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React Native vs. Flutter: What to Choose in 2020. React Native and Flutter are both frameworks that enable developers to create mobile apps that run smoothly across multiple platforms.

React Native vs. Flutter: What to Choose in 2020

7 Steps to Inject Personalization Into Your Marketing Strategy. In 2020, generic advertisements and worn-out slogans do businesses more harm than good.

7 Steps to Inject Personalization Into Your Marketing Strategy

Forbes reports that 91% of consumers claim they tend to favor brands that personalize their customers’ experiences in the form of recommendations, marketing strategies, and advertising. With a plethora of brands to choose from, customers prefer to shop with the ones that make them feel appreciated. No matter what product you offer or what industry you’re operating in, personalization is crucial to marketing. How Machine Learning Can Help Small Businesses - Business 2 Community. Machine learning has made a quick journey from an emerging trend to one of the irreplaceable tools under many companies’ belts.

How Machine Learning Can Help Small Businesses - Business 2 Community

In 2020, ML is a necessity rather than a buzzword. It helps small businesses compete with industry giants effectively while reducing their expenses and expanding their client base. Forbes estimates that the global machine learning market can be estimated at $7.3 billion, and analysts expect this figure to reach $30.6 billion in 2024. Regardless of the niche that your company occupies, familiarizing yourself with the basics of machine learning is a worthy investment in 2020. Check out this blog entry to learn more about how ML works. SaaS Software Solution: 5 Simple Reasons You Need One Now.

What Are the Main Benefits of Custom Mobile App Development? - The Plaid Horse Magazine. Two years ago, mobile app downloads in China reached 90.3 billion!

What Are the Main Benefits of Custom Mobile App Development? - The Plaid Horse Magazine

In 2023, this number is expected to reach 147.2 billion. Demand creates supply. The majority of business owners believe that custom mobile apps help them add additional business revenues. Today, mobile apps are more than just marketing tools; they guarantee long-term profitability and provide lots of competitive advantages. Following this link you can learn more about the best frameworks that are used for building mobile apps. Offer Higher Scalability Regular mobile applications usually handle a limited number of processes. Push up Sales It goes without saying that mobile apps are your chance to increase your income. Some mobile apps also allow online stores to control user interaction and get detailed analytics. Secure App Data Not all business applications have specialized security options. Improve Customer Loyalty This is probably the main benefit of customized mobile apps. Easy to Maintain.

Snapchat's Filters: How the Application Recognizes a Human Face. Native vs Web vs Cross-Platform: What to Choose for Mobile App Development. Computer Vision Technology - How is It Applied in Different Industries? Have you ever wondered how our brain deals with that massive amount of data we get during the day?

Computer Vision Technology - How is It Applied in Different Industries?

Everything starts with processing the information from our sensory organs that is further transformed into stimuli. Could you imagine that the information may traverse the brain with a speed of 250 miles per hour? The brain needs only a split second to handle complex processes like recognizing and detecting objects. With innovative AI solutions, computers can substitute more and more human functions and actions, including replicating human vision. Today computer vision technologies help businesses automate operations, improve performance, enhance quality control, and generate more revenue. Machine Learning Applications — Healthcare, Retail, Marketing (with Infographic) Artificial intelligence is no longer something extraordinary in the world of business.

Machine Learning Applications — Healthcare, Retail, Marketing (with Infographic)

If you keep an eye on IT news, you're probably pretty aware of all the latest advancement in AI and their effect on the global market. From self-driving cars to personalized recommendation systems, machine learning innovations continue to disrupt industries with smart tech solutions. React Native vs. Flutter: What to Choose in 2020. Why Does Your Business Need a Mobile App? Nowadays, there are billions of smartphones around the world.

Why Does Your Business Need a Mobile App?

More than 70% of mobile phone time is spent on apps. Now that consumers and customers are using smartphones to research businesses and make buying choices, mobile app use is predicted to skyrocket even more in the near future. In view of this tendency, more and more business owners decide to take their ventures to the next level by developing effective business applications for mobile phones. It’s not a secret that mobile apps are revolutionizing the way customers shop, order services, and search for information on the products they are interested in.

And currently, many companies are seeing a huge increase in revenue by having a mobile app. Business Benefits of Mobile Apps. CMS vs Custom Development - What to Choose? - MotoCMS Blog. Choosing between CMS vs custom development is the first decision that you will need to make after getting an idea for your website.

CMS vs Custom Development - What to Choose? - MotoCMS Blog

Content Management Systems make the process of creating a site significantly easier and often cheaper than it would be to build it from scratch. It also frequently takes less time to deploy pages done on CMS platforms. At the same time, a custom-made site is going to be more stable, secure, and visually unique than the one done with a CMS. How to Use Beacon Sensors for a Business App. With the rise of mobile applications, the use of beacon technology is also becoming more and more widespread.

How to Use Beacon Sensors for a Business App

15 Free Content Marketing Tools For Your Website. Content marketing is currently one of the best ways to present your product in a non-intrusive and useful way.

15 Free Content Marketing Tools For Your Website

It relies on providing customers with valuable and captivating content related to a company’s services. Many startups and small businesses tend to think the instruments used in content marketing are over their budgets (read here to learn how to manage your company’s expenses), but it’s not always the case. In this article, we’ll take a brief look at 15 free tools you can use to improve your marketing and outreach. 1.

Canva. 8 Beginner Tips for Learning Python Programming in 2020 - Chart Attack. Python is one of the most popular coding languages according to in 2020. 5 Lean Canvas Model Examples of Multi-Billion Startups - Google, Facebook, Tesla. Every business idea does need a plan. The plan that will help entrepreneurs avoid obstacles on their startup journey, mitigate risks and make sure their company will stand the competition. Oculus for Business – A New Way of Organizing a Virtual Reality Workspace. With the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, many governments were forced to undertake strict lockdown measures to prevent the spread of the disease.

All at once, we couldn’t dine in our favorite restaurants, cafes, walk in parks, and visit our well-equipped offices. Social distancing and remote work have become integral parts of our lives. Computer Vision — Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know. “Just like to hear is not the same as to listen, to take pictures is not the same as to see.” — Fei-Fei Li Our minds process tons of data every day.

While walking on the street, we see a lot of objects and instantly define them without even putting any effort. Healthy tech habits for summer 2020. How to Use Beacon Sensors for a Business App. How to manage your career through the Coronavirus Crisis - Latest Digital Transformation Trends. Pros and Cons of React Native for Cross-platform Development. Native mobile apps were a gold standard for a long time.

When built well, they show an excellent performance, look great and provide users with platform-specific features you cannot find anywhere. However, with the appearance of cross-platform tools, many businesses and developers were mulling over the lucrative idea of launching their products on several platforms simultaneously. A Complete Guide On How To Build A VR App And Not Ruin Your Sanity? Just imagine you are standing at the edge of the Great Sphinx of Giza, pleasing your eyes with the magnificent sight of Egyptian pyramids standing in all their magnitude.

And in the next few seconds, like a master of the universe, you are an important-looking person in an astronaut's spacesuit walking on the surface of Mars. Best 11 Automation Testing Tools to Look Out For in 2020. Since the demand for delivering quality software at lightning speed is rising, streamlining and automating the testing process has become paramount for all software companies.

Tech Industry in Crisis - How Tech Companies Like Apple and Tesla Contribute to the Fight Against COVID-19. Nobody could predict the arrival of the global economic crisis in the first quarter of 2020. The Best Zoom Alternatives for Your Business. The coronavirus has taken the world by storm. New Release of 2020 Apple iPad Pro and ARKit 3.5 - What’s New?