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Így még soha nem láttad a várost - Budapest egy itt élő angol fotós szemével. Abelardo Morell lenyűgöző camera obscura képei - Mai Manó Ház. The Realities of a Fine Art Career. Urban sketchbook. Female. Felixdeon's DeviantArt Gallery. Female Anatomy for Artist - Ultra-high resolution female photo references – We have exciting news.

Female Anatomy for Artist - Ultra-high resolution female photo references –

With our new stereoscopic 3D references you can get one step closer to having a real nude anatomy model for your drawing in your living room anytime you need. Each pose is taken from 8 angles, which you can see either in 2D as 2 photos side by side (3840 x 1140 px) or in 3D on your 3D TV or 3D monitor as a standard 1920 x 1080 px resolution MPO file. Check out it here. First, before the suggestions, some feedback: Great site. FeliceCalchi. Posetool/models.aspx. Human photo references and textures for artists - Figure & Gesture Drawing Practice ToolFigure.

Photo References. Figure Drawing. The Drawing Script. Simplify Human Anatomy guide by. Artistic Anatomy. Beautiful anatomy (3d Modeling Image References). part 17. Quickposes: pose generator for figure & gesture drawing practice. Bodies-in-motion » Scott Eaton Studios. 30 second sequences from BiM Not long ago, I had twelve artists from Natural Motion (of Morpheme and Clumsy Ninja fame) into Somerset House, my home away from home, for a four day anatomy workshop.

bodies-in-motion » Scott Eaton Studios

At the end of each day we would take about 20 minutes to draw from the Bodies in Motion library. sketching from BiM We made extensive use of the timer for gesture drawing. It can be set to 10fps, 1fps, 30sec, 1min, 2min, or 5mins, and ticks down to zero before flipping to the next frame of the motion sequence.

Figure Drawing References: Archive. Digital sculpture » Scott Eaton Studios. The growing collection of demo sculpts I’m recently back to London after a long trip to the West Coast (LA, San Francisco).

digital sculpture » Scott Eaton Studios

The first stop was Blizzard Entertainment for a four-day facial anatomy workshop. For the uninitiated Blizzard is the juggernaut game developer behind the hit franchises World of Warcraft (WoW), Overwatch, and Starcraft. From their fortress-like campus 100 miles south of LA in Irvine, CA, they run a digital empire built on monsters, magic, and well… fun. dark magic at work here, me thinks a levitation spell or something.

Virtual Pose ® Female. Posetool/models.aspx. Human photo references and textures for artists - ANATOMY FOR SCULPTORS - anatomy tools, books, links, blog, videos and know-how. Felixdeon's DeviantArt Gallery. Black ballerina Misty Copeland takes the lead in Swan Lake - BBC News. How to Paint Rain in Watercolor Paintings - The Artist's Life. The initial idea of this watercolor painting came to my mind when I was caught at the bus station waiting until a heavy rain was over.

How to Paint Rain in Watercolor Paintings - The Artist's Life

I took several photos on my cell phone while I was there. You can see how different are all these pictures are! The rain itself continued not longer than 5-7 minutes, but sometimes it changed significantly in seconds. The light changed as well. When the rain got stronger, the light got dim and red/brown hues appeared, as you can see on the top right picture. I had a strong desire to incorporate into my painting the best elements from every photo, as well as other details imprinted in memory, e.g. Kézműves honlap - Ötletek - Papírmasé. Make a Portfolio: Easy, DIY Artwork Storage (A Tutorial) I was organizing the studio today and needed a way to store some important artwork so it didn’t get damaged… I made a few easy portfolios for storage!

Make a Portfolio: Easy, DIY Artwork Storage (A Tutorial)

They open up flat to lay the artwork in…. ….and then fold up and tie to keep the artwork safe and flat. You could make one for each year to hold your kiddo’s precious art pieces from school….or use it to hold large photos for transport if you are a photographer. To make a portfolio you just need two canvas art panels (the same ones used for painting), decorative duct tape, and some twine.

Using my craft store coupon I got a 3-pack of canvas panels for $4. First, lay the canvas panels face down…..leaving about a half inch in between: Take a strip of duct tape and place it across the gap between the panels to connect the two: Wrap the tape ends around the other side and then turn the panels over. The Difference Between a Hue, Tint, Shade and Tone.

Ask Yourself first ....

The Difference Between a Hue, Tint, Shade and Tone

What's the difference between a Hue and a Color? Most people, even the pros, get confused about this. Basically they mean the same thing and can be used interchangeably. The words are a general terms to describe the color family on the Basic Color Wheel that your swatch is rooted in. They indicate the root of the variations we see. H e n r y Y a n. Figure & Gesture Drawing Practice ToolFigure. H e n r y Y a n. A Festészet Anyagai és Eszközei Online Tanfolyam. Mindenkinek, aki rajzolással és festészettel foglalkozik, vagy akar foglalkozni akár kezdő, akár haladó szinten!

