Organize all the information that matters

With Pearltrees Enterprise, you offer to your team a dedicated workspace to organize, curate and bring collaboration to a new level… while building the collective knowledge of your company.

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Gather all the information you need

Add any type of information seamlessly, from news to training documents, coming from the Web, your mobile or the server of your company. Organize them, share them, retrieve them and discuss them in real time, with your team, your clients or your partners.

Curate and collaborate

With its unique decentralized curation system, Pearltrees Enterprise enables any user to define their own areas of collaboration. Information is organized and becomes truly meaningful by going beyond sharing and allowing people to take ownership of the information.

Bring teamwork to a new level

Visual and intuitive, the social system of Pearltrees Enterprise enables everyone to benefit from the skills of all the others while respecting their confidentiality.

The collective knowledge of a project, a department or the whole company

Overtime, the information placed in Pearltrees Enterprise builds up a true collaborative library. Whatever the topics or the amount of users, it remains simple and natural. More than a "Knowledge Management" system, it forms the collective knowledge of your company.

A solution tailored for your goals

A subscription to Pearltrees Enterprise can be tailored exactly to the scope you want. We help you to adapt it to your company’s goals and size. We advise, support and train you to maximize the impact, quantify it and guarantee its sustainability.

A simple and natural set up

Pearltrees Enterprise is implemented as easily as any consumer service. Invite the members of your team at your own pace, letting them handle the service and allowing their use to develop naturally.

Foolproof security

Your data is encrypted and saved in dedicated servers in real time. Your access and feeds are secured. Pearltrees Enterprise combines the latest advancements in consumer technology and the highest standards of corporate computing.

The trust of millions of users

Today, Pearltrees is used by more than three million people in tens of thousands companies. You too can benefit from this experience in terms of reliability, use, features... and impact for your company!