Pearltrees Education: increase the educational capacity of your school

Pearltrees Education is a collaborative educational network for schools. It's specially designed for students and teachers and integrates with their digital workspaces, providing easy access to comprehensive technical and scholastic support from our Customer Success team.

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Conduct all kinds of educational activities

Teachers, let your educational ideas take flight! Create every possible educational scenario using your own methods, from organizing resources to class projects or even school-wide activities.

Digitalize every aspect of your teaching work

From class preparation to classroom activities, Pearltrees collaborative organizational system enables you to digitalize all your projects with unparalleled ease and consistency.

Textbook extensions that are completely granular, modifiable and collaborative

Textbooks from the major publishers can be completely reinvented: separated into elementary resources and embedded on Pearltrees, they become endlessly modifiable and totally collaborative.

Long-term, extensive use begins upon implementation

Pearltrees Education is used in almost 500 schools with an average activity rate of 70% and a usage time of 1 hour 20 minutes per day. View all our school statistics in real time on our map!

A secure environment embedded in your digital workspace

Pearltrees Education is committed to the trust framework of the French Ministry of National Education. Fully integrated with the digital workspace and compliant with the GDPR, it ensures that students are monitored according to the conditions laid out by the school and the district.

Proven to reduce your photocopying budget

By digitalizing their educational activities, schools can save over 30% without imposing any restrictions on their teachers. Thats a proven overall savings of more than €3,000/year for a middle school or €6,000/year for a high school!

A close teamwork with the entire school to develop new educational activities

This personalized support and our customized implementation plans have led to success stories throughout France, and make it easy for every school to reach full usage.