A Festészet Anyagai és Eszközei Online Tanfolyam

Olajfestés oldószerek nélkül. Sokan allergiásak a terpentinre, ill. az oldószerekre, emiatt lemondanak az olajfestésről és más médiumokhoz nyúlnak az alkotói munkájukban.

Olajfestés oldószerek nélkül

Drying oil. A drying oil is an oil that hardens to a tough, solid film after a period of exposure to air.

Drying oil

The oil hardens through a chemical reaction in which the components crosslink by the action of oxygen (not through the evaporation of water or other solvents). Drying oils are a key component of oil paint and some varnishes. Some commonly used drying oils include linseed oil, tung oil, poppy seed oil, perilla oil, and walnut oil.

Their use has declined over the past several decades, as they have been replaced by alkyd resins and other binders. Since oxidation is the key to curing in these oils, those that are susceptible to chemical drying are often unsuitable for cooking, and are also highly susceptible to becoming rancid due to autoxidation, the process by which fatty foods develop off-flavors.[1] Rags, cloth, and paper saturated with drying oils may combust spontaneously (ignite) in a few hours, due to accumulation of heat released during the oxidation process. [edit] Safety[edit] Lava soap or the master's brush cleaner by B&J? [Archive]

View Full Version : Lava soap or the master's brush cleaner by B&J?

Lava soap or the master's brush cleaner by B&J? [Archive]

Catspajamas The title says it all. After the oil session which soap should I use to clean my brushes? I currently have the Master's brush cleaner and preservers by B&J, but KarenLee suggested the Lava soap in another thread. Henry Yan's Colorful Figure Painting Process. Gray gesso underpainting helps for one-day painting, doesn’t use for longer paintings Uses Turpenoid to thin underpaintings, doesn’t use much as too much Turpenoid makes it dull, adding a little linseed oil counteracts, dammar also adds shine Liquin tends to smooth out the brush strokes, but will help brush strokes go further 50% Turpenoid to 50 % Linseed Oil is the most popular; add more linseed oil to make shinier The juncture between two shapes looks more natural if you paint the first shape larger than necessary, then overlap slightly with the second shape.

Make-Me-Robo. Since launching our open call last week, we've been in quite the robot mood. And it seems it's not just us who have got the bug. Our good friends over at the Sktchy app challenged their users over the weekend to transform their community's photo portraits into their robot counterparts, and the results are simply awesome. The late catharsis of an early gentleman. Limes and patterns Artur Dabrowski, Ink on Moleskine (Japanese Album), 3-1/2” x 5-1/2” …you cannot control, only contribute… Artur Dabrowski, Ink on Moleskine (Japanese Album), 3-1/2” x 5-1/2” I still dream, dream, dream… That Mindfucking Octopus Whenever I’m in Love. KharaOxier. William J. O'Brien at MCA Chicago. How to Paint People and Figures in Watercolour Townscapes. , watercolour, 11x15in (28x38cm). An interesting roofline, punctuated by the church tower and spires, improves the composition of a street scene Composition When composing the picture I look for a view that offers interesting silhouettes, and these can be found in rooflines.

A range of different height roofs with chimney stacks is ideal. I also like to paint a street scene that is strongly lit from one side or from behind, so that large portions of the painting can fuse together in the shadows while the dramatic highlights accent the three-dimensional solidity of the structures. With this in mind I look for a view where one or two of the buildings jut forward from the rest, or where there is a gap in a row of buildings. Wimborne Minster, watercolour, 13x19in (33x48.5cm). Adding figures People bring street scenes to life.

Backlit St Mark’s Square, watercolour, 13x19in (33x48.5cm). How to develop an abstract painting. Ray Balkwill discovered a new direction for his painting thanks to a recent return to college As a professional painter, I am always conscious that if one is not careful creativity can settle into a groove; a predictable pattern rather than a desire to produce fresh work.

It is inevitable that painters find themselves in this position from time to time. Courtney's Favorite Resources. As we head into the home stretch of the holiday season and finish up 2013, I did the math and realized it is just a couple of months shy of my anniversary at Artist Daily. It’s flown by! And I'm still loving it—communicating with painters and draftsmen, writing articles for our eNewsletters, and sharing in the art process with so many of you. On behalf of all the gift-giving going on right about now, I wanted to highlight some of the resources that have been on my radar for a while. Strangers Drawing Strangers. You walk into a place and someone takes a Polaroid of you. You write down your name, your Instagram handle, and your hidden talent down on a card. Kendra Haste - Contemporary Animal Sculptor Working With Galvanised Wire.

