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The Maker Show: Episode 4 - Building and Printing a 3D Model to Fit a Real Component. Reflection - How do I intercept a method call in C#? .NET Profiling API Tutorial at - Focus on Microsoft Technologies. .NET Internals: The Profiling API. Brian Long ( Table of Contents Click here to download the files associated with this article.

.NET Internals: The Profiling API

If you find this article useful then please consider making a donation. It will be appreciated however big or small it might be and will encourage Brian to continue researching and writing about interesting subjects in the future. Introduction Tucked away in a dark corner of the .NET Framework SDK is some documentation on an API that lets you find out lots of useful information about the behaviour of your .NET applications. This paper introduces the Profiling API, a part of .NET that has not yet received the coverage it rightly deserves. Note: coverage of certain system settings assumes you are working on an NT-based platform, particularly either Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Server 2003. Part 2: Automatic Memory Management in the Microsoft .NET Framework. Ast month, I described the motivation for garbage-collected environments: to simplify memory management for the developer.

Part 2: Automatic Memory Management in the Microsoft .NET Framework

I also discussed the general algorithm used by the common language runtime (CLR) and some of the internal workings of this algorithm. In addition, I explained how the developer must still explicitly handle resource management and cleanup by implementing Finalize, Close, and/or Dispose methods. This month, I will conclude my discussion of the CLR garbage collector. I'll start by exploring a feature called weak references, which you can use to reduce the memory pressure placed on the managed heap by large objects. Accessing Assembly Metadata with Reflection or Mono Cecil (Part 6) Introduction This article is about loading type metadata from .NET assemblies using Reflection or Mono Cecil, with the specific goal of supporting the resolution of symbolic references in a codeDOM.

Accessing Assembly Metadata with Reflection or Mono Cecil (Part 6)

Про выращивание растений в аквариуме. Programming Memory-Mapped Files with the .NET Framework. Introduction First of all, what is a memory-mapped file or MMF?

Programming Memory-Mapped Files with the .NET Framework

MMF is a kernel object that maps a disk file to a region of memory address space as the committed physical storage. In plain English, MMF allows you to reserve a range of addresses and use a disk file as the physical storage for the reserved addresses. VSM November: Joe Kunk on Memory Mapped Files in VB. Code Focused Using Memory-Mapped Files in the .NET Framework 4 Find out how to use memory-mapped files to index and search the contents of document collections.

VSM November: Joe Kunk on Memory Mapped Files in VB

Get Code Download I recently had the pleasure of introducing Visual Studio 2010 and the Microsoft .NET Framework environment to Dean, a widely respected, unmanaged-code developer. Despite my best efforts to paint an attractive picture of the technical beauty of the depth and breadth of the .NET Framework development environment, he was barely interested. Dean had devoted much of his career to writing software that indexes and searches the contents of very large document collections. C# .Net: Fastest Way to Read Text Files - The Curious Consultant.

This will examine many techniques to determine in C# .Net: Fastest Way to Read Text Files or the fastest way to read a single text file.

C# .Net: Fastest Way to Read Text Files - The Curious Consultant

I have seen a lot of questions asked around the internet asking the question, “what’s the fastest way to read a text file”. I’ve had to write numerous applications which did this, but never gave it serious consideration until I had to write an application which was to read text files with several hundred million lines for processing. The Set Up: I wrote a C# Console application to test 9 different techniques to read a text file. Building a large text file editor – Part I - Windows and .NET Programming. The purpose of this series of two blog posts is to illustrate how an editor for large files can be implemented.

Building a large text file editor – Part I - Windows and .NET Programming

The first part will address the model behind the editor whereas the second part will include an actual UserControl that allows users to view and edit large files. The basic idea behind a large file viewer is that you can’t load a very large file into a TextBox or RichTextBox control because the memory usage as well as the time to load the file will be enormous. Moreover, the user can only see a very small portion of the file on the screen at once, so it doesn’t make sense to load all the data in the file at once. As such, what is needed from a large file viewer is to only display some small parts of the file in order to fill at least a screen. This is pretty straightforward and will be addressed in the second post. Original string: "0123456789abcdefgh"String after deleting 10 characters: "abcdefgh"Character at offset 4 (zero-based): "e"Offset in initial string: 14.

Building a large text file editor – Part I - Windows and .NET Programming. MemoryMappedFile - класс (System.IO.MemoryMappedFiles) .net - Reading large text files with streams in C# BufferedStream Class (System.IO) Adds a buffering layer to read and write operations on another stream.

BufferedStream Class (System.IO)

This class cannot be inherited. [ComVisibleAttribute(true)] public sealed class BufferedStream : Stream The BufferedStream type exposes the following members. The following code examples show how to use the BufferedStream class over the NetworkStream class to increase the performance of certain I/O operations. Start the server on a remote computer before starting the client. Предельная производительность: C# Я поделюсь 30 практиками для достижения максимальной производительности приложений, которые этого требуют.

Предельная производительность: C#

Затем, я расскажу, как применил их для коммерческого продукта и добился небывалых результатов! Обработка больших объемов данных в памяти на C# / Хабрахабр. Хочу поделиться недавно приобретенным в C# опытом по загрузке и обработке в памяти больших объемов данных.

Обработка больших объемов данных в памяти на C# / Хабрахабр

Все нижеуказанное касается Visual Studio 2008 и .Net Framework 3.5.1, на случай каких-либо отличий в других версиях языка или библиотек. Итак, у нас возникли следующие задачи: 1. Расположить в памяти до 100 миллионов записей, состоящих из строки, длиной 16 символов (уникальный ключ) и двух целочисленных значений, длиной 4 байта каждый; 2. Интересные задачки с собеседований — решения. На прошлой неделе я представил вашему вниманию пять интересных задач, которые мне доводилось решать на собеседованиях. Сегодня мы наконец-то выясним, какие решения считались правильными, а также определим людей, которые лучше всех справились с решением этих задач.

Интересные задачки с собеседований (и типа конкурс) Нужны интересные задачи для новичков - C# для начинающих. Задачи - C# задачки и интересности - Stack Overflow на русском. Недавно наткунлся на интересные задачки на C#. Стало невероятно увлекательным занятием их разгадывать без использования сред программирования.

Может кто знает ещё подобные задачки или их сборники? Задачи на поведение компиляции и исполненияЗадачи на алгоритмы и структуры данных используя исключительные особенности языкаНестандартные пути решения стандартных задач используя исключительные особенности языкаРазличные однострочникиЛенивые вычисленияНаписание интересностей присутсвующих в других языкахПрочее. Задачник.NET / Блог компании Enterra / Хабрахабр. Создание минидампов в проектах на C# 4.0, разрабатываемых в VS 2010.

16 Best Online Tools for Testing Code Snippets. Every developer want to check their code before use. So over the internet, we have have some most popular online tools that help programmers to testing and debugging their code and also having facility to share and backup their data on the server. Today we have collected some best tool that plays most important role among developers for testing code snippets and be a perfect programmers and make complete their task as soon as possible.

16 Best Online Tools for Testing Code Snippets.