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zeynep özkazanç

singer/songwriter/art fucker/lecturer @ plato

Aspen no. 5+6, item 3: Three Essays. Every era has to reinvent the project of "spirituality" for itself.

Aspen no. 5+6, item 3: Three Essays

(Spirituality = plans, terminologies, ideas of deportment aimed at the resolution of painful structural contradictions inherent in the human situation, at the completion of human consciousness, at transcendence.) In the modern era, one of the most active metaphors for the spiritual project is "art. " The activities of the painter, the musician, the poet, the dancer et al, once they were grouped together under that generic name (a relatively recent move), have proved to be a peculiarly adaptable site on which to stage the formal dramas besetting consciousness, each individual work of art being a more or less astute paradigm for regulating or reconciling these contradictions.

Of course, the site needs continual refurbishing. Whatever goal is set for art eventually proves restrictive, matched against the widest goals of consciousness. Therefore, art comes to be estimated as something to be overthrown.


Technical. Zamazingo güzel fikirs. Almanya. Visual communication. Exporting HD video for Vimeo. Someone recently asked, “What are the best export settings to use for uploading HD video to Vimeo?”

Exporting HD video for Vimeo

Well, being the inquisitive person that I am, I decided to do some investigating. My first efforts took me to a set of great tutorials on the Vimeo forum: Vimeo HD exporting from many editors. This page has some great information, but it appeared to be written several years ago and is no longer being updated, and unfortunately, ScreenFlow was not one of the tools mentioned. (Though, there was some great information there, so I would encourage you to check it out.) Next, I found my way to the Vimeo guidelines page. Results of my HD Vimeo tests I found a bit of HD footage and imported it into a ScreenFlow document that had a canvas size of 1280 x 720.

For my first test, I used the following settings: I then uploaded my file to Vimeo and called it NC bike race 1. This 40-second video ended up being 186 MB, but it looked crisp and clear on Vimeo. For my second test, I used the following settings:


Fresh Guacamole by PES (Official HD version) The_dimka: codex seraphinianus. In the late 70s italian architect, illustrator and industrial designer luigi serafini made a book, an encyclopedia of unknown, parallel world. it’s about 360-380 pages. it is written in an unknown language, using an unknown alphabet. it took him 30 month to complete that masterpiece that many might call “the strangest book on earth”. codex seraphinianus is divided to 11 chapters and two parts - first one is about nature and the second one is about people.btw five hundred years ago there was another book somewhat like that - voynich manuscript. take a look at some pages (click on image to see a bigger version) amazon sells those for 500 bucks or more you can read about it in wikipedia.i can’t even tell you how much i like stuff like that phat a?

the_dimka: codex seraphinianus

Left 4 Dead Interactive.