He's So Sketchy - Artist Daily. But in the very best way! When I was trolling for artists who draw like they paint and vice versa, Giovanni Boldini immediately came to mind. His mark making is a tour de force, no matter if he is working in oils, pastels, or when charcoal painting. Boldini has an undeniable aptitude for charcoal drawing because of the variety of his strokes and the physicality of his gesture. 20 Creative Drawings Completed Using Everyday Objects By Christoph Niemann. Christoph Niemann is an artist who’s bursting at the seams with creativity. How to Draw Figures - Atmosphere and Light. Having tackled how to break down a complicated figure into simple lines, this exercise will take you through the use of value to convey a sense of atmosphere and light in your work.

Text: James Napier (Director) Luca Indraccolo (Instructor) Drawings : Luca Indraccolo ( Illustrator Christoph Niemann’s Quirky Visual Experiments Shared on Instagram Every Sunday. Everyday Objects Turned Into Imaginative Illustrations by Javier Pérez. Ecuadorian artist Javier Perez combined everyday objects with his simple illustrations to create a series of imaginative and unexpected composite drawings. Maybe we like these sort of illustrations because they inspire us to think differently about the things we see and use everyday. Or maybe they remind us of our (far greater) imaginative abilities when we were children – when, like in Perez’s illustration, grapes could be balloons, staplers could be monsters, and notebook bindings could be teeth.

Art Director Javier Pérez Turns Everyday Objects into Whimsical Illustrations. Crossing Over From Copying to Creating - The Drawing Blog. Drawing Basics--The Transition from Copying to Creating I suggested in my previous blog that the difference between an excellent draftsperson versed in anatomy, perspective, elements of drawing and all the other disciplines needed to produce a realistic, believable figure drawing and an artist is that the latter uses the realistic, believable figure drawing as a tool to make a statement. One could say that the draftsperson makes a copy of what he is looking at, while the artist uses what he's looking at to create.

Everyone can learn to draw. And fairly fast. A 10 legbefolyásosabb ember a hazai kortárs művészetben - Librarius. Ketterer Kunst, Art auctions, Book auctions Munich, Hamburg & Berlin. Looking Without Getting Lost - The Drawing Blog. Coloring Book Interview Series, #12: Muxxi. Crossing Over From Copying to Creating - The Drawing Blog. Rembrandt Says Don’t Take It Slow - Artist Daily.

What's So Hard About Sitting in a Chair? - Artist Daily. Proven Steps of Watercolor Painting Mastery - Artist Daily. How to Draw Caricatures - The Drawing Blog. Artist Daily. Különleges Budapest-grafikák egy alternatív útikönyvben - Graphic Europe. Cicada Books. VIDEO: How to draw faces. BBC One - The Big Painting Challenge - The Little Painting Challenge.

BBC One - The Big Painting Challenge, Landscapes. BBC One - The Big Painting Challenge, Portraiture. VIDEO: How to draw faces. Drawing Basics: Arlene Steinberg on How Colored Pencil Techniques Relate to Painting - The Drawing Blog. Tonal Portraits Masterclass with Aaron Robinson. VIDEO: How to create landscapes with coloured pencils. Így nézett ki a híres festők műterme – FOTÓK! - Librarius. Drawing & Painting a Simple Series of Corrections - The Drawing Blog. Fültisztító pálcikával festette meg az Oscar-ruhákat. The Simplest & Most Common Mistake - The Drawing Blog. How to Fix Mistakes in Watercolour. BBC iWonder - Can anyone learn to paint? BBC iWonder - Can a self-taught artist make it in the art world? A festőnő, aki még Mirónak is csúnyán beszólt - Librarius. Watch "TEDxUFM 2012 - Rachel Smith - Drawing in class" Video at TEDxTalks.

The Sketchnote Handbook. Drawing like a Painter. Collage and Texture in Painting: Step by Step guide. Alla Prima Portraiture with Rose Frantzen DVD. 4 Tips to Get a Gallery to Call You Back - Artist Daily. 6 Tips on How to Draw Anything Accurately - Artist Daily. Drawing Basics: Modeling a Face With Light - The Drawing Blog. The Color Wheel and Beyond: Color Theory, Mixing Colors, and How to Create Complementary Color Schemes. How to Mix Skin Tones for Watercolour Portrait Paintings. Simplify your Style: Masterclass with Aldo Balding. Vaginas In Art Are OK But Not In Real Life, Finds Deborah De Robertis (NSFW VIDEO)