, and explains its connections with the themes present in traditional Persian poetry and conventional visual arts. She examines the pre-revolutionary film industry - such as Iranian new wave and filmfarsi movies - its styles and themes, and its relation to the emerging cinema after 1978.

Sheibani argues that Iranian art cinema, as one of the signifiers and agents of modernity, underwent a cultural revolution by employing the aesthetics of Persian literature and visual arts in a modern context. This is a valuable contribution to the scholarly literature on Iranian cinema, politics and culture. Pierre Bourdieu, autour de la Domination masculine.

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